Single Essences 31-45

Flow Remedies crystal essence 31. Blue Eyes. Crystal essence of blue obsidian

31. Blue Eyes

Crystal essence of blue obsidian

Blue eyes helps you to look at yourself clearly. It points out imbalances, so you can address them, and it uncovers the truth about yourself. It also protects people who are sensitive and intuitive and throws up a kind of shield to keep negativity out. It helps energy to flow through your system.

Just like black obsidian, this is a very powerful crystal that you always need to choose consciously because it can be very confronting. That is something you will need to choose for yourself and that can never be forced on anyone. If you are testing for someone else and this essence comes up, it’s best to let them make an informed decision.

Blue Eyes has proven itself to be a good search-essence as well. A search-essence is an essence that you can take by itself and that helps you point out the areas to work on. If you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is you need to work on most, you can use this essence for a while to gain insight into your behavioural and thought patterns.

It helps you look at yourself objectively, so you can recognise things that you may be aware of subconsciously but that you think aren’t too bad. This essence is a real eye-opener that can be confronting when you don’t expect it, but very helpful when you use it to gain more knowledge about yourself.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 32. Transformation. Crystal essence of black tourmaline

32. Transformation

Crystal essence of black tourmaline

This essence transforms negative energy into positive energy. It’s also grounding, helps you have a good sense of reality and protects against negative energy.

By enhancing your sense of reality, it helps you see your fears and anxieties in a different perspective. This may help you to keep a level head and to get better at managing them.

Transformation plants you firmly on your feet and encourages you. If you have a tendency to be a bit chaotic, this essence can help you clear your mind. It also helps you to let go easier if you have a habit of desperately clinging to certain things (either possessions, opinions or habits).

Flow Remedies crystal essence 33. Smoke Clears. Crystal essence of smoky quartz

33. Smoke Clears

Crystal essence of smoky quartz

Smoky quartz connects the clarity of clear quartz to the earth and helps you to be more steadfast and decisive. It strengthens resolve and helps you clear the obstacles that keep you from implementing your plans.

Smoke Clears also alleviates negative emotions, both yours and others’, and transforms them into positive ones. Lastly, it encourages you to be yourself in a relaxed manner.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 34. Blue Wave. Crystal essence of chalcedony

34. Blue Wave

Crystal essence of chalcedony

This essence softly and lovingly helps you to reconnect with your emotions. It opens the heart and strengthens your connection with the good and with the positive qualities everyone has in them.

Blue Wave helps heal emotional wounds and comforts, like a warm embrace from a loving parent. The energy is calming and feels like coming home.

It also helps you be more flexible, especially in the case of anxieties that cause the knees to ‘lock’. It’s a bend not break kind of energy.

Chalcedony is a blue crystal and is connected to the throat chakra, which helps make talking and expressing your emotions easier.

It may happen that all the unprocessed sadness comes flowing out to make room for new energy. This can happen in several ways. You’d probably expect lots of crying, and while that is a possibility, these effects prevailed: some sobs here and there, a bit of a mini crying jag, runny eyes, lots of weeing (sadness and grief are themes for the bladder meridian) or situations that make you laugh so hard you cry. All help release that energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 35. Feet on the Ground. Crystal essence of unakite

35. Feet on the Ground

Crystal essence of unakite

This energy is both powerful and gentle. It grounds, activates, protects and transforms negative energy. In addition to that, it helps you to feel safe and cherished.

Another effect is that it helps you live in harmony with the people around you, which, incidentally, does not mean giving in to anything and everything, but asserting your boundaries in a good way.

Feet on the Ground enhances willpower and helps you to follow through on your plans. All will be well, you are being cared for.

Despite being gentle, this essence is not for you (yet) if your emotional balance is easily upset. The ‘actions speak louder than words’ character might be a bit too much for you at this point if that is the case.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 36. Full Moon. Crystal essence of moonstone

36. Full Moon

Crystal essence of moonstone

Full Moon helps you connect to your feminine/yin-energy. It protects, helps you to be open and confident, and encourages you to accept the contrasts both in yourself and in the world in general. You’ll be more able to accept them and reconcile them.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 37. True Storm. Crystal essence of pietersite

37. True Storm

Crystal essence of pietersite

This essence anchors you in your aura, helping you to feel more at home on earth and be more ‘present’. It opens the third eye and stimulates intuition, re-establishing the connection with your higher self/soul. This enables you to look at yourself objectively and opens your eyes to illusions, limitations, and beliefs that have been dictated by outside influences. It’s a bit like the Tower card in Tarot, helping you to release shackles and freeing yourself from your inner tower.

