Archangel Series

Flow Remedies Archangel series - boxed

The Flow Remedies Archangel series is a little different from the other Flow Remedies essences because they contain channeled energy only. The Archangel essences were created in meditation sessions by asking each Archangel to add their energy to a bottle of water/alchol mix to create the mother essences that are the basis for the essences and sprays.

Over the past few years, quite a few combinations had added angel energy in them, and this series is a case of one thing leading to another. I originally wanted to make mother essences to make it easier to add the angel energies to the combinations, but when I was planning this, I kept getting urged to make stock essences as well.

These essences represent the energies of the following Archangels: Michael, Zadkiel, Azrael, Rafael, Gabriel, Metatron, Raziel, Raguel, Jofiel and Uriel.

The Archangel essences can be used in the same way you would use other essences, with the added bonus that, when you work with them in the order they are in the box, they form a step-by-step journey through the energies, where you are gently guided through them. 

This series is also available in a 60 ml spray version, and just like with the chakra essences and sprays, you can use the Archangel essences to create the sprays if you want to use them in spray form occasionally.

(Note: the pictures are from the Dutch set)

Flow Remedies Archangel Essence Michael, Archangel Series


Colour: deep blue/purple
Protects and defends
Fights evil with the force of good
Truth and justice
Integrity, courage, power
Clear communication
Motivation to be more organised and to develop talents and skills that contribute to the hightest good
Routine, permanence, dependability, confidence
Laying a healthy foundation to florish
Element: fire (the kind of fire that illuminates)
Waking up with regards to spiritual truth
Working on fear and fobias

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Zadkiel


Colour: Violet / Violet flame
Self-transformation, spiritual growth, cosmich alchemy 
Crown chakra
Cosmic energy
Balance expressed as cosmic consciousness, insight and understanding 
Compassion, willingness
Comfort in case of emergencies / rescue essence
Calms emotions and restores balance
Removing emotional obstacles
Letting go of dependence
Inspires, is a companion during meditation, calms the mind
Transmutation of negative energy through the violet flame
Develops the crown chakra, encourages contact with the soul 
Protection at the spiritual level
Letting go of judgementalness and condemnation
Emotional healing, processing negative memories
Freedom, justice, tolerance, diplomacy
Freedom at the soul level 
7th Ray
Taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts, emotions and your life
Balancing karma
Accepting what is
Connection to source
Forgiving yourself and others
Learning from mistakes

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Azrael


Colour: off-white
Angel of death, but not in a scary way
Soft and loving energy
Helps souls cross over
Comforts relatives when someone passes away
Support for all kinds of transitions and endings
Preventing you from absorbing others’ grief and sadness
Support for working on blocks pertaining to spiritual growth
Comfort / Solace
Finding your way back to your true path if  you have been side-tracked and ended up getting stuck
Seeing the bigger picture
Becoming aware of connections that are more or less invisible / hidden
Discovering your life lessons and learning them
Support to work through life lessons and letting go of pain resulting from guilt, anger, regret and not forgiving,
Support for spiritual growth processes
Protection from negativity, help in connecting to lighter energies and support for helping others. This helps lighten the load of what people leave with you and protects your own energy. 

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Raphael


Colour: emerald green
Healing and harmony
Heart chakra
Balance expressed as unconditional love for ourselves and others
Transmuting ray for the 6th chakra (4D, helps making the transition to the 4th dimension)
 Healing for ourselves and encouragement to help others heal themselves
Protection during travels
Relaxing and soothing energy
Stimulates personal growth by bringing harmony
Balance between mental and physical energy
Lifts the feeling of being restricted and increases the feeling of having more space
Soothing emotions and breaking through confusion
Divine vision, intuition and insight through balance and energy
“when the water is calm, you can see what lies beneath the surface”

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Gabriel


Colour: orange and white
Transmuting ray for the base chakra.
Creativity and chasing fear
Second chakra
Element: water
Balancing vitality, creativity and originality
Energy balancing
Softer than red, it builds your energy step by step
Unblocks processes that have stalled and sets them into motion again
For grief, sadness and loss
Enhances creativity and optimism
Positive outlook on life
Soothes fears and fobias
Encourages you to have more fun and to do what spiritually uplifts you

