Single Essences 1-15

Flow Remedies crystal essence 1. Sunny. Crystal essence of orange calcite

1. Sunny

Crystal essence of orange calcite

This light and cheerful energy chases away melancholy and helps cheer you up. Sunny helps heal a wounded heart and helps attract positivity into your life. It also helps you accept yourself and to be more open to intimacy and to others.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 2. Helia. Crystal essence of blue calcite

2. Helia

Crystal essence of blue calcite

Helia works on the back side of the fifth chakra. This is connected to appreciation for yourself and your accomplishments. It also diminishes performance anxiety and helps you to find the words when expressing yourself.
This essence calms you in a soft and loving way and supports you when expressing your thoughts and emotions.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 3. Auralie. Crystal essence of turquoise

3. Auralie

Crystal essence of turquoise

Auralie protects and grounds the aura, making you less susceptible to outside influences. It helps you to keep those influences out, enabling you to be yourself and claim your own space.

This essence also attracts all things positive into your life. In addition to being a powerful protector, turquoise is a communication crystal as well. This results in an essence that helps you express yourself in positive ways.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 4. Rosetta. Crystal essence of rose quartz

4. Rosetta

Crystal essence of rose quartz

Rosetta is a soft and sweet essence. The energy opens your heart to yourself and to others, helps heal a wounded heart and releases blocks. Worries and sorrow are softly expelled from your heart.

This essence also gently stimulates creativity and mental growth. Rose quartz is one of the crystals that everyone would benefit from using every now and then, and children most of all.

Sometimes a growth process throws you outside of your comfort zone, and this essence can help you regain a sense of safety and security.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 5. Guardian Angel. Crystal essence of Mookaite

5. Guardian Angel

Crystal essence of mookaite

This little angel gently helps you ground yourself. The energy is soft and firm at the same time, and it keeps both feet on the ground. Guardian Angel provides a strong protection against negativity and strengthens your energetic boundaries.

The energy also aligns the chakras and stimulates decisiveness, which it does in a very gentle manner.

Another thing this essence does is help you gain the courage to start new adventures and to find more enjoyment in life. You will notice being planted on the earth more firmly and being more willing to embrace the challenges life offers up.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 6. Calm and Clear. Crystal essence of green calcite

6. Calm and Clear

Crystal essence of green calcite

Like all calcites, this essence is very gentle. It helps you break and release patterns you may be stuck in, which in turn creates space in your life for new patterns and experiences.

Calm and Clear helps calm your mind, gives hope and faith for the future and helps you reconnect to your emotions.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 7. Open Mind. Crystal essence of sodalite

7. Open Mind

Crystal essence of sodalite

This essence strengthens the intuition and opens the third eye. It improves your ability to turn your thoughts into reality and promotes decisiveness. The energy helps you cross the bump in the road to actually start acting on your plans.

Open Mind also helps you when you are over-sensitive to outside influences, but please avoid it if you are already too ‘open’. If that is the case, something that protects as well as soothes will be more beneficial to you. This essence may also be too strong for you if you are easily overwhelmed.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 8. Oceana. Crystal essence of blue fluorite.

8. Oceana

Crystal essence of blue fluorite

Fluorite comes in a variety of colours, and this essence was made with a disc that is completely blue.

Oceana mainly works on the throat/fifth chakra, and gently solves energy blocks in that area. Maybe it’s better to say that it’s washing them away, along with any negativity it encounters on the way.

This essence also helps express your thoughts and ideas, promotes creativity and calms the mind.

Another important part of this essence is that it helps you determine your own values (who am I, what do I want, what do I stand for?).

Flow Remedies crystal essence 9. Dark and Light. Crystal essence of obsidian

9. Dark and Light

Crystal essence of obsidian

This is a lovely essence, but also quite a powerful one. Besides stimulating dreams and focus. It bares the soul and helps you to genuinely look inside yourself and see yourself as you are, warts and all.

Obsidian is a sacred crystal for the Native Americans. It’s a very powerful magical protector and grounds the powers of the mind, helping you to bring them forth. This won’t always be a gentle process and it can be decidedly confronting. Sometimes, however, a major clean-up is needed to facilitate further growth.

