Combination Essences 76-90

Flow Remedies combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of multiple single essences. Combination essences may also contain channeled energy, like angel energy, colours, symbols or ascended master energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c76. Boundaries

c76. Boundaries

This one helps you set boundaries when you’ve forgotten how to, or when you’ve simply never learned that skill. It’ll help you discover where your boundaries are and helps you to start learning how to maintain them.

When you have healthy boundaries, you can determine for yourself how far you allow someone to get into your life and what you will and will not tolerate from them. For some of us, that’s very difficult. When you have poor boundaries you usually have two settings: someone gets to come either all the way in or is kept all the way out.

Having healthy boundaries primarily means being allowed to say no, and secondarily that you will start to have degrees of access. A vague acquaintance is allowed to enter only so far in terms of what you tell them about your life, things you are willing to give them or do for them, and behaviours that you will tolerate from them as opposed to someone you have a close bond with.

Boundaries has a grounding effect, helps you find strength and courage, be more self-confident and helps you learn to accept yourself when you’ve been taught that you must never say no.

Boundaries was made with the following single essences: carnelian, jasper, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, green apatite, biotite-granite, heulandite and danburite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c77. Fun

c77. Fun

This essence will help you (re)discover the fun sides of life and realise that innocent pleasure can be found in the smallest things. It’ll help break through restraint and allow yourself to do something silly without immediately being ashamed of yourself or judging yourself because it is ‘not done’.

Fun is a sweet, light and cheerful energy that makes your heart radiate and that helps you have more fun in life. It’ll help you be more hopeful and optimistic, making it easier to connect with others and to be less concerned with what others think of you and/or your behaviour.

Go for it!

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: sun stone, ametrine, celestine, magnesite, biotite-granite, danburite, emerald, petrified wood, bornite, blue tourmaline and sulphur quartz.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c78. Healing

c78. Healing

This is an essence that supports all kinds of healing. It can be used before, during or after an energy healing session, or as support when recuperating from an illness or an operation, as whatever healing process you are going through is bound have an emotional aspect as well as a physical one. Healing helps you deal with the emotional aspects of such situations.

Healing grounds and gives hope, strength, courage and new energy. It balances your emotions and your energy system and helps you deal with difficult situations.

This essence also contains angel energy. Archangel Rafael is the healer of the angelic realm, and his loving energy will support you in your healing process.

Healing will also help you surrender to the process, to be open to what your soul is telling you, and to have faith in yourself.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: blue fluorite, larimar, champagne calcite, hemimorphite, selenite, serpentine, pyrite, serafinite, marcasite, celestine, amber, lepidolite, astrofyllite, biotite-granite, variscite, purpurite, galena / galenite, danburite, angelite, emerald, bornite, blue tourmaline, sulfur quartz and angel energy (Rafael).

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c79. Excalibur

c79. Excalibur

Excalibur helps you have faith in yourself and encourages the belief that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Excalibur’s theme is working with what you have instead of throwing in the towel and giving up. It’s about getting up, dusting yourself off, re-evaluating and changing course if necessary.

This is a sturdy, grounding get-up-and-go essence that helps you look at situations realistically and helps you see the silver lining in adverse situations so you can make the best of what’s there. The key here is accepting yourself and ‘having the strength to accept what you can’t change and the courage to change what you can’.

It’s another step in the process of learning to stand up for yourself. Draw that sword from the rock and take your place in the world.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: blue calcite, blue fluorite, carnelian, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, pietersite, ametrine, green apatite, kunzite, serpentine, magnesite, biotite-granite, purpurite, petrified wood, bornite en green tourmaline.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c80. Golden

c80. Golden

Golden is an aura healer that helps you bring back the protective golden layer that surrounds your aura. Besides that, your energy field is both cleansed and grounded. The energy also balances the chakras and aligns them.

Another part is that you will feel more connected, and have more of a sense of unity. Within that unity, you will still be able to define your own energy, because Golden is also an essence that helps you to re-align your energetic boundaries and/or helps you to become aware of where your boundaries are.

