Using Flow Remedies for Children

The essences can also be used for children, with a small adaptation. That won’t be a surprise, as children usually get a lower dose, though it’s more due to the fact that they react faster than the fact that they can’t handle the energy. Most children can handle way more energy than you’d think. Basically, you can use most of the essences for childeren (I would stay away from the obsidian essence (9. Dark and Light), but there are a few that are very well suited for children in general. These are are the essences that support them in their development and give them a sense of safety, like the essences below.

Calm the Storm and Indigo are good essences to support Indigo / Crystal children, who are usually extremely sensitive and can struggle with learning to handle that sensitivity. Also, they may not feel at home on earth and can use some support in getting used to the energy.

Other essences you can use to support Indigo children are:

Another thing that warrants attention when using essences for children is the alcohol in them. When you make a dosage bottle with 30 ml of (flat) mineral water and you add 10 drops of essences, the alcohol content will be almost negligible. A 30 ml bottle contains about 500 drops, which reduces the alcohol content from 36% in the stock bottle to about 0.8% in the dosage bottle. If you add 2 drops from the dosage bottle in a cup or glass with 100 ml of water, then it’s almost completely gone.

Having said that, if you want to completely avoid your child getting any alcohol at all in their system, then you can take a bit of hot water and put the drops in that. The alcohol will evaporate, after which you can let your child drink the water once it has cooled off, or add the water to something else they are drinking. If you want to avoid the alcohol in the drops for yourself, you can use the same method or put them in a hot drink so the alcohol will evaporate.

The reason why the essences are alcohol-based is that alcohol is a preservative, and, more importantly, it anchors the energy.

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