How to Use the Essences

Selecting Essences

Ways to select essences, plus some tips and tricks

Using Flow Remedies Essences

Flow Remedies Essences can be used however you like. This page lists some of the most common ways the essences are used

Essence Guide

A list with keywords and essence suggestions

Using Flow Remedies Essences for Children

While it’s possible to use most Flow Remedies essences for children, a slightly different approach may be needed

Using Flow Remedies Essences for Animals

What goes for children, goes for animals as well: you can use all of the essences for animals, but it’s slightly different

Flow Remedies dowsing chart

Using a Testing/ Dowsing Method

More on how to use a dowsing method or muscle test to select essences

Dowsing Charts

Various dowsing charts as an extra tool to help select essences. Or use one of the empty charts and make your own. Free to download

Essence Oracle

Just a bit of fun: the oracle serves up a random essence description to provide some inspiration

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