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Flow Remedies crystal essence 76. Pure. Crystal essence of bornite

76. Pure

Crystal essence of bornite

Pure has a joyful and positive energy. It is both detoxifying and cleansing and transforms negative thought patterns and beliefs. It also promotes equality and justice.

This essence also strengthens intuition and inner knowing and helps you visualise. You will be helped to gain insight in traumatic occurrences and to safely look at them, after which you can let them go and move on. This makes it a useful companion for Rebirthing sessions.

Pure mainly works on the fifth and sixth chakras, it will help you express and explain creative ideas. Added to that, it connects and balances the chakras.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 77. Inspire. Crystal essence of green tourmaline / verdicolite

77. Inspire

Crystal essence of green tourmaline / verdelite

Inspire is yet another essence for the heart chakra. It cleanses and it transforms negative or heavy energy while balancing the chakras at the same time. This essence reduces fear and enhances feelings of compassion.

It’s a protective essence that helps you gain insight into yourself and in others, and that helps reduce a victim mentality or a feeling of being trapped.

Inspire also balances male – giving – and female – receiving – energy. The energy enhances peace of mind and helps you to allow yourself to rest so you won’t burn up all your energy or get overwhelmed and anxious.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 78. Tranquility. Crystal essence of blue tourmaline / indicolite

78. Tranquility

Crystal essence of blue tourmaline / indicolite

Tranquility has the calm and peaceful energy of the sea surface when there is no wind. It invites you to dive below the surface and to look deep inside yourself to gain understanding. This will help you be more understanding of yourself and of others.

This essence will carefully bring deeply hidden sadness and blocked emotions to the surface to be seen and processed. The peace and calm of this essence will help you to surrender yourself to that process and to let it happen.

The effect Tranquility has on the fifth and sixth chakra helps you maintain open and honest communication and gives you the courage to speak from the heart. Another aspect is that this essence will strengthen your sense of responsibility and will help you to release a victim mentality. This, in turn, helps you to release restrictive emotional connections and live more in harmony with the world around you.

Tranquility balances male and female energy as well. Added to that, it balances both halves of the brain and helps them to work together more efficiently. This is also something that has a role in helping you to voice your thoughts and feelings better.

Spiritually, Tranquility helps you to work with a pure intention. It will stimulate your intuition, can sharpen your perception, and will help you to voice your observations clearly.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 79. Promise. Crystal essence of sulphur quartz

79. Promise

Crystal essence of sulphur quartz

Promise has a strong cleansing and detoxifying effect on all levels, helping you break through old habits. Even though this is a gentle process and you will be supported, no transformation is without discomfort.

Having said that, this is an essence that is good to use if you are stuck in any area of your life. It works on the solar plexus and restores balance there, enhancing self-respect and inner power. This helps you determine what your thoughts are and helps you (re)claim power over yourself. Girl Power (m/f) in a bottle, as it were.

It will help you determine your own identity: determine your own convictions, thoughts and behaviours and establish your own authority, separate of how the people around you feel about it. Promise helps you express your ideas and stick with them if that is what you want.

The effect on the third chakra/solar plexus also means this essence can help reduce feelings of anger, irritation and embitterment, i.e. for when you are prone to feeling irritated by little things. Another effect is the enhancement of your inner strength, which will improve your ability to deal with the inevitable resistance change can invoke in those around you.

Remember that a lot of this resistance will come from the fact that people have a habit to feel discomfort when things change, and they may try to get rid of that feeling by trying to undo the change, to denounce it, or to act like it is just a phase. It usually is not personal, it ‘s just the totally human inclination to resist change and to avoid every bit of discomfort as much as possible.

A little word of warning here: if you have trouble setting boundaries and saying no, you may have attracted people with a toxic personality that will forcefully retaliate to you setting boundaries with them. If that is the case, you need to be very very careful if they are in a position where they hold power over you.

It’s also possible to set a boundary internally, meaning you say to yourself you don ‘t agree or consent to what is happening but you don’t voice it out loud. Setting the boundary internally will be good enough for that moment. Safety first and foremost. You can figure out the rest later. The rest meaning thoroughly educating yourself on what you’re dealing with and how to develop the skills to handle it.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 80. Cleanse. Crystal essence of prehnite

80. Cleanse

Crystal essence of prehnite

Cleanse initiates a thorough cleansing process and detoxifies, mainly in the heart chakra and solar plexus. It connects the heart to the will and helps you live from the heart. This essence reduces fears and helps you have faith if you have a fear of scarcity. Where there is love, there is no fear.

