How It All Happened


Around 2000, my daughter was given Aspen because she couldn’t get to sleep without us holding her hand until she was asleep. Within two weeks, she no longer panicked and actually asked to go to bed at a normal time. Needless to say, I wanted to know more, so I took some courses and started using the Bach Flower Essences

There’s More Out There

After a while of working with Bach Flower Essences, I discovered there were loads of other flower essence systems out there. Then there was the question that kept popping up in my head ‘what if you combine the essence creating method with crystals?’, which I didn’t do anything with until I got a bigger push. In 2005, a friend basically backed me into a corner with ‘it doesn’t hurt to try it out and see what you get, right?’, so I cleansed a few of my crystals and started the process of creating essences.

Off the Leash

When the first crystals were in their jars, I tested every day to see if the essences were ready to bottle yet. In the weeks after that, I got the go-ahead to acturally make them, and to start the process of sensing, testing, finding a name and writing down the descriptions.

When the first three were ready, we tested them, and we ended up a bit giddy with excitement from the energy and from how the essences had turned out.

This was such an encouragement that I continued making the other seven essences from the first series, and then the ideas kept on coming.

I came across a few wonderful crystals and every time I thought ‘okay, that’ll do’, I found I was missing a certain crystal, or I found another one that I fell in love with and that I just had to buy and create an essence with.

Fun with Essences

When I’m making the essences, I go by feel and follow the ‘instructions’ I get. In hindsight, it usually becomes clear why the answer is no when I test whether an essence is ready yet, like that time when I tested and got no, and when I asked why, the thought ‘tomorrow’ popped in my head. Ok, fine, tomorrow it is.

Well, that night there was a rainstorm with a lot of lightning, so I guess the essences needed the energy boost from that. One of the crystals in that series was pietersite, which is also called storm stone sometimes. Funny, that.

Funny things also happen when naming essences, like with Blue Suede Shoes, when out of nowhere that Elvis song popped in my head. It fit the theme for that essence so perfectly that I didn’t look any further. Setting boundaries, standing up for yourself, this far and no further: you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

Mix and Match

When I had about 20 single essences, I thought I’d see what happened if I made combinations to tackle certain themes. Protective Bubble, an energy that shields against negativity and helps reduce energy leaks was the most urgent one for me at that point.

My self-confidence had gotten a little better, but there were times when it was nowhere to be found as well, and I definitely wanted to see if I could do something about that. Going from there, I ended up with themes like fear, grounding, standing up for yourself, relaxing, sadness and feeling gloomy/discouraged.

My attention also kept being drawn to things to do with high sensitivity. While I know I’m a HSP, I’d just taken notice of that fact and moved on with my life when I found out. The little that I knew of it was explanation enough for me at that point. But here was this sudden urge to dive into the subject again.

At the time I thought Protective Bubble would be protection enough, but I found that HSPs usually also experience emotions more powerfully and have trouble finding the balance between extremes. It turned out a new combination that also brought some balance worked better. Funnily, that urge for information about the subject disappeared after making Calm the Storm.


And then there were the sprays. I thought one would be enough, but Clearing Mist was so strong that it wasn’t going to be suited as an aura cleanser for most people.

So I went back to the drawing board and adjusted the formula to create an aura cleanser (Gentle Mist) and a softer version (Soft Mist) as well. All three are made with the same single essences, but the quantities differ.

With the move to Miron violet glass around 2007, the spray formula needed to be changed because the bottles had a different capacity. That was a good point to do some experimenting with scents and essential oils.

Easier said than done, though, but I succeeded after giving up on the idea to have a grounding oil in it, because that one had the whole thing smelling like wet soil.

A Life of Its Own

The system keeps evolving, and even though I regularly think that it’s enough for now, a new energy or theme will announce itself whenever it’s needed.

When I hesitate because I’m not sure if that essence is something that needs to be added to the system, I’ll get multiple hints and pushes to get me into gear. Either the subject keeps coming up, or I (directly or indirectly) run into people that are dealing with that particular theme.

Or, I receive an email from my best friend saying she had to interrupt her bath to write down a couple of concepts that I needed to do something with. They were dropped on her because I was too busy running around. Oops, sorry!


At any given time, there are several essences that are being tested, and sometimes they take a bit of a detour to end up where they’re needed.

I made c57. Strike for someone I never heard back from, so I decided to shelve it. But then a friend of a friend heard about it and she emailed me ‘hey, that one’s for me! I have to work in a building with loads of equipment for a while and it’s driving me crazy’.

In 2016, I finished a big project: releasing 70 essences that had been made since about 2012, and as a final check I took the descriptions to my best friend, who’s an energy therapist and very intuitive.

When I left, I had a list of 6 more essences that needed to be added. So much for being done for the time being 🙂

All this energy stuff never ceases to amaze me, though, and the more I learn, the more I realise I still hardly know anything about it. I just keep learning and discovering.

Thank you

Well, that’s it for this little peek behind the scenes, Thank you for reading, and while I’m at it I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the therapists that work with the Flow Remedies essences, and the therapists that help me test the essences.

Thank you so much and I hope you will enjoy working with them for a long time to come!

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