This will bring you some peace and quiet and help you to feel less put upon. You will be more able to stay true to yourself and have more resistant against outside influences and expectations. As a result of this, it will be easier to connect (whether temporary or not) with others without losing yourself in the process.

This golden layer can sometimes leave behind a surprisingly positive and loving imprint.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: labradorite, jasper, kyanite, amber, astrofyllite, biotite-granite, purpurite, galena / galenite, peridot, danburite, emerald and serpentine and chrysocolla from Mount Shasta

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c81. Complexity

c81. Complexity

Sometimes so much is going on that you can’t make head nor tail of it. Everything seems to be an enormous ball of yarn that is so tangled up you have no clue where the beginning is, let alone that you know how to start unravelling it.

Complexity gently helps you bring to the surface what is going on. Little by little you are shown ‘how it all came to be’. The energy stimulates your intuition and brings up memories that hold clues. Try and pay attention to your surroundings, to things that draw your eye, or your ear, because the universe also sometimes serves up clues in the form of music if that’s something you enjoy.

When you are working with Complexity, it may be a good idea to document things on paper, take pictures, keep a document on your computer, etc. Whatever you prefer.

This is an essence that grounds, soothes and helps you gain insight into yourself. Added to that, your heart chakra is cleansed and you are encouraged to accept yourself (here and now, mind you, not just after becoming ‘perfect…. ‘), and to treat yourself with kindness.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: aquamarine, green apatite, kunzite, rhodochrosite, amber, apofyllite, heulandite, galena/galenite, petrified wood, blue tourmaline, green tourmaline and prehnite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c82. Don't Go

c82. Don’t Go

This essence helps with fear of abandonment/abandonment anxiety. It soothes, helps you let go of emotional pain, and cleanses the heart chakra. Simultaneously, you softly gain insights into the cause and are helped to deal with situations where this fear gets triggered.

Most of the time it’s a lot more complicated than panicking when someone leaves. It can rear its head in all kinds of situations where it’s not immediately apparent that it’s fear of abandonment, like situations where you feel abandoned or left behind metaphorically without someone physically leaving.

Whatever the reason, sometimes a sore point is touched upon, and it causes a torrent of feelings of abandonment to rise to the surface. Don’t go is comforting, helps reduce annoyance and helps you look at the situation more neutrally.

The energy reduces feeling like a victim, helps you see patterns and break them. It also helps you to be more independent and stand on your own two feet.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: blue calcite, pink quartz, green calcite, blue fluorite, labradorite, rutilated quartz, blue chalcedony, amazonite, amber, magnesite, danburite, green tourmaline, sulphur quartz and prehnite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c83. Synergy

c83. Synergy

Synergy stimulates your intuition and improves your ability to perceive and interpret intuitive information. You could say it reduces interference and calibrates your antenna so the signal is clearer.

The energy stills and clears the mind, reinforces contact with your higher self and helps you get a better overview of situations.
Combined with other essences Synergy may work as a kind of magnifying glass to help get a clearer picture of what effect those essences have on you.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: green calcite, labradorite, falcon’s eye/blue tiger’s eye, ametrine and emerald

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c84. Feel

c84. Feel

Feel encourages you to allow yourself to experience your emotions, work through them, process them and then let go of them. This essence will help you start to feel safe enough to actually dive into your emotions instead of only reasoning them out in your head.
Feel helps you gain insights into yourself and brings a feeling of safety and confidence. It seems a bit of a paradox that you can only let go of your emotions by examining them. If you run away from them (in whatever form of distraction is your go-to), they’ll remain present under the surface and start to cause problems at some point.

This is a grounding essence that helps you balance your emotions and take a realistic look at what you feel. When you’ve been ignoring, denying and/or hiding your emotions for so long, it can be terribly scary to start facing them. So start small, be kind to yourself, but keep doing it as well.

Like with c73. Sense, it’s a good exercise to stop and look at how you feel a couple of times a day. Describe how you feel, allowing yourself to only use words that describe feelings and be as specific as you can. If you need to, you can make a list of words and choose from them.

