Combination Essences 16-30

Flow Remedies combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of multiple single essences. Combination essences may also contain channeled energy, like angel energy, colours, symbols or ascended master energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c16. Take Heart

c16. Take Heart

Here you go, a little pick-me-up for when you are about to give up because you have temporarily lost sight of the solution. Take Heart balances you, gives you hope and clears your mind.

Maybe it will also attract ‘coincidence’, because that is the reputation hemimorphite, one of the essences in this combination, has. At the very least it will help put a small smile on your face and help you to feel more optimistic.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: carnelian, blue chalcedony, sunstone, amazonite, tourmaline quartz, hemimorphite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c17. The Child Inside

c17. The Child Inside

This essence will help you to be yourself (again). It’ll help you have faith, a very deep faith, in yourself, the world around you, and in goodness.

You are encouraged to open up again and to let go of the pain of old wounds. The Child Inside comforts, helps heal your emotional wounds and adds a hugely loving hug as a bonus, helping you to view the child you once were with love, compassion and understanding.

A word of warning, though. When you start inner child work, it is entirely possible that a whole heap of sadness has to be released before you start to feel better, as grieving heals. The energy will help you through it, but if it gets to be too much, see if you need another essence (c11. To the Rescue or c43. Swept) as support, or adjust the dosage you take.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: larimar, blue chalcedony, eldarite, opalite, hemimorphite, sugilite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c18. Into the Light

c18. Into the Light

This one helps you balance light and darkness if things are more dark than light. It will help you connect with your higher self and get a better outlook on what is true and what isn’t. The energy protects, grounds and has an aura healing element, making you less susceptible to outside influences.

Into the Light also helps you see things more clearly and objectively. It may be good to follow this one up with c19. Calling All Angels to strengthen the light, for extra protection, and to fill in any empty spaces where negative energy has been removed.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: mookaite, labradorite, red tiger’s eye, tourmaline quartz, opalite, sugilite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c19. Calling All Angels

c19. Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels is a warm blanket of light, wrapping around you like a cocoon. White light and angel energy embrace and cherish you, blue light protects you, giving you hope and enough faith to let yourself go with the flow, knowing things will work out in the end.

This essence also regulates the flow of energy in your system, taking it where it needs to go and softly washing away energy blocks. You can use this essence for extra protection and energy after working with c18. Into the Light.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: blue calcite, mookaite, blue fluorite, champagne calcite, hemimorphite, selenite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c20. Heart of the Matter

c20. Heart of the Matter

This essence is one of the go-to essences for when your heart is closed off. It will open and warm the heart chakra and allow love in. For yourself, for others and for the world around you. Heart of the Matter gives you a really warm and loving feeling, and it dissipates annoyance and judgment so you can go about your day feeling a little milder.

This is an essence of giving and receiving in all kinds of ways, and it balances them as well. Think of giving without demanding something in return, giving without feeling someone else has more of a right to it than you have, or giving without being afraid there won’t be not enough left. Think of receiving without feeling uncomfortable because somewhere deep down you have doubts about being worth it, and of relaxing yourself so you are able to receive.

Heart of the Matter lets the sun shine in your heart and sometimes that can make you feel as if you’ve swallowed a piece of the sun. It makes your heart chakra glow, giving you hope and bringing a bit of cheerfulness into your life. Not everything is serious and complicated, but it is easy to lose sight of that. Look at how beautiful simple things can be, a flower, a brightly coloured butterfly, a funny cloud or a little caterpillar that crosses your path.
Another reason for the name of this essence is that it helps you release old patterns of not loving yourself that a lot of the time are the root cause of most issues. It’ll help you feel an all-encompassing love that just may, after a while, make you happy enough to want to dance…

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: pink quartz, green calcite, sunstone, amazonite, opalite, sugilite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c21. Get Out

c21. Get Out

Get Out has a strong protective energy. It soothes, removes entities and heavy energy and keeps them out. The energy detoxifies the mind, brings light and chases away darkness.

Your aura is protected and grounded, so you feel more present, which helps against unwanted attachments. You could compare it to being at home or not, and keeping the doors to your house open or closed.

Get Out helps you rest, regroup and get clarity so you can begin searching for the cause, because at the end of the day this is just a temporary aid. It’ll protect you so you have the opportunity to discover how and why these energies are able to enter your system. This can be something very simple like acknowledging and understanding that you are letting them in, or something like a link from a past life you need to become aware before you can detach it. In some cases, you may need another healing or testing method to find out what it is.

Free will is also something that needs to be reckoned with. Entities can be very sneaky and seductive, and present themselves as something or someone positive, causing you to invite them in or give them permission to stay, whether consciously or subconsciously. In cases like that, Get Out will send them away for a while, but they will be able to return after the dose has worn off.

