Single Essences 61-75

Flow Remedies crystal essence 61. Independence. Crystal essence of lepidolite.

61. Independence

Crystal essence of lepidolite

Independence helps protect you from outside influences and helps you set boundaries when you are in groups of people. This essence fosters independence and self-reliance. It helps you stand on your own two feet, both emotionally and mentally. It also helps you make decisions and helps you keep an eye on the heart of the matter without being distracted by side issues.

Independence can help soften a negative outlook on life and eases stress, depression and compulsive thoughts. They will slowly be replaced by peace, quiet and a sense of safety.

Another facet of this essence is that it helps you find courage, strength and confidence in yourself and that it helps you release old thought and behaviour patterns so you can replace them with new ones.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 62. Stars. Crystal essence of astrofyllite

62. Stars

Crystal essence of astrofyllite

Stars enhances your intuition and helps you look at yourself objectively. It fosters self-love and acceptance of yourself and your past actions, enabling you to be more at peace with them and to start to realise that when a door closes, another one opens. It also helps you remove whatever no longer serves you.

This is a transformative energy with a strong light force that supports you in discovering your soul path or your goal in life. Stars has a grounding and protective energy, especially during dreams and outer body experiences. It connects the base (1st) chakra with the soul star chakra and supplies all chakras with energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 63. Pleasure. Crystal essence of biotite-granite

63. Pleasure

Crystal essence of biotite-granite

Pleasure is a strongly grounding essence. It helps you find strength and perseverance, encouraging you to sink your teeth in and hold on. Don’t imagine yourself a Pittbull straight away, though, as this essence has a lot of light force that will ease you into it.

Pleasure will help you find a balance between emotion and practical thinking. It helps you get an overview and look at the whole picture, so you can get a more objective view of what is happening, which role you are playing in it and what influence you have on your surroundings.

It also helps you notice the good things in your life, enabling you to see past the clouds and discovering the silver lining.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 64. Clarity. Crystal essence of variscite

64. Clarity

Crystal essence of variscite

Clarity helps you to be true to yourself. It opens the heart chakra, gives hope and courage, and encourages unconditional love. This lifts your mood and helps you be more positive.

This essence provides a lot of energy. It helps you be alert, down to earth, and to think clearly, at the same time enabling you to voice those thoughts.

Clarity also has a soothing energy. You are encouraged to emerge from your shell, be more present mentally and to have more interest in others. By being calmer you won’t constantly be battling that inner voice that constantly lets you doubt yourself or gives you the feeling you’re doing something wrong.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 65. Unchain. Crystal essence of purpurite

65. Unchain

Crystal essence of purpurite

Unchain helps you break free from old thoughts and old patterns. It dispels negative energy and helps you attract positivity.

This essence helps you find the confidence to speak up and to trust that you will be able to voice your thoughts in a good way. It’s an essence of protection, love, intuition and communication. Unchain connects and grounds the chakras and helps you find clarity and focus. Your self-confidence gets a boost, you’ll have more energy and you’ll feel less gloomy. This will help you to be more alert and more open to new ideas.

Unchain could help you with public speaking, as it helps you connect with your audience, stimulating your intuition to choose your words in a way that will help you get your information across clearly.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 66. Connect. Crystal essence of apofyllite

66. Connect

Crystal essence of apofyllite

Connect is an essence of unconditional love and light. It encourages inner peace and helps you to openly and honestly show who you are without feeling guilty or reticent. It will help you conquer insecurity and the inclination to worry. This is an essence that you can use to help release rigid thought patterns and blocks. It will also release suppressed emotions.

Connect enhances your intuition and helps you connect the physical and the spiritual. It helps you to tune in to your soul and to feel more at home in your body.

This is also an essence you can use in healing practices. It will help further a pure energy transfer. You can use it on your hands during the treatment, or both the practitioner and the client can slowly drink half a glass of water with two drops of this essence before starting the session. Or whatever else you prefer, of course.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 67. Move On. Crystal essence of heulandite

67. Move On

Crystal essence of heulandite

In short, Move On helps you to let go and, well, move on. Forgive, forget and follow your own path. This energy has a high vibration and encourages purity and loyalty. It connects head and heart.

You will get help releasing what no longer fits, whether that’s a habit, a behaviour or an emotion, either from the present or from the past. This also concerns previous lives, with an emphasis on Atlantis and Lemuria. Move On helps you to look back, release negative emotions from the past and to recover from loss. This results in the ability to be more open to new possibilities and new paths.

This essence will also help drive home the concept that everyone is of equal worth. Should you be troubled by feeling jealous, have the habit to judge/condemn others, or feel superior to others from time to time, this essence will help you release that.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 68. Center. Crystal essence of galena / galenite

68. Center

Crystal essence of galena / galenite

This is a strongly grounding and balancing energy that harmonises mind, body and spirit, giving you a deep feeling of peace and harmony. Center helps you stand firm and be courageous. Combined with the ability to help you conquer restrictive beliefs it can help you find the courage to face your fears and conquer them. You are capable of more than you believe you are…

Center also encourages you to explore and keep an open mind.
If you feel insecure or face a tough decision, Center can help you connect with your intuition. This connection makes it a good essence for healers as well.

Lastly, this essence detoxifies energetically and helps you reclaim your personal power if you have ever given it away, either to a person or an organisation, but also in general.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 69. Protection. Crystal essence of infinite stone

69. Protection

Crystal essence of infinite stone (serpentine with crysolite)

This essence protects and helps you tune in to the earth’s energy and to angel energy. Protection connects the base (1st) and heart (4th ) chakras and mends and protects the aura. It will help you detoxify and clear excess emotional baggage, which will give you fresh energy.

