Combination Essences 31-45

Flow Remedies combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of multiple single essences. Combination essences may also contain channeled energy, like angel energy, colours, symbols or ascended master energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c31. Rebuild

c31. Rebuild

This essence will work to protect your aura if it has been damaged by outside or inside influences. Inside influences can be negative thought patterns (stress, victim mindset, trauma, catastrophic thinking, an active inner critic, being torn between what you want and what you think you should want, etc.), being poorly grounded or energy blocks.

Outside influences can be disruptive energetic influences like negative energy from people or places, earth rays, and radiation from appliances, phone masts and the like.

The stronger and healthier your aura is, the more resilient you are and the less those disruptive influences bother you. They’ll just roll off of you instead.

Rebuild protects and grounds your aura. It enhances the energy flow and fills in gaps when and where needed. If necessary, you will be shown what inside influences you can tackle to support this process, so it will help if you pay attention to your thoughts and to things that seem to jump out at you or that you keep encountering.

You could combine this essence with Refuel to reinforce it, and/or Gentle Mist to support it.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: hemimorphite, selenite, sugilite, labradorite, green apatite, magnesite, apofyllite, howlite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c32. Catalyst

c32. Catalyst

Catalyst is an essence you can add to other essences when dealing with persistent blocks. One or two drops added to the dosage bottle you are using is usually enough.

This essence can act as a bit of a sledgehammer, helping you to put your finger on the sore spot by helping you gain insight into the cause of the block you are trying to break through. It also helps you solve the block by making your inner voice more noticeable and by somehow helping you to encounter the right people and methods.

Catalyst contains black obsidian and needs to be handled with a certain amount of caution because it is a powerful essence that may bring a lot to the surface.

Ideally, you would work with this essence together with someone. There’s nothing wrong with gaining a few insights, but releasing a torrent of them would probably be too much. You will also need time to process, step by step is the motto here, and it will be very helpful to have someone there that has knowledge of energy and is able to coach you. This can be a therapist or coach, but even someone that understands where you are coming from and that can act as a sounding board will be helpful. The idea is that you have someone you feel safe with, who accepts you and doesn’t judge you.

Voicing your thoughts out loud in a safe environment will help you to see things from a different perspective and that often helps you gain insights.
You can also use Catalyst for tackling stubborn blocks when doing energy healing. One drop on your hands is usually enough to boost the energy.
If Catalyst releases too much energy, use about 8 drops of c43. Swept in a glass of flat mineral water and slowly drink that. It will help clear up the energy that’s been released.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: obsidian, orange calcite, green fluorite, turquoise, labradorite, green calcite, rutilated quartz, pietersite, amazonite, selenite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c33. Moonflow

c33. Moonflow

The theme for this essence is ‘feminine balance’. Moonflow energetically and mentally cleanses, detoxifies and, above all, balances.

Added to that it boosts your self-confidence. Moonflow will help you keep a level head and express yourself in a relaxed manner, especially to those that are closest to you.

Moonflow is the result of a request for an essence that would help with PMS, but it turned out to have a wider range than that. It can also be used as a support during menopause to help your emotional and energy balance.

As this essence can release a lot of energy, please remember to drink extra water to help release any excess energy.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: chrysocolla, purpurite, lepidolite, carnelian, amethyst, ametrine, jade, malachite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c34. You're Worth It

c34. You’re Worth It

It won’t surprise you that this essence helps with feelings of having low self-worth. Or, with a subtle difference, the feeling that others are worth more than you and therefore have more right to something than you have.

You are worth it, though. Full stop. You are worth just as much as everyone else, and this essence will help you to start seeing that.

It will help you to look differently at people you have placed on a pedestal and it will help you realise that they’re only human, just like you, and that they have a good side but have their faults and annoying habits as well.