The way cleanse reduces fears is to help you face them, deal with them and solve them, so you are less inclined to run from them and to hide in distraction and procrastination (this may get worse at the start, or it will seem to be worse because you are starting to notice it, so be prepared for that possibility). Also be prepared for the sudden urge to declutter, which is a side effect of the cleansing effect of this essence.

Added to that, Cleanse is soothing and it exposes the cause of discomforts. It can also be used as a search-essence, boosting inner knowing so you will start to see where the sore spots are, and it will do so in a soft and loving way. Some of these insights can be a bit painful, but in general, this essence will show them to you bit by bit so it slowly sinks in, instead of hitting you over the head with them. It also helps you to be able to handle more in terms of impressions/information. You can process those faster, which may be of some help with hyperactivity or if you are easily overwhelmed/overstimulated.

Cleanse also protects the aura, and you can even use it to protect your house by putting a few drops on thresholds or window sills. Be sure to use the essence diluted for this purpose, by putting a few drops in hot water so the alcohol evaporates and then using the water. This is the be-on-the-safe-side approach for protecting the material of said thresholds and window sills.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 81. Re-align. Crystal essence of atlantisite

81. Re-align

Crystal essence of atlantisite

Re-align restructures old patterns so you can find your goal and, if needed, adjust your course if you find you’ve been side-tracked. The energy also aligns all chakra’s and connects your heart chakra, higher heart chakra and throat chakra. The themes of this are thinking before you speak, being true to your word, and speaking from love, compassion and care for yourself and others.

Another aspect of this energy is connecting to the earth, enabling you to take in more earth energy and to clear old energy by releasing it into the earth to be cleansed. This can result in feeling more life-force and more clarity. Re-align also encourages you to connect (re-align 😉 ) with your physical body.

As the name hints at, atlantisite has a connection to Atlantis (and Lemuria as well) and can support you when working with past lives.

Re-align can also work as a search-essence to find imbalance, especially in the area of patterns of self-abandonment.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 82. Re-form. Crystal essence of shungite

82. Re-form

Crystal essence of shungite

This is an energy of strength, adaptability and of removal of all that no longer fits and is no longer for your highest good.

Re-form provides a strong earth-connection, life force and sense of reality. It’s an encouragement to look at things and see them for what they are, with a clear and sharp vision. This can enable you to ‘keep the best and leave the rest’ and use that in your life from now on out. An improved connection to the earth also strengthens your energetic immune system, a.k.a. being more resilient with regards to outside energies.

This is an intensive cleanse on the emotional and mental level that may not always be gentle, depending on how far you have gotten removed from your planned path in life. This energy compares to obsidian (both are formed in fire), with more of an emphasis on action and cleansing.

Re-form also helps harmonise different energies and unifies and balances opposites.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 83. Determination. Crystal essence of tiger iron

83. Determination

Crystal essence of tiger iron

Tiger iron unites tiger’s eye, red jasper and hematite, and this yields a sturdy and decisive energy. Keywords here are determination, strength, clarity and creativity. Having a clear mind makes it easier to find solutions. Added to that, this essence also has elements of protection and (self-).

Determination has your back when taking on challenges, because having two feet firmly planted on the earth usually makes it easier to find the strength to persevere and follow through even in those moments where feel like throwing in the towel.

In addition to helping you find that strength inside yourself, Determination encourages you to plan your path and actually start taking steps to walk it. This essence activates and balances the lower three chakras, which, among other things, stand for self-image, self-confidence, will power and sense of purpose.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 84. Re-create. Crystal essence of garnet

84. Re-create

Crystal essence of garnet

This is a passionate, energetic, strong and creative energy. It has grounding properties and cleanses and energises the chakras. Other keywords are love, dedication and emotional balance. Despite being a very grounding energy, this one also works on the heart level, helping you to be more open to the world around you. This also works the other way, enabling you to be more true to yourself, resulting in an improved ability to set boundaries with yourself and others.

Re-create can assist you in getting clarity about behavioural patterns that have lost their use, after which you can start to deal with them. The creative part of the energy encourages you to find creative solutions and can help you find a way out of situations.

This essence is a good one to use when you feel sluggish and/or are procrastinating. If by any chance you have a bit of a short fuse, it might be better to avoid this one, as garnet is reported to enhance that trait. You could say it adds a bit too much fire in that case, which also has a good side as this makes it a good essence for boosting other essences/energies.

Finally, you can also use Re-create when working with past-life recall.

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