A side effect of clearing that excess baggage is speaking up about, and solving, issues from the past. In this case, Protection encourages compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. It will also comfort you when dealing with grief and the pain of loss.

This is a good essence to use together with 54. Angel in healing practices. Try using two drops of both essences on your hands, on a chakra or in a massage oil. If you like you can put the drops in hot water first to dispel the alcohol.

Using two drops of each in an (oil) diffuser in a treatment room provides you with extra protection and an energy boost.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 70. Strong. Crystal essence of peridot / olivine

70. Strong

Crystal essence of olivine / peridot

Strong enhances your self-confidence and helps you be assertive without being aggressive. It drives away feelings of lethargy and helps you become aware of everything that has been (un)consciously ignored.

This energy provides a powerful cleansing, both emotional and mental, as well as in the aura, where the emphasis is on the third and fourth chakra (solar plexus and heart chakra). These will be cleansed and opened.

Strong helps you let go of persons and of the past, and helps you forgive yourself, both for things that were under your control as for things that weren’t. It also helps to remove negative thought patterns and helps you gain insight in your life purpose, especially on a spiritual level.

This essence relieves stress, envy, resentment and anger and helps you claim the responsibility for your own life if you are inclined to blame others or outside circumstances. It also helps you let go of self-reproach and guilt, and to learn from your mistakes. Accept and move on is the motto here.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 71. Sweet. Crystal essence of danburite

71. Sweet

Crystal essence of danburite

HSweet is a lovely but very powerful essence with lots of light. It is an essence of angels, universal love, letting go and forgiving. It connects the crown chakra with the heart chakra. Wisdom with love.

This essence opens the heart chakra and helps you learn to love yourself. In addition to that, it’s a karmic cleanser that helps you let go of emotional pain by helping you to understand its cause. Oftentimes the mere understanding of how something has come to be is enough to initiate its healing.

Sweet also helps you when you are facing major changes and helps you to deal with them in a better way, to accept them, to have patience, and to go with the flow.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 72. Wings. Crystal essence of angelite

72. Wings

Crystal essence of angelite

Another essence with a lot of protective white light and angel energy. This one will help you spread your wings, attune yourself better to your inner voice and sharpen your perception. You can voice how you see things and will learn to be more accepting of the things that you can’t change. It will help you stand stronger in times of emotional turmoil.

Wings helps you attain a feeling of peace and calm and promotes compassion, both for yourself and for others. It will help clear energy blocks and transforms fear and stress.

Another aspect of this essence is that it can enhance spiritual communication and can stimulate clairvoyancy. It works on the fifth, sixth and seventh chakra and can help you to learn how to better listen to your inner guidance, as well as strengthening communication with spirit guides and angels.

Wings is an essence that can be a good companion in healing practices, both because of what is described above and because it balances the aura and helps solve blocks in meridians.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 73. Unity. Crystal essence of emerald

73. Unity

Crystal essence of emerald

Unity is an essence for the heart chakra. It enhances unity consciousness, unconditional love, and sincerity. This will help you to be more understanding of yourself and of others, and enables you to have more patience and more compassion.

This essence helps you to be awake and alert, and it enhances your intuition. Wake and smell the coffee, to coin a phrase. Enjoy your life and what you have achieved so far. From this mindset, it will be easier to access your inspiration.

Unity can also support detoxing, it balances and heals on all levels and strenghtens your energetic boundaries.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 74. Mountain Heart. Crystal essence of serpentine and chrysocolla from Mt Shasta.

74. Mountain Heart

Crystal essence of serpentine and chrysocolla found on Mount Shasta

These two crystals insisted on giving us an essence together. They were both found on Mount Shasta and contain an extra energy. Mount Shasta is a power place in northern California and it is seen as the crown chakra of the earth, though some sources mention it as the base chakra as well. It contains a strong eighth chakra energy that connects the crown chakra to the base chakra, making it a very strongly grounding energy as well.

Mountain heart helps you connect to ‘all that is’. It’s an essence of universal love and it helps you express that love. The combination of serpentine and chrysocolla combined with Mount Shasta energy puts the emphasis of this essence on the heart chakra and throat chakra. It will help you express heart energy in the outside world.

This essence detoxifies, relaxes and helps you regain mental and emotional balance. You can keep a cool head and look at the world in a neutral way. It cleanses, connects and aligns the chakras and is basically a gentle and grounding spring cleaning of your energy system.

Due to the effect on the chakras, there is a possibility of awakening kundalini energy. This will be supported and calmed down should this process be too fast, but be aware that this can happen. Also, make sure to drink extra water because of the detoxifying effect of this essence. It will help release excess energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 75. Earth. Crystal essence of petrified wood

75. Earth

Crystal essence of petrified wood

It won’t surprise you that Earth gives you a strong earth connection. It firmly plants both feet on the ground and helps you to be present, focused, concentrated and determined.

This is also a gentle energy that helps you to allow yourself to stop and process things. It works on the sixth chakra and enhances wisdom and insights, and the feeling of safety this essence gives you helps you trust that you have a solid base to work from.

Earth has a strong healing energy. Combined with the gentleness of it, it feels a bit like that moment when you sit down into a warm bath and just breathe out a huge sigh at the feel of being surrounded by the warm water.

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