Using Flow Remedies for Animals

You can also use Flow Remedies essences for animals. The principle is the same, you are trying to restore the animal’s emotional and energetic balance by adding energy. The difference is in the dosage, which is usually lower.

As a guideline, you can use two drops per essence when making a dosage bottle, but if your testing method or your intuition gives you a different answer, feel free to go with that. Everyone is different, and some will need a bit more or less than others. If you want to use the essences internally, it’s better to use a dosage bottle or to dilute the drops. Undiluted, the taste can be quite strong, and that may make it difficult to get an animal to accept it.

Crystal Essence Combinations for Animals

While you can basically use all essences for animals, there are 5 essence combinations that have been created specifically with animals in mind:

a1. Chill Out – grounding, feeling safer, having more confidence
a2. Recovery – for supporting all kinds of healing
a3. Haven – for sensitive animals
a4. New Digs – for getting used to new surroundings or new situations
a5. Mine – for envy, possesiveness and over-competetiveness

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Over the years, the essences have been used for horses, ponies, dogs, cats and birds. Oftentimes successful, but not always. Sometimes it didn’t work, or not as much as we wanted it to, as there can be other factors at play, and not every issue can be solved with essences. Animals do react quite quickly, though, so you should be noticing something within about two weeks.

A fun little anecdote: I gave our cat essences to help with several issues he had, and sometimes he’d even ask for them. If I was in a hurry, I’d sometimes skip adding the essences to his bowl and if that happened a few times too many, he’d sit in front of his bowl (his normal behaviour was diving into his food before my hand was out of his bowl), and look at me like ‘aren’t you forgetting something?’. Only after I added his essences, he’d start to eat.

At first, I thought that was my imagination, so I decided to try and make it a bit more difficult by putting the drops close to the outer edges of his bowl. The funny thing is that no matter where I put the drops, that was where he’d start eating first, where normally he would always start in the middle. Moreover, he’d normally even complain and harass me if the middle of his bowl was empty, until I shook it so there was kibble in the middle again.

Below are a few suggestions for essences that you can use for animals:

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