How to Use the Essences

You can use the Flow Remedies essences in a number of ways. The obvious one is taking them orally, either ‘neat’, in a dosage bottle or in a glass of water, but you can also carry them with you, use them on your hands or put a couple of drops in your shampoo or cream. Or whatever else you come up with.

Feel free to follow your intuition and do whatever you’re comfortable with, but if you prefer to work with a guideline, stick with me, we have those as well. Like I said, whatever you’re comfortable with.


Ideally, you’d intuitively be drawn to what you need, but it’s also quite difficult to get yourself out of the way. It’s usually easier to select essences for someone else, as staying neutral is essential.

One way of selecting an essence is using an intuitive testing method, like dowsing or muscle testing. It enables you to ask all kinds of check-check-double-check questions, like if the essence you are considering can be combined with any other therapy or healing methods you may be using, and the latter method is relatively easy for everyone to learn and use.

It goes without saying that Flow Remedies crystal essences are not medicines, nor are they a substitute for treatment by a qualified physician, therapist or other health professional. They are, however, a valuable addition you can use to support almost any treatment.

The essences contain no tangible active ingredients, but rather the energy pattern of the crystals they have been made with. They capture the spirit of the crystals, as it were, which you can use for emotional and energetic balance.

Oral Use

There are three ways to use Flow Remedies essences orally:

– Put 2 drops under your tongue
– Put 2 drops in a glass of (flat) mineral water
– Make a dosage bottle with one or more essences

Putting two drops under your tongue works the fastest, but it will also empty your bottle the fastest. It’s a good method to use in emergencies, though.

You can also put two drops of one or more essences in a glass of water, preferably flat mineral water, and let it sit for about five minutes. After that, you can either drink the water in small sips at once or in the course of the day. This is also a more direct and stronger method than making a dosage bottle.
Of course, it’s also possible to put the drops in your tea or coffee, which has the added benefit of hiding the taste of the drops and evaporating the alcohol in them.

When using two drops a day, a 10 ml stock bottle will last you about 10 weeks.

The final method is using a dosage bottle. This is a good method if you want to take several essences, want to take an essence over a longer period of time, or if the other methods are too strong.

For this method, you will need a 30 ml bottle, preferably with a pipette dropper cap, which you fill with 30 ml of water (preferably flat mineral water or water that’s been energised with a symbol (i.e.flower of life), reiki or in violet glass). Then you add 4 drops of each of the essences you’ve chosen (feel free to use a few drops less or more, just don’t go for the overkill-is-overrated method, as somehow that doesn’t work).

After making the dosage bottle and letting it sit for about 5 minutes, you can take 6 drops from the bottle twice a day. You can also put the drops from the dosage bottle in a glass of water or in your coffee or tea, but as it is one dose, it will be better to drink that in one go. Otherwise, it will be diluted too much.
In general, you can combine any of the essences with each other, and combination essences count as one essence. They consist of multiple single essences, but once those are mixed, they form a new energy.


Though everyone is different and while it may be a good idea to test how many drops someone needs, it’s not strictly necessary either. So here’s that guideline I promised:

– Use up to 5 essences in a dosage bottle, combination essences count as one essence

– Add 4 drops of each essence

– Take 6 drops from the dosage bottle twice a day.

Combining Flow Remedies essences with other essence systems is usually not a problem, but some energies won’t mix. This is where it may be a good idea to use a testing method to check if something is a good combination, or just err on the side of caution and make seperate bottles or take essence about half an hour apart.

If you want to try testing, the page about testing gives some tips for dowsing, but also for a couple of simple muscle tests that anyone can use.

Carrying the essences with you

It’s also possible to use the essences externally, by carrying them with you in a vial or by putting a few drops on your hands.

You can also put drops in an oil vaporiser or chamber fountain so the energy spreads with the water vapour.

Or whatever else you come up with. Feel free to experiment with them if you like, and use them in any way you feel comfortable with. The energy will find its way regardless of how you use them.

When using essences, your system gets an energy impulse towards balance. Carrying an essence with you means that impulse is in your energy field constantly, which can be a good thing if you are using it for grounding, protection or boosting your confidence.

A practical way to carry an essence with you is to put it in a small glass or plastic vial that you can hide in your clothing. There are also vials that have an eyelet and that can be used as a pendant. The energy lasts a couple of weeks, after which it’s time for a refill. If you don’t have a vial handy, a handkerchief or even a piece of tissue in a plastic bag will work just as well.

You usually notice when the energy is starting to run out, especially when you are using a protective energy. That harassed feeling tends to come back when the energy wears off.

Sometimes strange things happen and you lose the vial or it falls and shatters. That may be a sign that the energy has worn off, or a sign that you don’t need this essence at the moment. Missing vials may also have the habit of turning up in places you’ve already looked several times.


Energy will find its way regardless of how you use it, so you can also put a few drops of an essence on your hands and then hold them in front of one of your chakras. Like using Trust (Tiger’s eye) on your solar plexus if you tend to take on other people’s opinions and emotions.

You can also use the essences when doing hands-on healing techniques, like Reiki. Using c3. Fearless on your hands helps the person you are treating relax when they feel uncomfortable because they don’t know what to expect. Added to that, it also helps the energy find its way and it has a warming effect.

Other essences that are good to use with hands-on healing are: 44. Faith, 58. Glow, 66. Connect, 69. Protection with 54. Angel,72. Wings, c32. Catalyst (for persistent blocks), c78. Healing (to help surrender to the process and to regain emotional balance) and c43. Swept (to help clear released energy).

Adding the essences to an oil or cream

You can use the essences in just about anything, like a few drops of Take A Break in your shampoo or bath water to help you relax, or Balance and Down to Earth together with Tender Heart in a bit of cream or oil to help soothe you.

If you ever use (massage)oils, you can let your imagination run wild and combine that with essences. You can either use a testing method or use two drops per essence and stick to two or three essences.

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