The Essences

What essences are and how they are created.

Single Essences

Description of all single essences. Single essences are created with the energy of one type of crystal.

Combination Essences

Combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of several single essences into a new energy that centers around a certain theme.

Chakra Series

A series of 10 essences / 10 sprays that center around the chakra system.

Archangel Series

A series of 10 essences / 10 sprays centered around Archangels. These essences are the ‘odd one out’ at the moment, as they are the only essences fully made using channeled energy.

Combination Essences for Animals

While you can use all Flow Remedies essences for animals, this 5 essence series centers around animal themes


The Flow Remedies spray are essence combinations centered around aura healing and space clearing. Several can be used for both, others are better suited as aura spray or space clearing spray.

Selecting Essences

Have a look at this page for tips on selecting essences to work with.

Using Essences

Tips on how to use the essences.

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