This is why it’s very important to ask if someone comes in light and love, and if they cannot answer that, you may ask them to leave. Positive entities/spirits will never force you, or tell you what to do (light beings are very very big on free will ). They won’t call you names, bully you, humiliate you or threaten you. They also won’t tell you you’re the best (sorry, they just won’t, though they may give you regular compliments), and that others are less than you, or make you hurt others. Not even from the viewpoint that that person needs to be taught a lesson.

You can use Get Out when you suspect entities or negative spirits are clinging to an aura, as a heavy duty aura cleanser and protector (from the inside with the essence or from the outside with Get Out Mist), to support parts therapy if certain parts of the personality have taken over (those will be integrated into the whole again so you can regain your balance) and to support soul retrieval.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: carnelian, black tourmaline, opalite, selenite, sugilite, serpentine, kyanite, serafinite, amber, astrofyllite, variscite, purpurite, infinite stone

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c22. Stay Out

c22. Stay Out

WStay Out is an essence that firmly grounds you, centres you, and gives you strength. This means energy from outside has less chance of getting in. If you are firmly centred in your own energy, it becomes less and less difficult to keep other energies out, especially if you don’t want them to get in.

Use this when you are sensitive to outside influences and it will become more difficult to manipulate you. When you are sensitive, you feel very well what someone wants from you and sometimes you have to use every inch of willpower you possess not to automatically give in to unspoken requests. Stay Out will help you with that.
A nice little side effect is that it boosts your self-confidence and makes it easier to take action on any plans or ideas you may have.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: mookaite, red jasper, selenite, green apatite, serafinite, apofyllite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c23. Safety

c23. Safety

Safety helps you regain a basic sense of feeling safe. Most of us are born with that feeling, but as you make your way through life things can happen that may cause you to decide that the world is an unsafe place. This results in living from fear, continually searching for security and being unable to surrender fully to life.

This essence helps start to realise that you are safe. It will help you release tension and loosen your grip on the reins.

If you have an allergy, chances are that Safety may alleviate it a bit. In some cases lacking a basic feeling of safety can cause your entire being to react with hostility to things it sees as intruders, causing an allergic reaction. In those cases, the symptoms may diminish or even disappear as you start to feel safer, more grounded and more confident, as the more grounded you are, the better you are equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: lavender flower essence, turquoise, rutilated quartz, opalite, hemimorphite, selenite, lepidolite, astrofyllite, purpurite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c24. V.I.P.

c24. V.I.P.

Do you feel important? Or do you feel as if you are hidden in a corner that everyone passes by? Or maybe you are somewhere in between?

V.I.P. helps you find strength and helps you realise that you are allowed to exist, and that who and what you are and what you want is equally as important as what someone else is and wants.

Get up out of that corner, stop self-effacing behaviour and stand next to someone instead of thinking they are worth more than you are and placing them on a pedestal. Whoever it is, they are human, just like you, and however different you may be: you are both worth exactly as much, each in your own way.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: black tourmaline, moonstone, tourmaline quartz, hemimorphite, sugilite, purpurite, heulandite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c25. Freedom

c25. Freedom

Freedom helps you regain a sense of freedom. Freedom to act, freedom to dream, without judgement.
Sometimes you can feel as if you are stuck, and bound hand and foot. In situations like that, this essence will help you release that trapped feeling so you can relax a bit.

To support the energy, find some space outside. A park, beach or forest where it’s quiet and where you can recharge your energy by feeling some empty space around you.

When you can manage to let go of that feeling, it becomes a bit easier to see a solution, even if it’s only finding a way of looking at it that makes you feel less trapped. When you are in a situation that you have no way out of yet it can make you feel less trapped, less of a victim and a little more in control to make the conscious decision to say to yourself that no, you did not and do not consent to being in that situation, that it is wrong but that for the moment it is what it is, and you will do what you need to do to hang in there while looking for a way out. Freedom doesn’t always have to be external, it can be internal as well.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: citrine, rutilated quartz, red tiger’s eye, rhodonite, blue chalcedony, opalite, sugilite, aquamarine, lepidolite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c26. Refuel

c26. Refuel

Refuel is a little energy bomb, even if it is in a different way than you would expect. When your energy level is very low, everything becomes a mountain, even doing the things you need to do to feel better.

Sometimes everything feels like too much trouble and nothing succeeds, not even getting some rest because you ‘have’ to keep going because you’re already so far behind.

Refuel helps you replenish the energy reserves in your aura because most of the time you are not only physically and mentally drained, but the energy level in your aura is very low as well. This makes it easier for outside energy to get in, which in turn makes you feel overwhelmed and prevents you from regaining your balance and your energy.