With this clearer vision, you’ll be more able to distinguish between truth and untruth. If there are persistent blocks in your system, this essence can work as a bit of a catalyst and help facilitate a breakthrough. The resulting cleansing makes room for further growth.

True Storm also cleanses energy lines in your body and balances the distribution of energy, as well the ratio between inwardly and outwardly directed energy. This helps you remain calmer in situations where there are a lot of outside impulses/impressions to be processed.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 38. Acceptance. Crystal essence of agate

38. Acceptance

Crystal essence of agate

The agate that yielded this essence has a milky brown-grey colour. Sparkling is the last word you’d use to describe it, and yet there’s something about it. What’s distinctive about this crystal is that one side is solid colour while the other side is covered in a beautiful array of concentric circles.

This essence is balancing, grounding, and helps you align your thoughts. It helps you see the path, and at the same time also helps you find the calm and decisiveness to get up and follow it, and to have the courage to grow. It stimulates self-analysis and self-acceptance. All this calm and balance also helps your concentration and helps you be more aware of your inner world.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 39. Shine. Crystal essence of sunstone

39. Shine

Crystal essence of sunstone

Sunstone is a warm orange crystal with glimmers in it. Just looking at you makes you feel all warm inside. This essence lights you up from the inside out, making the corners of your mouth curl upwards and cheering you up. It’s optimism-in-a-bottle and a very good companion to ease things like winter blues.

Shine warms you up, cheers you up, chases away feelings of depression and gives you hope. It cleanses the chakras, especially the third chakra, and helps you be yourself more and more, making this a good essence if you have trouble saying ‘no’. It helps you be more steadfast, improves your self-confidence and self-worth, and helps you lovingly break restricting connections. Shine can also be helpful in solving co-dependency. All of this is a result of its effect on the third chakra, which is the point where you connect with others.

Shine also enhances self-healing on an energetic level, vitality and your capacity to love yourself.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 40. Tender Heart. Crystal essence of amazonite

40. Tender Heart

Crystal essence of amazonite

Tender Heart balances mind and emotions. It also influences the fifth chakra, which helps you communicate better, making it easier to talk about your feelings without being defensive about them, or going on the offence.
This is a very gentle essence that unlocks your heart and helps dissolve blocks in the heart and throat area. It gently helps you let go and has a calming and relaxing effect. It also makes it easier to ease out of restricting relationships, even when it concerns people that have already passed away.

The calming effect of this essence is also important if you suffer from anxiety. Amazonite has a filtering effect that makes itself known in two ways: it’s a strong protector that filters energy and keeps away negative energy, and it helps you filter information, helping you to distinguish between the flood of information that comes at you during the course of a day, both noticeable and unnoticeable information. This calms the mind, leaving you energy for other things.

Because of this filter function, this essence may also be helpful with hyperactivity that is caused by chaotic thoughts.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 41. This is Me. Crystal essence of amazonite

41. This is Me

Crystal essence of eldarite / nebula stone / kambaba jasper

This essence works on both the heart chakra and the root chakra, creating emotional stability. It helps you to start realising your own worth and to have more confidence in yourself, as well as being more content with who you are as a person. It gives you more energy, a feeling of being safe, and helps release fears, anxieties and old thought patterns.

Spiritually, it helps you remember you are part of something larger, and it can help clarify dreams and make them easier to remember.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 42. Polarity. Crystal essence of tourmaline quartz

42. Polarity

Crystal essence of tourmaline quartz

The first clue when ‘reading’ this essence was ‘master of your own destiny’. This essence has a grounding and clarifying effect, and it grounds the powers of the mind. i.e.: it helps you be decisive and helps you take the steps to actually carry out your plans. Not just thinking about them, but acting on them as well.

