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December 8th, 2018

Yaaay, we made it! Combinations c85 – c102 are available. Below are short descriptions of each of the essences, and, as always, you can find the full descriptions on the combinations page. 

c85. Radiant – repairs and protects the connection to the light in yourself

c86. Embraced – a very deep sense of safety and being cherished / soothed

c87. Endeavour – a nudge to embark on new ventures and to step outside of your comfort zone, this is the step that follows c49. Flavour

c88. Competence – showing yourself and your talents to the world

c89. Diversity – realising that everyone has the same intrinsic value as a human being, including yourself

c90. Quick – clearing blocks that hinder your intuitive growth

c91. Take a Step Back – take some time to think and absorb the message before reacting

c92. Dismantle – finding sabotage mechanisms in the form of limiting beliefs and injunctions that were forced on you

c93. Perspective – encourages a sense of reality and seeing things in perspective without making a mountain out of a molehill

c94. Presence – nudges you to stop dissociating and be more present and alert

c95. Sift – examining your emotions, sifting through them and processing them. This one ties in to c84. Feel

c96. Unlock – carefully releasing and processing suppresed emotions that have been stored up – this is a step after c84. Feel and c95. Sift

c97. Closure – to wrap up a process you’ve been through, tying up loose ends and getting used to your new energy

c98. Sovereignty – total and utter independence and the right to govern yourself. Being king or queen in your own kingdom

c99. Willingness – For people pleasers, setting boundaries in how much you are willing to give instead of giving everyone everything they ask for without regards to the costs to yourself.

c100. Into Three – social intelligence, asserting yourself in social and group situations

c101. Transition – A bit of support for big or small transformational processes, to get out of that cocoon and become a butterfly

c102. Change – helps you implement changes in your life, step by step

The new combination essences (c85-c102)

November 14th, 2018

Almost a year, where has the time gone? Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on releasing a new batch of essences, combinations c85 up to c102, and we’re almost ready to go. The estimate is a few more weeks, but the end of the year is approaching fast and that’s always a bit hectic over at the webshop, so it’s going to be a bit of a race against time.

One of the items on our checklist was creating a newsletter list using MailChimp and that one was checked off today.

Now, the new essences can march into your inbox and introduce themselves. If you like that idea, please consider signing up for our newsletter. We promise we’ll only send one every now and then 😉

November 29th, 2017

A small update: the pdf file for the A4 booklet with all essence descriptions has been added to the dowsing chart page. It’s 70 pages, mind, so think before you hit the print button 😉

October 31st, 2017

Yesss! Welcome to the new English site! It’s just been moved to its rightful place and is still a little bit under construction. Now that it’s been moved I need to check if the links work and things like that, so please be careful, wear a hard hat and don’t trip over the occasional leftover building materials.