You can recharge by getting some rest, but you need to get yourself out of the way to actually manage that. Refuel clears your mind and helps you get an overview. Not everything is as urgent as it seems when you are feeling overwhelmed, and getting some rest is important as well.

Refuel replenishes the energy in your aura that may just give you the small push that is needed to decide to drop whatever you are doing and get some rest first. Added to that, it detoxifies mentally and grounds you.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: mookaite, clear quartz, larimar, rhodonite, amazonite, selenite, sugilite, green apatite, serpentine, pyrite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c27. Nobody is Perfect

c27. Nobody is Perfect

The name says it all, really. This essence is there to support you if you feel like you will only be good enough when you are perfect. Since no one is perfect, this puts an enormous pressure on you, as you are expecting, or even demanding, the impossible and unattainable from yourself.

Some people will also expect that from others, others will swing in the opposite direction and have loads of understanding and sympathy for someone else’s imperfections, and none at all for their own.

Nobody is Perfect helps you find peace in the fact that no one is ABLE to be perfect, and following that, a sense of being good enough the way you are starts to creep in.

You are allowed to let that belief go, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. On the contrary, you learn more from your mistakes than you ever will from things that go right the first time. Bettering yourself is fine, of course, but being judgemental of yourself because you still see things about yourself that could be improved, is damaging to your self-confidence and totally undermines you.

Nobody is Perfect helps you face life with a more relaxed attitude, it helps you be tolerant of yourself (and any mistakes you might make) and others, and to stop holding onto the reins so tightly.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: kunzite, galenite, purpurite, serpentine, blue calcite, rutilated quartz, marcasite, kyanite, infinite stone

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c28. Let Love Rule

c28. Let Love Rule

This essence opens the heart and sets heart energy in motion. It’s a loving energy that causes annoyances to melt like snow in the sun. Your smile reappears, even when it’s been missing for a while.

If you have closed yourself off in an attempt to avoid pain, your heart energy stagnates. Let Love Rule helps you take the step to let love back into your life. This is the next step after c20. Heart of the Matter.

Let Love Rule is also a good essence if you find yourself condemning people that don’t conform to what you perceive as normal. You can never change anyone, but you can help yourself gain a milder outlook and save yourself a whole lot of stress and annoyance, not to mention the negative energy you would avoid feeling.

If you feel a little more cheerful, you’ll probably feel less need to criticise and condemn, and you’ll have less trouble thinking ‘oh well, it ‘s not my cup of tea but if that’s what you want, then fine by me’ when someone has views that don’t match yours.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: pink quartz, carnelian, amethyst, amazonite, hemimorphite, selenite, sugilite, ametrine, marcasite, magnesite, lepidolite, astrofyllite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c29. True Love

c29. True Love

True love helps you reconnect to the source of unlimited love that every one of us has deep inside them. Life experiences can cause the connection to this source to get blocked by emotional debris. Many of us have lost this connection, and are now facing the challenge of making our way back to it. True Love helps you remove the debris so you can draw from that source.

Heart of the Matter deblocked the heart, Let Love Rule let out the energy and made a start of setting it into motion, and this essence continues that process.

It will cause your heart to overflow with this loving energy that you’re allowed to draw from without limit. For yourself at first, and when it has filled you up you will automatically pass it on. With a smile, a sincere compliment, a loving hug, and most of all compassion and understanding. In time you will be able to do all of this without the fear of there not being enough left if you give it away. The more you give, the more there is to give.

Also, to avoid you feeling so light that you float off into space, this essence grounds you by planting both feet firmly on the ground.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: apofyllite, amazonite, ametrine, amethyst, opalite, variscite, blue chalcedony, sugilite, amber, larimar

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c30. Anger Management

c30. Anger Management

This essence can help you if you are troubled by temper tantrums and fits of anger OR have trouble handing those when they come from others. It will help you gain some perspective and strengthens your (self-)confidence.

The perspective it helps you gain enables you to look at things more neutrally, and being able to see things from multiple viewpoints will also help you to be more tolerant and to take things less personal.

Anger Management helps you rebuild your confidence so you’ll feel safer and less easily threatened. One way in which it does this is by strengthening and protecting your solar plexus. The solar plexus is your connection to and the place from which you interact with the outside world. This is where you feel outside energy and influences the strongest, and if this chakra is balanced you will see that reflected in the way you react to things that happen, and to the world in general.

You’ll feel caught unawares and overwhelmed less quickly, and because your self-confidence gets a bit of a boost, you’ll also feel victimised less quickly in unexpected situations. No one likes change, it’s in our nature to resist change, but the quicker you regain your internal balance, the less troubled you will feel by it.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: howlite, red tiger’s eye, opalite, rutilated quartz, champagne calcite, amazonite, agate, black tourmaline

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