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Metatron


Colour: white and magenta
Spiritual evolution, enlightenment
Activation, ascention of the light body
Soul star chakra
Activate information about the soul
Raises vibration/consciousness
Spiritual growth
Cleanses and balances emitions
Inner peace and serenity
Clearing of the past
Clearing emotional debris
Healing and balancing vibration on all levels
Support for all kinds of self-development
Keeper and protector of the Akasha Chronicles
Bridge between divinity and humanity
Christ consciousnes
Seeing yourself as you are
Raising your light force
Being more loving
Knowledge of self and self-realisation down to the core of your being
Deep Soul Diving
Encourages you to let go of spiritual superiority and develop humility, modesty and responsibility
Shows what lies hidden in you and helps you have the courage and honesty to accept and process it
Helps you to keep eyes on your physical needs while at the same time focusing on the spiritual

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Raziel


Colour: rainbow
Infinite knowledge, ancient wisdoms
Brings light (understanding) into the darknes (ignorance)
Going from knowledge to wisdom
Creativity and manifestation
Unlocking new psychic insights
Seeing underlying patterns
Metaphysical studies, secrets of the universe
Overcoming blocks
Integrating the shadow self
Healing old wounds, fears and trauma and claiming the wisdom they contain
Higher perspective, seeing both the truth and the distortion in the world
Integrating higher light
Connecting to the 5 elements
Removing obstacles that prevent you from following your divine path
Removing karmic contracts and distorted blueprints
Integrating natural talents from previous lives
Encouraging you te become who you are destined to be
Integrating lessons from previous lives
The law of cause and effect
Consciousness growth
Past time and space: present/past/future are all visible at the same time
Opens the crown chakra
Removes negativity from deep in the system
Purification on all levels
Transmutes energy
Inner communication
Self-awareness, self-insight and self-knowledge
Protection at the astral level
Removing negative thought patterns

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Raguel


Learning to better perceive the physical body
Head in the clouds, feet on the floor
Growth, self improvement
Respect for nature
Material abundance
Space for yourself and others
Stability of the ethereal body
Letting go of wanting to flee from the earth
‘Friend of God’
Physical cleansing
Balance and equilibrium
Conquering self-sabotage
Listening to your body
Breaking patterns
Being present
Reclaiming your power
Grounding, stop fleeing from the body
Support in dealing with addictions
Cooperation, harmony
Justice, order, truth
Conquering apathy with regard to standing up for yourself
=> Search essence: calls your atention to imbalance/interfering influences

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Jophiel


Colour: yellow
Third chakra
Fire element
Balance expressed as logical thought processes, self-confidence and realisation of goals
Transmuting ray for the crown chakra
‘Beauty of God’
Fresh outlook on life, fun, open-mindedness, humour
Connecting to your higher self through all dimensions, strengthens connection to your higher self, angels and guides
Reclaiming soul fragments that have been scattered by fear or disease (soul retrieval)
Wisdom, intuitive perception, joy, bliss and enlightenment of the soul
Creativity, inspiration
Improving self-image and self-respect
Support for learning/absorbing new information/exams
Clarity, assesment, good judgment
Mental alertness, improved learning capabilities, concentration, intellectual enhancement
More self control
General feeling of well-being
Better contact with people
Decreasing shyness and more courage

Flow Remedies Archangel Series - Uriel


Colour: ruby red
Service to Others (Spiritual devotion by being of service to others)
First chakra (3D physical level)
Earth element
Grounded, stable and reliable balance
Transmuting ray for the solar plexus (third chakra)
‘Fire/Light of God’
Angel of presence
Electricity, lightning, thunder, sudden action
Lighting the way for those that feel lost
Detoxes by chasing away inertia
Warming, enhances physical energy and halts weakening
Teaches you to better listen to your body
Activating, enhances joy of life
Assists when working on energy blocks that lie deep in the system (the accompanying picture was that they would be excavated/uncovered
Lends an impuls to slow processes
Enhances will of life and chases away fear
‘Mastership over the material world’
Connection to the divine order of harmony and world peace
Integration of spirituality in daily life

Flow Remedies Archangel essences set sprays

Archangel Aura Sprays

The archangel series is also available as aura sprays for those who prefer to work with a spray. The bottles contain 60 ml and are scented with rose 3%, lavender, orange and sage essential oils. 

These sprays are made with the same mother essences as the combination essences, so if you like, you can also use them to make the sprays yourself. In that case, you can use 30 drops of the stock bottle in 60 ml of mineral water. A bit of wodka as a preservative helps, but is not strictly neccessary. 

If you don’t have mineral water on hand, you can also fill a violet glass bottle with tap water and put it in the sun for about half an hour (an hour in winter) to improve the energetic quality of the water. 

Flow Remedies Archangel essences set in box


Complete series in storage box: € 115,-
Complete set of 10 sprays: € 79,95
Individual essences: € 12,95
Individual sprays: € 8,95

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