Another aspect of this is erasing yourself in favour of someone else, putting your own desires over everyone else’s. That’s fine when it’s temporary and a conscious decision, but not if it’s become a default setting. That would mean you are living your life for everyone but yourself and that would affect your own growth processes. Slowly, you are going to balance this a little more. It may take a while, it’s usually very subtle, but that means it won’t be too overwhelming either.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: eldarite, agate, sugilite, black tourmaline, heulandite, tourmaline quartz, orange calcite, carnelian, opalite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c35. Surrender

c35. Surrender

Every once in a while, the energy of an essence makes itself known by dropping in as a complete concept, which is always amazing to experience. When concentrating on testing essences for someone, this message dropped in out of nowhere:

Surrender yourself to the flow of life, trust that you will be carried and that you will end up exactly where you need to be.
After some checking and double checking it was clear this was an essence that needed, or wanted, to be created and all that was left after that, was finding the essences that were needed to create it.

Surrender boosts your confidence, helps you feel safe and grounded and above all, it clears and calms the mind.

The funny thing is that this essence makes you feel light despite its grounding effect, as if something is gone that you hadn’t even noticed was weighing on you.

Surrender helps you find the energy and the willpower to actually take steps forward, from a feeling of safety.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: rutilated quartz, variscite, apofyllite, biotite-granite, aquamarine

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c36. Reclaim

c36. Reclaim

Reclaim helps you to take back the reigns if the power over yourself has ended up outside of you. This might be something from childhood that you’ve never learnt, or something more recent. Something that’s pervasive and turns up all over your life, or something that’s limited to a certain situation.

This essence will help you become more aware of what it is that you want, instead of automatically doing what is expected from you, or what you think is expected from you.

It will become a little easier to express your wishes and thoughts, with kindness when possible, and a bit more forceful, but still loving, if the situation warrants it.

You will have more overview and are more able to distinguish between incoming impulses. This helps you to be more aware, and helps you to make a more conscious decision how, or even whether, you are going to react to those impulses.

This is a good essence for when you are empathic/highly sensitive and find you let yourself be ‘directed’ by the energy/unspoken wishes of people wanting something from you.

Reclaim also helps you take back responsibility for your own life and to let go of feelings of being victimised. If you notice yourself being stuck in a victim mindset and you want to tackle that, then c38. Choices is the step before Reclaim, as you first need to realise you have a choice before you take back the reigns.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: heulandite, kunzite, sunstone, amazonite, blue calcite, blue fluorite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c37. Detox

c37. Detox

It won’t surprise you when you hear that this essence cleanses and detoxifies. Negativity is drained away and/or transformed into positive energy, and you will be firmly grounded so you can get rid of excess energy. Mental cleansing usually means a bit more clarity and space in your mind.

This essence was made to cleanse mentally and emotionally, but if you are sensitive, you may feel energy being released in your body.
It’s very important to drink enough water when working with this essence, to help release the energy that is released. You can combine this essence with c43. Swept to support this process.

Depending on how sensitive you are and how much energy is being released, you can play with the dose a bit. A drop of this essence in a dosage bottle will work slower than taking two drops in a glass of water every day. If it feels like things are going too fast, you can adjust the dose or take a dose every other day or even every two days.

Also beware that you may experience attacks of decluttering urges, because it has been proven that that’s a side effect of cleansing at a mental and emotional level.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: amber, amethyst, amazonite, tourmaline quartz, hemimorphite, blue fluorite, magnesite, lepidolite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c38. Choices

c38. Choices

Choices helps you realise that there are always options, even when you think there are none at all, and it will help you to make those choices as well. Even if it means doing nothing or accepting a situation for the time being.

This essence is the one you can start with if you feel stuck in a victim mentality and you want to change that. For starters: don’t blame yourself though, for you are in good company. Everyone experiences this emotion to varying degrees.

Choices helps you see that you are making yourself dependent on something or someone outside of yourself when you are stuck in a victim mentality, and it will help you to see that you always have a choice. That not doing something is a choice as well.

Even when you feel compelled to do something, you can weigh your options and then choose to do it anyway because the consequences of not doing it will be too detrimental to you. It sounds a bit contradictory, but it can be empowering to be able to say to yourself that yes, something is wrong and you did not consent to be in that situation, but you are going to do what you need to do in order to get through it anyway. The difference between feeling like you have no choice and deciding to do whatever is needed is that your sense of self doesn’t take any more damage than it already has.

