If you’re unfamiliar with all the talk about auras en chakras, it can get a little confusing at times. This page gives a little more information about the aura. Just a few basics to get you started, though.

Aside from a physical, tangible body, humans (and any other living creatures) also have an energy body which is called the aura. The aura has several layers and it is found partially inside the body but mostly surrounding it. In general, it is said that the aura has seven layers.

The layers closest to the body are the etheric double, which reaches partially inside the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body. Each layer has its own function and properties.

The etheric double is the one that’s most closely connected with the physical body, seeing as it is an energetical copy of it. The emotional body is where emotions are stored and processed, and the mental body is where you can find thought patterns and convictions.

When you meet other people, you exchange information through making contact with their aura, allowing you to feel their energy. If your aura is damaged, or you feel out of sorts, then you can lose energy or have trouble letting go of the energy you pick up from the people you meet.

I probably shouldn’t mention this in this context, as it is a whole subject in itself, but it’s also possible to pick up energy from people long-distance. This happens when you think of them, or they think of you, when you talk to them on the phone or even read a message they sent you. Have you ever had it happen that you thought of someone, and then shortly after that they call you, or you run into them? That’s an example of picking up someone’s energy when they’re not even near you. But I digress.
With regards to exchanging and picking up energy, you can probably imagine that spending a day with a lot of people, or people that aren’t compatible with you, can leave you feeling tired and even a little unclean even though you haven’t done anything that would get you dirty.

Some people are very good at leeching energy from you, like people that constantly need attention and ask for it in an unpleasant way, without giving back in return. Or your energy is being crowded out because someone is very domineering.

Sometimes you give away your energy yourself, maybe because you are poorly grounded, or because you subconsciously have the belief that someone else has more right to that energy than you. Maybe you have trouble witnessing someone being in pain and will try to alleviate their discomfort by giving away your own energy. Or you feel you are not allowed to say no to taking on their energy or giving your own away. All this happens on a very subtle level, and mostly while you are unaware of it. If this happens often, you might end up with mental and/or physical exhaustion for which the cause can’t be found by examining the physical body.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true: spending time with like-minded people, discussing your favourite subjects or partaking in favourite activities is bound to give you an energy boost instead of tiring you out. That energy boost is healing and balances things out. This is why it’s very important to recharge every once in a while.

The aura is visible under certain circumstances and you may have gotten glimpses of one accidentally. It requires a certain way of looking, unfocused (nearly all the way unfocused but not quite) and relaxed (literally relaxing the muscles of your eyes), and then suddenly you see something. I’ve read that you’re supposed to look with the outer edges of your field of vision, but that’s easier said than done.

Usually, it’s a greyish or whitish cloud or patch around someone, or around a tree, and when you try to focus on it to see it more clearly it disappears. It’s very different from the after-image you can get when you look at something coloured and you see the complementary colour (try looking at something red, sometimes you see green around it).

I often see blue and/or yellow around someone’s head when they’re sitting in front of a light coloured wall, but so far I’ve only seen another colour once. That was when we were in the car after a draining meeting and I was beyond tired. Too tired to talk, too tired to even think, almost asleep on my feet and just staring out the window. Suddenly I saw this gorgeous dark pink colour above a row of trees. It was everywhere except for the point I was staring at, that was quite the thing to witness.

The aura has different colours and can change from moment to moment, depending on your physical, mental and emotional state. Yellow can mean you value thought over emotion, or that you are thinking about something in that moment. Light blue can show when you are enthusiastically talking about your favourite hobby, and if you are angry dark red can explode out around you. If you are sad, though, the red that stands for extreme emotion stays close to you.

The chakras are energy centres that are located in your aura and that regulate the distribution of energy in your system. Blocks in these centres may also lead to discomfort/dis-ease because they cause the energy to stagnate and hinder the distribution of it. Read more about chakras here

It’s difficult to write more about this subject than a little introduction because it is such a broad subject and I know just enough to know I’m only scratching the surface of it. Fortunately, there are loads of books out there on the subject, ranging from basic to really in-depth.

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