Single Essences 16-30

Flow Remedies crystal essence 16. Smile.  Crystal essence of citrine

16. Smile

Crystal essence of citrine

This sunny yellow crystal yielded a sunny and clear essence. It cheers you up and enhances your concentration and clarity of mind.

The radiant positive energy of this essence strengthens the solar plexus / third chakra and warms the heart. This essence connects heart and mind and helps you be more decisive.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 17. Relax. Crystal essence of amethyst

17. Relax

Crystal essence of amethyst

As the name will probably give away, Relax helps you regain some inner peace. It may also help you sleep better, as it helps calm your thoughts.

With more clarity of mind, your intuition gets the chance to make itself heard more clearly, and it gets room to develop as well. Relax also mends the connection to your soul/higher self and reinforces your masculine/yang energy.

Besides that, this essence furthers your spiritual growth and encourages you to accept and express your spiritual side.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 18. Power. Crystal essence of rutilated quartz

18. Power

Crystal essence of rutilated quartz

Rutilated quartz is clear quartz with titanium needle inclusions, and it connects the power of clear quartz (the mind) to the earth.

Power helps you be more strong-willed and decisive. By clearing the mind and connecting its power to the earth, it helps you start to bring your ideas into reality. Not just thinking them up, but also taking the next step and acting on them.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 19. Down to Earth. Crystal essence of red jasper

19. Down to Earth

Crystal essence of red jasper

Down to Earth neatly plants both of your feet on the earth. This essence is grounding and protective. It helps enhance your feeling of self-worth, which in turn makes it easier to be open to others and to connect with them.

The energy helps you find the strength and motivation to wholely embrace life on earth. It encourages individuality and helps diminish feelings of embitterment, and it does so at a slow and steady pace.decisive.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 20. Atlantis. Crystal essence of larimar

20. Atlantis

Crystal essence of citrine

This essence furthers mental growth and activates self-healing powers on an energy level. It activates the third eye/sixth chakra and works on the throat chakra as well, to clear blocks in that area and to help you to express yourself freely again.

It helps you gain more faith in yourself and assists in solving trauma, fear, and feelings of subservience.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 21. Trust. Crystal essence of tiger's Eye

21. Trust

Crystal essence of tiger’s eye

Trust keeps out negative influences and, if necessary, sends them back to where they came from. This essence protects you and gives you more room to be yourself, without subconsciously adopting the opinions and feelings of others.

This energy gives hope and renews faith in both yourself and the rest of the world. Trust shows you there is such a thing as goodness and helps you see the full scope instead of only the bad parts.

Trust stimulates self-confidence, furthers a feeling of responsibility and also helps protect from any potential negativity from the inside.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 22. Courage. Crystal essence of lapis lazuli

22. Courage

Crystal essence of lapis lazuli

This essence will help you keep a level head and feel more calm and peaceful. Courage also gives you, well, courage, and enhances your self-confidence.

The energy dispels gloomy thoughts and promotes loyalty, wisdom, and friendship.

Courage also helps you to express your thoughts, it’s a good companion for working on personal growth.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 23. Patience. Crystal essence of larimar

23. Patience

Crystal essence of hematite

This essence is grounding and activating, but without the warming and heating properties that red crystals have. It gives strength and helps you be firm and patient.

If you have trouble with people at work that venture too far into your personal space you could try putting a few drops of this essence on a saucer at the corner of your workspace. It may help neutralise this kind of behaviour. It can also help if you are a restless sleeper.

Note: drink an extra glass of water after taking a dose of this essence, it will help to release any excess energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 24. Alert. Crystal essence of larimar

24. Alert

Crystal essence of red tiger’s eye

This essence works relaxing but at the same time, it enhances memory and focus. It helps you look at yourself with a clear view.

Alert helps you be alert and perceptive. It promotes friendship and a feeling of security. It also is a higher kind of protection and guidance. You get the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, without having to go through a similar situation yourself, after which you take the next few steps yourself.

This essence helps you stay true to yourself during growth processes and to look at things from different perspectives.

The image this essence conjures is that of a large feline, seemingly lazing in a tree but in the meantime keeping a sharp eye on everything around it.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 25. Equilibrium. Crystal essence of malachite

25. Equilibrium

Crystal essence of malachite

Equilibrium is calming and balances just about everything. It balances the duality inside yourself if you have a habit of hesitating or fluctuating between extremes.

This essence also supports you in processing grief, as it works on the heart chakra and brings balance and comfort there as well.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 26. Harmony. Crystal essence of jade

26. Harmony

Crystal essence of jade

Harmony balances and harmonises body and spirit. This energy also helps you to stay true to yourself if you have trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings to the people closest to you.

Another part of this essence is that it combines love and wisdom and helps you to be fair. It also helps you to be steadfast and decisive, which makes it a good companion for battling indecisiveness.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 27. Tolerance. Crystal essence of larimar

27. Tolerance

Crystal essence of chrysocolla

Tolerance clears up blocks in the throat and heart area. It helps you to better express your emotions, to be spontaneous, forgiving and more tolerant. It also protects against negative influences.

This essence has a cooling effect and helps you to keep a level head instead of panicking or exploding in anger in stressful situations.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 28. Bouncy. Crystal essence of falcon's eye

28. Bouncy

Crystal essence of falcon’s eye (also know as hawk’s eye or blue tiger’s eye)

Bouncy protects against negativity and fends it off, bouncing it back to the source. It’s a good protector for travelling, and like the Falcon, it helps you see from great heights so you get a good overview of situations.

This essence also has a cooling effect and it helps stimulate breath control. Added to that, it boosts your willpower, sense of reality and your self-confidence, making it easier to let go of mistrust and to be open to the possibility of a positive ending.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 29. Control. Crystal essence of rhodonite

29. Control

Crystal essence of rhodonite

This essence soothes you in times of mental confusion and unrest. It softly helps you break through blocks and is a good one to use when you are troubled by feelings of embitterment.

Control helps people that are extremely attached to their possessions, and that desperately hold on to them, to let go of that attachment a little and become less tense in that regard.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 30. Sparkly. Crystal essence of champagne calcite

30. Sparkly

Crystal essence of champagne calcite

This crystal looks calm and sparkly, and it lives up to that. It helps you ground very very gently and softly without activating too much.

This is for people who can’t handle too many stimuli, and it helps them reconnect with their emotions. Added to that this essence also protects, like a floating device that gives you the confidence to jump in at the deep end and swim with the current instead of fighting it, because you know you will stay afloat.

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