Choices helps you get an overview, align your thoughts and the options you have, and to weigh the consequences of those options.
You could refuse to go to that mandatory meeting at work, of course, but if that has negative consequences for your career options, you may find yourself choosing to go anyway. And if it’s your own choice, you will feel less victimised. You could choose not to go, but if on the whole you like your job and it would hurt your chances of advancing if you don’t go, it suddenly becomes a bit less of a chore to go to the meeting and you will feel differently about it.

When working with this essence, you can support the energy by substituting ‘I have to’ by things like ‘I’m going to’, ‘I want to’ or ‘I choose to’.
Just the phrase ‘have to’ usually evokes so much resistance that you automatically get the feeling of not having any say in the matter at all, even when it’s not meant as such.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: opalite, amazonite, green aventurine, larimar, green apatite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c39. Release

c39. Release

This essence helps you to release energy that has built up in your body. Release grounds and helps to releases energy. Grounding is a prerequisite for releasing energy, as being poorly grounded prevents you from doing that. Being poorly grounded is like having a blocked drain that prevents the energy that needs to be released from flowing out.

Another effect of this essence is that it helps you rest more, something you’re probably avoiding because everything comes rushing at you the moment you sit down. That caused you to decide to keep going, so you could save yourself from feeling all of that.

This is a gentle process, it gives you time to get used to the new situation, which will probably also mean it may take a while before you notice the effects of this energy. Slowly you will start to relax a little, allowing yourself to do nothing every once in a while as well.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: biotite-granite, sugilite, marcasite, blue fluorite, kunzite, citrine, ametrine, malachite, pietersite, jade

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c40. Hope

c40. Hope

Hope helps you to release negative energy, and to recognise and change harmful thought patterns. You will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel instead of feeling like you are stuck and you have nowhere to go. This will enable you to start seeing the positive things in life again.

Slowly, you will start seeing the silver lining again. It was there all the time, you just temporarily lost sight of it because you couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

Hope clears the mind and helps you get a clearer perspective. It will enable you to organise your thoughts and begin to feel like you are in charge of your life instead of feeling like a victim of your surroundings or the circumstances.

The positive and light energy of this essence will enable you to better handle whatever life throws at you and will help you put more emphasis on what is going right in your life than on what is going wrong.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: blue chalcedony, eldarite, amethyst, green aventurine, sun stone, clear quartz, sodalite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c41. True Light

c41. True Light

This essence contains a huge amount of light. The energy shoots through your whole system and lights up every corner of it. It also restores the network of light that surrounds you and connects you with both the earth and the universe. In other words, it gives you a lovely light feeling without causing you to float off into space.

True light restores your strength and resilience to take the next step on your journey, or to turn around and go back if you find you have ended up on a wrong track. This essence brings light to all areas of your life, helps you to recognise energy blocks and supports you in clearing them.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: orange calcite, blue calcite, mookaite, blue fluorite, green aventurine, red jasper, hematite, champagne calcite, black tourmaline, blue chalcedony, moonstone, sunstone, amazonite, tourmaline quartz, hemimorphite, unakite, selenite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c42. Indigo

c42. Indigo

Indigo was made especially for new age kids from zero to a hundred years old. This energy will help them get used to life on earth and to adjust to its energy.

This essence grounds you and you may feel a lot happening around your solar plexus, or third chakra, as Indigo supplies you with a kind of light shield to help you stay true to yourself. It also balances you on all levels and helps you accept the world and all its contrasts, helping you feel more safe and cherished.

The grounding effect will help give you a little push to DO things, which usually is a difficult step to take. Creating things inside your mind won’t be the problem here, but taking the step to do something about it can be a quite hard from time to time.

Indigo helps you accept that you are on earth and that things here take a little more time to accomplish, which in turn helps you be more patient and able to wait and see. It also protects you from too much outside impulses.

This essence also aligns the chakras, which is a part of helping you to feel more grounded and protective. It enables the energy in your system to find its way, helps you release energy you no longer need and helps you take in new, clean energy. All of this will help you to dissociate less and feel more like you are partaking in life instead of standing on the sidelines.

Indigo also enables you to deal with information you perceive, to accept yourself and to learn to trust your intuition.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: opalite, galenite, sodalite, green apatite, unakite, tiger’s eye, rutilated quartz, selenite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c43. Swept

c43. Swept

Swept helps you when you have trouble releasing energy you pick up from others or energy that was released during a treatment. It will help you release it and at the same time helps you learn to do it yourself. It has a grounding effect and the image that came with that is setting up a tent and then making sure the roof is properly stretched. This way anything that doesn’t belong on it simply slides off.

