Combination Essences 46-60

Flow Remedies combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of multiple single essences. Combination essences may also contain channeled energy, like angel energy, colours, symbols or ascended master energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c46. Focus

c46. Focus

Focus was created especially for therapists to take before starting a session. It puts out any energy that doesn’t belong and protects during the treatment. It also helps you work with a pure intention and to fully concentrate on the person you’re treating.

When you use Focus in a more long-term way, it will help you set priorities and act accordingly. It sweeps away everything that is irrelevant and shows you the essence, giving you a good overview of the situation. It also firmly grounds you and gives you that little push you might need to get into gear so that you won’t stop at just thinking about doing something. When you feel yourself starting to get a bit too assertive to your liking, you can adjust the dosage or frequency until you get used to the energy.

If you want a guideline, you can use 5 drops of Focus in half a glass of flat mineral water, about 15 minutes before you start your session. Please feel free to deviate from this, though, as everyone will experience the energy differently.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: orange calcite, blue calcite, mookaite, sodalite, blue fluorite, clear quartz, green aventurine, carnelian, green fluorite, amethyst, red jasper, tiger’s eye, hematite, red tiger’s eye, champagne calcite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, blue chalcedony, unakite, moonstone, sunstone, amazonite, tourmaline quartz, opalite, hemimorphite, selenite, sugilite, serpentine, kyanite, serafinite, amber, astrofyllite, variscite, purpurite and infinite stone

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c47. Isis

c47. Isis

Isis helps you establish a bridge to a past life when a problem that has originated in that past life has carried over to this life. It’s an essence you always combine with other essences, as the only thing it does is make a connection to past lives so you can use essences to tackle a problem that has arisen there.

The story behind Isis lies in a Touch for Health session. TFH can be used to access the past to solve energy blocks at the level where they originated, and after ending up in past lives a couple of times, I was wondering if it was possible to do something like that with essences. Isis is the answer to that question.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: clear quartz, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, opalite, hemimorphite, selenite, green apatite, kyanite, pyrite, amber, astrofyllite en infinite stone

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c48. Saviour

c48. Saviour

Saviour temporarily takes you out of patterns you are stuck in. With a little more distance, and a better overview of the situation, it becomes possible to recognise and acknowledge the pattern. After that you can start letting go of it and replacing it with patterns that are a better fit for you.

Aside from grounding you, Saviour helps you clear your thoughts so you can take a good look at what is actually there, instead of the picture being distorted into either what you want it to be or what the energy blocks you have make it into. You could see it as a temporary floating device that lifts you out of the pattern to enable you to see what is going on.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: green calcite, amethyst, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, champagne calcite, sun stone, amazonite, opalite, hemimorphite, aquamarine, green apatite, kyanite, amber and purpurite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c49. Flavour

c49. Flavour

Flavour helps you be more open to new experiences and helps you find the willpower and the courage to try them out.

Instead of remaining stuck in ‘ignorance is bliss’-mode and refusing to try new things, you will find yourself carefully looking over the fence to see what else is out there, after which you may even start to dip a toe into the uncharted waters outside your comfort zone. This way you can start to discover what your talents are and what you enjoy doing.

Flavour is a light and positive energy that gently encourages you to do something other than you usually would.
Together with c48. Saviour, Flavour is a power duo. Saviour lifts you out of the pattern for a while and then Flavour helps you explore new possibilities and start discovering what your talents are.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: clear quartz, labradorite, red jasper, hematite, pietersite, agate, sunstone, green apatite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c50. Immunity

c50. Immunity

Immunity is a protective essence that helps you if you’re inclined to allow outside energy in too much. Think of it as setting boundaries on an energetic level. This essence will help you realise how and where you let that energy in so you can make a start of tackling the cause of it.

Immunity helps you stand stronger against incoming energy. It can also help you discover where energy is leaking away and where you are vulnerable against energy attacks (thoughts and energy consciously or unconsciously directed at you).

