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This website collects limited personal data. It concerns the data you supply when reacting to a blog post (name, email address and the contents of your reaction), using the contact form (name, email address and the contents of your comment) or when you subscribe to our newsletter (name and email address). In addition to that, anonymous statistics are collected by our Matomo installation.

Matomo is an open source program that enables us to be 100% owner of the data that is collected, so it will never be given or sold to a third party. When IP-adresses are collected, the last two bytes are masked so your exact location cannot be determined. An IP-adress in our database would look like in the database. The IP data comes from a free database created by MaxMind, GeoLite2. This is less accurate than a commercial database, but enough for us to get a general sense of where our visitors come from.

If you have do-not-track-me enabled in your browser, the Matomo installation will respect that and no data at all will be stored.
The data you supply will only be used for the purpose you supply it for, e.g. logging your reaction, answering a question or comment that’s sent in from the contact form and sending you the newsletter. 

For the newsletter we use Mailchimp. You can find their privacy policy here. 
You also always have the right to have your data removed. Simply email us at and we’ll take care of it for you.

Cookies In Use on This Site
Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can.
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites
Our cookies help us:
Make our website work as you’d expect
Remember your settings during and between visits
Improve the speed/security of the site
Continuously improve our website for you (by collecting anonymous visitor statistics (not in use at the moment)
To collect anonymous statistics as to where our visitors come from, what pages they visit and how long they stay on the website (unless you have do-not-track-me set in your browser, then no statistics will be collected). 

We do not use cookies to:
Collect any personally identifiable information (without your express permission)
Collect any sensitive information (without your express permission)
Pass data to advertising networks
Pass personally identifiable data to third parties
Pay sales commissions

Granting us permission to use cookies
If the settings on your software that you are using to view this website (your browser) are adjusted to accept cookies we take this, and your continued use of our website, to mean that you are fine with this. Should you wish to remove or not use cookies from our site you can learn how to do this below, however doing so will likely mean that our site will not work as you would expect.

Website Function Cookies
We use cookies to make our website work including:
Determining if you are logged in or not
Remembering your search settings
Allowing you to add comments to our site
There is no way to prevent these cookies being set other than to not use our site.

Turning Cookies Off
You can usually switch cookies off by adjusting your browser settings to stop it from accepting cookies (Learn how here). Doing so, however, will likely limit the functionality of our’s and a large proportion of the world’s websites as cookies are a standard part of most modern websites
It may be that you concerns around cookies relate to so-called “spyware”. Rather than switching off cookies in your browser you may find that anti-spyware software achieves the same objective by automatically deleting cookies considered to be invasive. Learn more about
managing cookies with antispyware software.

The cookie information text on this site was derived from content provided by Attacat Internet Marketing, a marketing agency based in Edinburgh. If you need similar information for your own website you can use their free cookie audit tool.

Privacy and personal data
The only personal data we might collect are your name (either real or an alias) and e-mail address should you leave a comment on a blog post on this website. That information will never be used for anything else than your comment. Should you, at any point, wish to have a comment removed, you can simply let us know and we’ll remove it for you.

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