An example: not just ‘sad’, but splitting it up in things like nostalgic, wistful, discouraged etc. There’s always more to a feeling than just the main level, so try and see what it consists of. That is all you need to do with them, just look at them, describe them, write it down if you want to, and then let them go.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: green calcite, champagne calcite, blauwe obsidian, opalite hemimorphite, selenite, kunzite, kyanite, pyrite, astrofyllite, biotiet-graniet, peridot, danburite, angeliet, emerald, green tourmaline and prehnite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c85. Radiant

c85. Radiant

Radiant is a protective essence that supports you when energy from outside of you is trying to diminish your inner light. This essence is a companion to the energies of Protective Bubble, Get Out, Strike and Fortress.

Radiant helps you remain balanced energetically, helping you to stand up for yourself and to regain your balance if something or someone upsets it. The theme here isn’t exactly outside energy coming in, but rather outside energy that tries to shut you off from the light. Radiant helps you to protect or repair that connection, it’s another part of setting boundaries on an energetic level.

Radiant is a combination of: clear quartz, champagne calcite, selenite, kunzite, magnesite, apofyllite, danburite and Archangel Michael angel energy

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c86. Embraced

c86. Embraced

Embraced is a soothing and comforting essence that helps you find a sense of deep inner peace. This energy helps you feel safe and cherished and is a balm to the soul if you’ve been hurt deeply and feel that you are stuck.

This is an essence you can use over a longer period of time if your self image, self confidence and self worth have been completely broken down, or if you have never had the opportunity to develop them because you were never allowed to have your own feelings, emotions or thoughts and they were all imposed on you by an outside authority.

Embraced can also be used for soul retrieval and for when you have lost access to your inner light because someone has tried to extinguish it in one way or another.

Embraced was made with: amethyst, larimar, champagne calcite, amazonite, hemimorphite, sugilite, kunzite, rhodocrosite, magnesite, danburite, angelite, emerald, serpentine and chrysocolla from Mt Shasta, blue tourmaline and prehnite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c87. Endeavour

c87. Endeavour

Endeavour is the step that follows after Saviour and Flavour. This essence awakens your sense of adventure and helps you take on new challenges. It’s a friendly reminder to act from the heart instead of out of fear. To go straight to your target and to be more optimistic when exploring new directions, without obsessing over every imaginable pitfall and obstacle you might encounter. This is an energy of daring to explore the world and daring to step outside of your comfort zone.

Endeavour was made with the following energies: sun stone, opalite quartz, aquamarine, kyanite, purpurite, danburite, petrified wood, blue tourmaline, sulfurise quartz and Gabriel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c88. Competence

c88. Competence

Competence enhances your self-confidence and encourages you to show the world what you’re made of.
This enhanced self-confidence will help you feel more comfortable showing your talents and putting them into practice. This is a strongly grounding essence with a generous helping of decisiveness and determination.

Competence was made with: rutilised quartz, black tourmaline, pyrite, purpurite, heulandite and petrified wood.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c89. Diversity

c89. Diversity

Diversity helps you broaden your view and start to look at people with less prejudice. This essence helps you to let go of (unconscious) prejudices. Everyone is different, but we all have the same intrinsic value as human beings.

This works in multiple ways, because it will also help you look at yourself from this perspective. Some of us totally get that no one is of less value than we are, but instead need to learn that no one is of more value than us either. If you feel different, this essence will help you start to realise that different is a good thing, or, at the very least, a neutral thing. In short, this is about acceptance, both of yourself and of others, without the urge to condemn what you don’t understand or don’t agree with.

Diversity was made with the following energies: agate, amazonite, hemimorfite, kunzite, purpurite, emerald, prehnite and Chamuel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c90. Quick

c90. Quick

Quick is an essence that helps you clear blocks in the area of personal and intuitive growth when something or someone has held you back, with the emphasis on intuition.

There may be some limiting beliefs installed there that stop you from going forward, and this essence helps you to track them down and supports you in eliminating them.

Quick is a combination of rutilated quartz, unakite, selenite, purpurite, sulfurised quartz, prehnite and Elder flower essence.

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