Just to be very clear on this and to avoid misunderstandings: this essence is primarily a temporary shield with a signal function so you can discover the cause and have a bit of peace and quiet while you work on finding a solution. It is not a miracle cure that closes you off completely to enable you to do nothing about the cause. It would be nice if it worked that way, but that would defeat the purpose of personal growth, now wouldn’t it?

When you are working with this essence, be sure to pay attention to any clues you might encounter. Maybe you read, hear or see something that ‘clicks’. That’s a sign to take a look at what is happening in that moment. What were you thinking of just before? What were you doing on that day or at that point in your life?

Immunity is also a good essence to support you if you are highly sensitive. It will give you some rest and strengthens your energy field/aura.

Sometimes you unconsciously let in energy, either because you have poor boundaries, or because you really want to help someone and take on their energy by accident. Or maybe you are someone that attracts people that use you as an energetic pit stop: they take on new energy and leave their trash behind. In all these cases setting boundaries is a good way of protecting yourself.

An important part of Immunity is the grounding effect. Being poorly grounded is one of the most common causes of leaking energy or taking on unwanted energy. The less grounded you are, the harder it is to set boundaries.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: blue fluorite, clear quartz, jasper, black tourmaline, amazonite, green apatite, pyrite, rhodochrosite, amber, lepidolite, purpurite en infinite stone.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c51. Compassion

c51. Compassion

As the name suggests, this essence will help you be compassionate towards yourself and towards others. Be less harsh on yourself! Nobody is perfect and you will never learn anything new if you stay where you are and never make any mistakes.

Compassion helps you to have a milder view of yourself and others, and to understand their faults and imperfections. The more love you can allow, the less inclined you are to condemn. These two are inversely proportional. Where love is, there is no condemnation.

Condemning/judging people is learned behaviour and it is a defense mechanism. When you condemn that which you don’t understand, don’t like or fear, you metaphorically stuff it in a drawer and slam it shut. Doing this and sticking a label on it will unconsciously have the effect of labelling it ‘case closed’ so you can stop thinking about it. It’s a way of protecting yourself unconsciously against the discomfort that thinking about that person or situation any further might bring.

It needs to be said that there is a healthy form of judging as well, which you use to assess people and situations to determine whether they are good for you or not. We’re just talking about the unhealthy part of judging here, and there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. In fact, please don’t. It will make your life easier if you can be alert and assess whether someone has your best interests at heart or is out to use you.

This essence can also free up a lot of energy, so please be sure to drink extra water to help release excess energy.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: pink quartz, malachite, jade, champagne calcite, amazonite, sugilite, kyanite, magnesite en lepidolite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c52. Fortress

c52. Fortress

Fortress is an extra strong protection for when you are dealing with energetic stalking. It will ground and protect you while you look for a solution. Sometimes you let it in yourself, i.e. because of being insufficiently grounded or being unable to maintain healthy boundaries.

This combination contains the same essences as Get Out, in a slightly different composition and with the addition of peridot. This enhances the cleansing and protective effect and helps you let go of energetic cords that no longer serve you. The energy that came in over those cords will be easier to keep out when they are gone.

Fortress detoxifies the mind and chases away heavy energy and entities. Examples of energetic stalking are persons or entities that energetically connect with you and that have an adverse influence on your emotional state. Say, someone wants something from you and you have to say ‘no ‘ because you really don ‘t have the time, and that person becomes absolutely furious about that, either openly or under the surface. Furthermore, suppose you don’t feel even remotely guilty about it, and it doesn’t bother you on any level so you can let it go easily (That’s the easiest and purest situation. In reality, it can be enormously complicated, so for the sake of argument we’re making a few assumptions here).

If you’re feeling that way and you still keep thinking about the person or the incident, there’s a big chance they’re still so preoccupied with you saying no that they unconsciously hook on to you and fill you up with the angry energy they are filled with over what happened. Symptoms can be: feeling fuzzy, gloomy thoughts, strange things going wrong, a strange feeling around the solar plexus (which is the point from which you interact with the world), urges to change your mind and give in to them, and thoughts that keep going back to the situation even though you’re really not bothered by it to the extent that you keep thinking about it.

