Flow Remedies

Dowsing charts

Dowsing charts are a useful tool for intuitive testing. The circles are ideal for dowsing with a pendulum, one set has a circle with the names in it, the other set has a numbered circle with the names randomly below it.

The list was made for someone who tests with a wand/dowsing rod, so I included that one as well, plus I also made some empty charts while I was at it :).

The latest addition is the pdf file with the essence description booklet. It’s 70 pages, so think before you hit the print button ;).

Feel free to use and share these charts, but they are not for resale.

Flow Remedies dowsing chart

Flow Remedies Circle Chart

Dowsing chart with all essence names in a circle.

Flow Remedies dowsing charts, numbered circle

Flow Remedies Numbered Circle Chart

Dowsing chart with numbers, with the essence names randomly assigned to the numbers in a list below the chart.

Flow Remedies dowsing chart - list with grid

Flow Remedies Chart /w Grid

A grid-style list with all essence names e.g. for use with a dowsing wand.

Dowsing chart, empty circle

Empty Circle Chart

Blank circle chart for creating your own dowsing chart.

Dowsing chart - numbered circle with list below, empty

Empty Numbered Circle Chart

Dowsing chart with numbers, with a blank list with numbers that you can assign possible answers to.

Booklet with all essence descriptions

Flow Remedies Booklet

A4 Booklet with essence descriptions