Background Info

A bit of background on the history of Flow Remedies

About Me

Hi, I’m Bianca, and I’m the creator of Flow Remedies. It’s not strictly a one-woman show, though. I am forunate enough to have friends that act as my sounding board and support me in the development of the essences. I can bounce ideas off of them, they help me double-check my findings, and of course they also help to test new essences


More information about the aura, a.k.a. the human energy field. Just enough to get an idea, but if you’re completely new to the subject of energy healing, this page gives some of the basics


A brief summary of what chakras are and what they do

Violet Glass

Information about Miron violet glass, the glass Flow Remedies essences and sprays are stored in. It’s also known as biophotonic glass and it is beneficial to both energy quality and shelf life


Experiences with the essences

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