Especially that last one is a big clue, if you feel justified in saying no, maybe regret it a little but accept it because you really had no time, and you didn’t do it to hurt them, then there’s no reason for the situation keep popping up in your thoughts.

Fortress is a temporary protection so you can look for the root cause. It could be you have a connection to that person that you need to look at, but it can also be a more general cause like poor grounding, low self-confidence/sense of self/self-worth or an inability to set healthy boundaries.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: carnelian, black tourmaline, opalite, selenite, sugilite, serpentine, kyanite, serafinite, amber, astrofyllite, variscite, purpurite, infinite stone and peridot.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c53. Fire

c53. Fire

The theme for this essence is Archangel Uriel. It’s one of the essences that has angel energy added to it.

Fire helps you to act on your ideas and plans. Take the reins of your life (back) into your own hands, acknowledge your own power, and discover your talents. Do something with them and go for it.

The fire of Uriel is a transformative energy that helps you release dependencies, helplessness and ego-projections. The energy brings light into the darkness and lights the way so you can start acting more from the heart.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: clear quartz, rutilated quartz, larimar, tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, moonstone, opalite, selenite, green apatite, pyrite, danburite and angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c54. Let it Be

c54. Let it Be

The theme for this essence is acceptance and letting go. Allowing things to run their course, going with the current instead of swimming against it. Let it Be also helps you allow and accept your feelings, so you will be able to let go of them after they have been completely processed. This will happen in a gentle manner, from a feeling of being safe and cherished.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: blue fluorite, green fluorite, larimar, champagne calcite, smoky quartz, unakite, agate, amazonite, opalite, aquamarine, green apatite, kyanite, amber, biotite-granite, galena/galenite and danburite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c55. Mercy

c55. Mercy

Mercy is the step that follows after c51. Compassion. It encourages a deep feeling of peace, love and acceptance. The main theme here is letting go of judgement, or rather condemnation, in love. Where there is love, there is no room for harsh judgement, you simply won’t be able to do so anymore.

Mercy connects you to a source of universal love while keeping you firmly grounded. By the way, not judging is nowhere near the same as just tolerating anything from anyone. There is a healthy form of judging as well, which you need to assess people and situations to determine whether they are good for you or not. This essence is about the unhealthy form of judging: sticking an often negative label on something or someone so you can consider it as dealt with and dismiss it.

This essence helps you have a more practical outlook on things. Seeing things as they are, and above all not sticking a label on them. Everyone has their own point of view and looks at things from their own perspective. When that perspective differs from yours, you can see that as something separate.

Besides, someone having a different opinion doesn’t automatically mean rejection of yours, and when that sinks in you’ll have less of a need to convince the other person of your opinion. This will help with another aspect of judging: feeling rejected because someone disagrees with you, or feeling like you automatically need to let go of your opinion and agree with them.

Lastly, Mercy helps you to be understanding of others, from love and without harsh judgement, but also without taking on their suffering. With respect for their boundaries as well as for your own, because this pertains to you as well, not just to the outside world.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: turquoise, green calcite, citrine, hematite, rhodonite, smoky quartz, amazonite, aquamarine, marcasite, howlite, variscite, amber and danburite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c56. Hidden

c56. Hidden

Hidden brings out aspects of yourself that you have hidden away. This can pertain to traits that were seen as undesirable and that you have tucked away, but also to talents you have minimised or even completely denied.

You’re allowed to be yourself, and you are starting to see that you are allowed to ignore the people that object to that. It may even be that you can start letting go of them if that’s desirable and possible.

The letting go can be both literally or metaphorically, because some people you will still need to deal with. They will, however, start to lose their hold on you little by little, allowing you to be yourself more and to be more and more resistant to attempts to influence you, bend you to their will or to keep you down.

Everything you need for this will be gently brought to the surface. Hidden will enable you to see the past more clearly and to let it go. Where, when and why have you swept your talents and abilities under the rug?