This won’t always happen, because sometimes the protective element of this energy is at the forefront, but it’s definitely something you need to reckon with if work with this one.

To fully bring back the light after working with Dark and Light, you can follow it up with Bright Light or another light essence. Another good companion for this essence is c43. Swept . This is a combination essence that helps clear away energy that is released.

This essence needs to be treated with a healthy dose of respect and carefulness. It always needs to be a conscious and informed choice to work with it, and it can never be forced on someone with, maybe, the added intention of wanting to force them to take a good long look at themselves, however tempting it may be to present someone with a mirror.

Besides, when presenting someone a mirror, there’s still the question whether they will see in it what you are seeing. Maybe they’re acting as your mirror, showing you a bit of a blind spot you hadn’t noticed yet…

Flow Remedies crystal essence 10. Bright Light. Crystal essence of clear quartz

10. Bright Light

Crystal essence of clear quartz

This essence lights up the darkness and chases away negative thoughts. It helps you clear your mind and align your thoughts. It also strengthens the aura and balances mind and body.

Bright Light is a cleansing essence (focus on your feet when you are working with it, maybe you can feel something happening there) that has a positive and activating energy. It’s recommended after working with Dark and Light, to counter the heavier energy of obsidian and to help clear away any released energy after going through a major energetic clean-up.

Another use for this essence is that it enhances other essences and that it lightens the energy of strongly grounding essences if the grounding aspect gets a bit too much to handle.

When working with this essence, it’s recommended to drink extra water to help facilitate the cleansing effect. It will help you release excess energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 11. Balance. Crystal essence of green aventurine

11. Balance

Crystal essence of green aventurine

Balance and helps you regain your inner balance. This essence works very gently to enhance mental growth and is a very good companion for children. It helps them navigate all the growth processes they encounter.

Green aventurine can also be used to energetically support skin care, because it has a soothing energy. Balance can be used in an oil or cream, either on its own or combined with other essences, like Fearless or Atlantis to support healing and to enhance the energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 12. Shield. Crystal essence of labradorite

12. Shield

Crystal essence of labradorite

Shield repairs and seals the aura. This essence grounds, balances and protects. It also enhances the contact with your higher self.

Like the crystal itself, that seems a bit dull at first sight but lights up with colour when the light hits it just right, this essence helps bring hidden talents to the surface.

The protection of this essence also extends to spaces. Try a couple of drops on the threshold of a room, or the outside entrances to your house, to protect it from outside energies. It’s difficult to describe, and may be different for everyone, but to me, it feels like a room feels after a thorough clean-up.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 13. Warming Up. Crystal essence of carnelean.

13. Warming Up

Crystal essence of carnelean

Warming up lives up to its name. The energy warms and brings back the ability to enjoy life and to go out and do things.

It helps chase away nightmares, giving you better dreams in return. It also helps you be more flexible when you’re stubborn, you could say it thaws out a rigid demeanor.

To be on the safe side, please avoid this essence if you have high blood pressure. It’s a warning that’s often mentioned in descriptions of carnelian, and although essences work mostly on an emotional level, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 14. Blue Suede Shoes. Crystal essence of jasper

14. Blue Suede Shoes

Crystal essence of jasper

This essence helps you be strong and steadfast. It has a grounding, protective and calming energy that helps you navigate emotional issues and encourages you to stand up for yourself.

It literally and figuratively helps you to stand firm. In Dutch, there’s a saying that roughly translates to standing firmly in your shoes and it means that it is very very hard to unsettle you or get one over on you. Hence the name Blue Suede Shoes. Elvis sang ‘You can do anything, but lay off of my blue suede shoes’. Setting boundaries and sticking to them. This far and no further.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 15. Green Forest. Crystal essence of green calcite

15. Green Forest

Crystal essence of green fluorite

Green forest balances head and heart, which translates to a calm and clear mind. It inspires and encourages you to create new possibilities.

This is a good essence if you feel rushed and need to calm down.

Green Forest feels like a sunny afternoon in a beautiful forest. Sitting with your back against a tree while the leaves filter the sunlight and create a serene atmosphere.

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