It can help against energetic stalking as well. That sounds weird, but see it as a constant stream of compelling and often negative thoughts and energy that is fired at you, causing you to feel miserable. You might feel tired or even gloomy, develop a headache or suddenly feel inexplicable little pains, and in extreme cases you may even feel nauseous.

When you are properly balanced, that energy won’t be much of a bother, but oftentimes it targets a weak point or energy block, or it catches you in a weak moment, and then it will get in.

Swept will help you to put that energy outside, nicely and gently. Without feeling vindictive, which is very important because intention is very important. Doing something with a negative intention might bounce back to you.

If you’re familiar with The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, you will immediately understand me when I say that this essence is calm assertive energy. Calmly and resolutely sending that energy away, without rancour and without any form of anger or vindictiveness whatsoever. Just ‘off you go, keep it yourself, this is not mine’.

The other side of Swept is that it can support energy healing, as it clears and helps release energy that has been freed up. It will sweep through your system to help release ‘debris’, and despite being described by one of the testers as ‘ Katrina in a bottle’, it’s a gentle and light energy.
Swept helps you integrate the energy from the treatment as well, helping you to get used to it faster, easing some of the discomfort from the after-effects treatments can sometimes have. Or try using two drops in a glass of water or a cup of tea and slowly drink that prior to a treatment, if you like.
Swept can be useful after any and all treatments that release energy and it’s a good companion for essences that free up a lot of energy, like c37. Detox and c32. Catalyst

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: smoky quartz, blue chalcedony, jade, tourmaline quartz, larimar, amazonite, carnelian, black tourmaline, pink quartz, green aventurine

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c44. Abundance

c44. Abundance

To experience abundance in your life, you need to find it inside yourself first. This essence will support you in that process.

How do you even find abundance in yourself? Feeling safe, for instance, is an important aspect. This will diminish fear of not having enough. Another one is enjoying life. Wanting what you have instead of trying to get what you want, appreciating the little things in life.

Then there’s feeling positive, neutralising negative thoughts (inner critic) and beliefs by substituting them with positive ones. If you have trouble with affirmations because something in you screams that what you are trying to affirm is not true, try and start with ‘I am learning to’, this will get around that, because it suggests a process instead of stating a fact.

Then there’s your connection to the earth and the universe. Feel you are part of a bigger picture and know that there is an infinite amount of abundance out there. Yes, for you too, because it is there for everyone.

Lastly, there’s the matter of trust and acceptance. For yourself, and for the world in general. The understanding that everything has a reason, that contrasts are there to help you learn and to help you determine what it is you DO want.

Step by step, this essence will help you direct your attention to what is good and to the things you appreciate, both in the world and in yourself. It is different from pretending there is no negativity, it is choosing to focus on the positives despite the negatives. This will help you send out a different energy, to which the universe will start to react by showing you different experiences. Experiences that fit the new energy you emit.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: tiger’s eye, hemimorphite, larimar, green apatite, aquamarine, purpurite, amber, opalite, carnelian, pietersite, variscite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c45. Rise Up!

c45. Rise Up!

Rise Up! plants both of your feet firmly on the ground. It will help you stand up for yourself from a place of love and to help you allow yourself to be who you are. As large as you are, without keeping yourself down or letting others keep you down.

This is another one with calm assertive energy. Standing up without tearing the other person down. Standing your ground without purposely hurting anyone and without feeling unnecessarily guilty about it. Being yourself without letting others influence you, no matter what they try to get you to do as they want. Unless, of course, you decide to do it. But then it is your decision and not the influence of someone that wants something from you and is willing to go to any lengths to make you give in. Guilt tripping or threats cease to automatically cause you to give in.

Another clue we got while testing this essence is that it elevates your energy level and adjusts your vibration to the new, heightened vibration of the earth.

This essence combination was created using the following single essences: rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, hematite, champagne calcite, blue obsidian, pietersite, agate, amazonite, opalite, green apatite, kyanite, pyrite, amber, infinite stone

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