This is a transformative essence with a lot of light force, and even though the energy is gentle, it is also very powerful. The energy will assist you in dealing with the change, but it will need your full co-operation. Sometimes all that is needed is a small realisation, sometimes it’s a very big one. Other times you will need to learn a new skill. Be prepared to take the time to think about it, be sure to rest when you need it, and to be compassionate with yourself.

Rome wasn’t built in one day either, so why would you expect yourself to get everything right in one go and perform a miracle?

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: pink quartz, green aventurine, labradorite, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, red tiger’s eye, pietersite, agate, tourmaline quartz, aquamarine, lepidolite, variscite, heulandite and danburite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c57. Strike

c57. Strike

This is a heavy duty essence for when you are sensitive to electrosmog. It will not only tackle the sensitivity by protecting and strengthening your aura, it will also help you feel less harassed, a feeling that often accompanies oversensitivity to electric radiation.

Strike helps you to become more grounded, strengthens your aura and helps you start letting go of feeling the victim, victim behaviour or victim mentality. This will literally make you more resilient and less susceptible to outside influences, as your boundaries are reinforced.

Poor grounding is one of the root causes of being susceptible to electrosmog. If you aren’t properly connected to the earth, your energy flow is disrupted and it will be harder to get rid of energy you pick up, or to take on new energy.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: pink quartz, labradorite, chrysocolla, amazonite, aquamarine, celestine, magnesite, lepidolite, biotite-granite, heulandite, infinite stone and danburite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c58. Insert

c58. Insert

The theme for Insert is feeling at home, finding a place in a new environment or finding your way when circumstances are changing.
This is about staying true to yourself when everything changes around you, or when you feel like a fish out of water. Insert is one of the essences that contains a flower essence. Veronica is an energy that helps you put down roots just about anywhere.

Besides grounding, Insert helps you feel safer and encourages you to recognise old patterns, helping you to let go of them. This will help you feel more at ease with your new circumstances.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: green calcite, carnelian, green fluorite, larimar, chrysocolla, agate, amazonite, opalite, aquamarine, kyanite, astrofyllite, danburite and Veronica flower essence

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c59. Injection

c59. Injection

This is the step that comes after c18. Into the Light. Injection protects, soothes you emotionally and above all, it provides a large amount of white light. It also facilitates connecting with angel energy. You can feel yourself light up from the inside out, which in turn enables you to see the silver lining (again).

Almost imperceptibly, Injection also grounds you, and it gives you a bit of new energy to get back on track. Try and pay attention to your feet when holding a bottle of this essence. This energy also drains negative energy and detoxifies, and your feet is where you can most easily notice that.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: labradorite, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, falcon”s eye (blue tiger’s eye), smoky quartz, pietersite, opalite, hemimorphite, green apatite, pyrite, howlite, celestine, astrofyllite, variscite, heulandite, infinite stone and danburite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c60. Stand Tall

c60. Stand Tall

Stand Tall provides support if you are sensitive to attempts to influence and manipulate you. It will help maintain your boundaries and stick to your decisions when someone is trying to make you change your mind by using either overt or hidden pressure.

Sometimes this will happen energetically and you will feel like something is tugging at you, sometimes it will be in words, subtext, tone of voice, body language or subtle or unsubtle hints. Whatever it is, they’re attempting to pressure you into changing your mind.
In a worst-case scenario, they will bring out the big guns and try and guilt trip you as well. When you are working with this essence you will start to recognise, and to resist, these tactics more and more.

Do be gentle with yourself if you happen to fall for one of those tactics on occasion. Chalk it up as a learning experience that helps you catch it even sooner next time. Also, try to be gentle with the person trying to change your mind as well, if possible. Setting and maintaining boundaries is not the same as undiscerningly cutting down anyone that tries to convince you to change your mind.

This combination essence was created using the following single essences: howlite, tiger’s eye, green apatite, hemimorphite, rutilated quartz, kyanite, celestine, magnesite, variscite, heulandite, danburite, falcon’s eye (blue tiger’s eye), smoky quartz, agate en eldarite.

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