This page lists a number of experiences sent in or told by people using the essences. No names will be mentioned and personal details are left out as much as possible.

Final Push

One of the most impressive stories comes from a lady who was in therapy and needed to talk about a very very difficult time in her life. She selected Break the Circle for herself because she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She got to a certain point and then she’d literally and/or metaphorically walk away. Her emotions got in the way and that’s where the essence came in.

To cut a long story short, a few days later she managed to get it all out in one session, and after that, she could finally make progress in a few areas in her life where she’d been stuck. This is one of those stories where it seems like an essence is the miracle cure, but all it basically did was help her find the courage and the emotional neutrality to take the next step when she was already at the point where she was ready for it, but needed just a little bit of help to actually do it.


When you move to a new house, it can be a good idea to use Clearing Mist to cleanse the place energetically.

My aunt had just moved and when I visited her for the first time, I complimented her on how nice the energy felt. Turns out she’d just sprayed Clearing Mist throughout the whole flat….


Something that several people have experienced is that no matter which essences you choose to buy to work with, you will invariably run into people that just happen to need one of the essences you have, or that situations arise where you need to use exactly the essences you chose. Funny, that.

This also happens when it’s time to release an essence. I’ll keep running into people and situations where it’s needed. That’s my cue to send it out into the world. And if I take too long with it, the little signs turn into a bit of a kick in the behind.

Sometimes there’s a little detour, like with c57. Strike. I made that for someone that was extremely sensitive to electrosmog for her to try if she wanted to. She never reacted back, so I shelved it.

After a while, I got a question through my friend from one of her colleagues. She had to temporarily work in an office with a lot of equipment and it was driving her crazy. So that’s who the essence was actually for, the other person was just the cue to create it.


By this time we’ve done several experiments with c14. Call Me and DECT phones. Those experiments consisted of dowsing with a pendulum how much radiation the phone was giving off without doing anything, and then sticking a vial of Call Me on the base unit and dowsing again.

The experiments were done both by myself and several others, as I wanted a second opinion. After applying the vial, the pendulum hung motionless where before it was spinning so hard you had to keep a good hold on it to prevent it from flying out of your hands.

The funny thing is that I didn’t expect a vial to be enough, I thought I’d have to stick at least a 10 ml bottle to the base station. When you get those unexpected result that usually means that you’re neutral enough for it to be accurate.

Dowsing is never 100% accurate, as you can influence the result with your expectations, so an unexpected result is mostly a good thing here. It means you’ve succeeded in getting yourself out of the way enough to get a reliable answer.

Flow Remedies dowsing chart

Unexpected effect of Shield

Once, I got a question which essence might help by sensitivity for airconditioning/electrosmog when travelling in cars. The lady that asked the question always felt ill if she had to travel in a car with air conditioning. She said it felt like her whole energy went haywire.

She had tested for herself and ended up with 12. Shield and she asked me to confirm. My mind went more to Call Me, because that one was made specifically for dealing with electrosmog, but we tested again together and we did end up with Shield, even though I wasn’t sure it would work.

She decided to try it anyway, and it worked. She travelled to the south of France and back without a problem.

Unexpectedly clean

Someone who had trouble with the negative energy in the house where she worked, wanted to see if it would help her feel more at ease there if she used Clearing Mist. She used a couple of drops of the 10 ml combination in the water she used for cleaning.

Well, it worked. In spades. Not only did she feel more at ease, but the inhabitant of the house became less grumpy, kept the house cleaner and started tidying up after himself which he never did before.

Cleansing and charging crystals

Clearing Mist has turned out to be a good way of cleansing crystals, and it recharges them as well. You need to be careful with crystals that are sensitive to water, you can’t use it for every crystal, but using the spray saves time over other methods of cleansing and recharging crystals.

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