The clear view this essence helps you get, helps you be more in touch with reality. It’s like a veil is being removed from your eyes and you are more able to see things the way they are.

This essence clears negativity, including your own, and sends it into the earth. This makes it a bit easier to let go and helps you be more balanced. This balance enables you to stay more true to yourself and let yourself be less (or not at all) carried away by other people’s emotions. It’s like you are lifted to the energy level where you belong and become less sensitive to outside influences.

Polarity also balances between opposites, helps you to reconcile the light and the dark. If you feel unbalanced, like when your thoughts keep running in circles and you can’t keep up with them, try and test if this essence can help you with that.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 43. Flow. Crystal essence of opalite

43. Flow

Crystal essence of opalite

The first time I picked up this crystal, I felt a huge pressure on my throat, so I just had to buy it and take it home.

The card said opaliet (the Dutch name on the card), but when I searched for it, I found that opaliet was an opaque crystal, whereas this one was milky with a rainbow-like sheen. The essence felt absolutely wonderful, but I needed to know what it was. I decided to leave it be for a bit and started on making the description.

A few weeks later, while looking up something else, I stumbled on a small angel pendant that looked exactly like my crystal. It turned out there’s a bit of a translation issue with the name. In English, it’s called opalite, which you might translate to opaliet in Dutch. The Dutch name, however, is opaalkwarts, which translates to opal quartz. And then opal quartz in English is a coated clear quartz, something else altogether. Still with me? Anyway, it was a synthetic opal-like crystal. That was a bit of a shock, because the first thing that comes to mind when you read synthetic is usually ‘fake’, and that clashed with the energy I could feel from the essence.

After doing some more research it turned out that while the crystal is man-made, it is still made with natural material, and that a completely fake crystal is ‘imitation’. Crisis averted, on to the description:

The very first word was ‘water’, flowing. This essence helps anxieties, unprocessed emotions and feelings flow through and flow away until they have found a place. Don’t worry, let the energy carry you, it will take you to great heights, and if you consciously work with it, the sky is the limit.

This essence could have a beneficial influence on your voice, because it’s much easier to speak when that lump in your throat has gone.

When you hold the bottle and close your eyes, it could be that you get to see a bright, warm white light. It reminded me of angels and that was confirmed later on by one of the testers. She saw an embrace with angel wings, and pretty big ones at that.

This essences grounds you firmly, after which it takes you up, activating the higher chakras. Sky High would have been a good name as well, your head in the clouds while your feet are firmly planted on the ground.
Another indication for this essence is that it could help facilitate contact with devas and nature creatures. That’s not my area of expertise, but I want to mention it for those that do know what to do with it.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 44. Faith. Crystal essence of hemimorphite.

44. Faith

Crystal essence of hemimorphite

This essence has an outspoken feminine/yin energy. It boosts your energy, gives you hope and faith, and has the power to help you get back on your feet when you’ve been knocked down. It lovingly heals your core, your inner child.

Faith helps transform negative energy, helps you be yourself more, and to express yourself with more confidence. It’ll help you to say what you think and feel without fear.

Old fears and emotions are slowly being eroded so you can let them go. Just holding the bottle made my head go wonderfully calm and quiet. You might feel a pressure in your throat, and feel the glow of energy going downward from there. It helps you clear up all those compartments with emotions that you have slammed shut and hidden the key from over the years.

Faith reconnects you to your higher self/soul, enabling you to hear the clues your intuition gives you more clearly. You could say it resets your connection with the universe and makes it a bit more interference-proof.
Hemimorphite has a powerful healing energy and can also be used to support energy healing treatments, like Reiki. The energy this essence brings to the table can be compared to that of using quartz points to enhance energy flow.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 45. Moonlight. Crystal essence of selenite.

45. Moonlight

Crystal essence of selenite

This essence cloaks you in a soft blanket of white light. It draws your aura closer to the body and protects you like you are in a warm, safe cocoon. This energy helps you connect to the angel realm, opens the sixth chakra and boosts the crown chakra. It streams further downward to the other chakras, lighting them up and alleviating blocks until your aura is firmly connected to the earth.

The warm and loving calm of this energy helps you worry less and let go more. It’s both very gentle and very powerful at the same time.

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