Single Essences 46-60

Flow Remedies crystal essence 46. Wall of Love. Crystal essence of sugilite

46. Wall of Love

Crystal essence of sugilite

This essence opens up the crown chakra and pulls a flow of energy through your system. It activates and aligns the chakras, soothes, eases sadness and fear, leaving more room for positive thoughts and making it easier for you to forgive yourself.

It’s like being submerged in a wave of love and it can really make your heart chakra glow. Wall of Love is a grounding essence that helps you gain more insight into your life purpose. It helps you to be true to your inner truth and remain upright under outside influences. It also shields from disappointments.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 47. Happy. Crystal essence of ametrine

47. Happy

Crystal essence of ametrine

The sunny combination of amethyst and citrine yielded a real FeelGood essence that feels like leaning back with a smile on your face. This essence relaxes, calms your mind and cheers you up.

It’s a cleansing essence that helps you remove worries and negative thought patterns, cleansing, detoxing and balancing the chakras. It opens the door to a more positive outlook and helps you gain insight in the how, what and where of discomforts, also helping you look at them from a neutral perspective.

This warm and sunny essence boosts your energy and strengthens your solar plexus, making you less susceptible to the energy you pick up from others.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 48. Float. Crystal essence of aquamarine

48. Float

Crystal essence of aquamarine

Float unblocks your emotions if you have them locked down. This creates space and gives hope because old trauma and unexpressed sadness can be solved, leaving room to feel positivity again.

The cleansing effect also quiets and clears the mind, helping you to get a better overview and better focus so you can finish what has been left incomplete.

Float aligns the chakras as well, and balances the aura, cleansing it, shaking it up and straightening it.
When your thoughts are clear, it’s also easier to express yourself, both with words and creatively, and the new energy this gives you will help you feel good about doing so.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 49. Peace. Crystal essence of green apatite

49. Peace

Crystal essence of apatite

This essence helps you find peace and quiet within yourself and helps you connect with the world and beyond.
You are part of a whole, everything has a purpose and it is what it is. Peace helps you accept yourself and everything around you without prejudice. It has a detoxifying effect and will help you have faith and let go of doubts.

Peace also helps clear blocks in the heart chakra, which yields a sense of freedom and helps you love yourself, but accepting yourself is the top priority.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 50. Love. Crystal essence of kunzite

50. Love

Crystal essence of kunzite

It may not surprise you that this essence helps you open your heart. Besides that, it also cleanses the heart and cements the feeling that love always wins. The energy boosts your confidence, promotes a feeling of peace and unity, helps you forgive, and encourages you to be milder and more tolerant towards yourself and others.

Love helps you to have a more positive outlook on life and can help you if you’re feeling depressed. It’s an essence of unconditional universal love for both yourself and others. This essence also helps you to ‘surrender’ to your life goal, making it easier to go with the flow and to help others, while maintaining a healthy balance between your own needs and those of the people you’re helping.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 51. Open. Crystal essence of serpentine

51. Open

Crystal essence of serpentine

This essence cleanses, detoxifies and balances mind and spirit, helping you become calmer and more relaxed. Open sets stagnated energy in motion, especially in the heart chakra, and supports/activates kundalini energy. It has a strong connection to the earth.

You can also use this essence to amplify other essences when tackling persistent blocks. If the block is in a certain chakra, you could try rubbing a couple of drops on your hands and holding them above or on that chakra.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 52. Twilight. Crystal essence of kyanite

52. Twilight

Crystal essence of kyanite

This essence cuts straight through everything and helps you to think clearly and see correlations. It calms, enables understanding and helps you see which consequences you have caused with your own thinking, actions and inactions because not everything can be explained away by attributing it to karma and destiny.

Twilight helps you break through victim mentality and fatalistic behaviour. It chases away negativity and cleanses energy lines in the body, aligning the chakras if needed. This is a good essence to enhance your intuition and to anchor/ground spiritual energy.

Twilight’s energy stabilises after a transformation or strong cleansing. It also opens the throat chakra and helps you express yourself better and communicate more clearly.

Another aspect of Twilight is that it encourages loyalty and helps you to treat people fairly.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 53. High Energy. Crystal essence of pyrite

53. High Energy

Crystal essence of pyrite

Like the name suggests, this essence enhances your mental energy. It activates the second and third chakras and supports your willpower. If you are already assertive by nature, keep an eye out for signs that you are getting too assertive, as there is a bit of a risk of that happening.

High Energy protects against negativity, lifts your mood when you’ve lost heart, helps you think clearly and helps you stand up for yourself. It helps you deal with frustration and fear and enhances your feeling of self-worth. You might feel more grounded and more immune to manipulation and outside influences. This is a good essence if you are inclined to try and please others at any cost. It also helps you learn to look beyond a facade or mask that people put on.

Apart from that, this essence will help you gain more insight into yourself and in the cause of any discomforts you may have.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 54. Angel Crystal essence of pyrite

54. Angel

Crystal essence of serafinite

Angel helps you to connect with angelic energy while at the same time connecting you to the earth. It helps communicate with angels, especially if the goal of that communication is to balance the earth and everyone on it.

The energy also detoxifies and helps release emotional patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. It will help you to live more from the heart and gently cleanses the heart chakra to make room for love and kindness.

Angel can also activate kundalini energy and help release blocked energy. It’s connected to the heart chakra and encourages wholeness, unity, cherishing, and love.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 55. Force. Crystal essence of marcasite

55. Force

Crystal essence of marcasite

The key phrase of this essence is: strength without exercising power.

Force helps you conquer a victim mindset by helping you realise you aren’t completely powerless and do have some options. It also helps you integrate spirituality in your life and stimulates your intuition by expanding your awareness, allowing you to be more aware of information you unconsciously pick up on.

The energy helps you align your thoughts if they are all over the place, and enhances your memory and concentration. The goal is to help you be more objective, determine for yourself where you stand, and to do and adjust whatever you need to continue growing.

Lastly, you can use Force for support after space cleansing by adding two drops on windowsills and thresholds for an extra layer of protection.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 56. Heart. Crystal essence of marcasite

56. Heart

Crystal essence of rhodocrosite

This essence opens the heart and gently, lovingly and carefully shows you what’s going on, giving you more insight into yourself. It helps you deal with painful feelings without immediately locking down your heart.

This is an essence of love, light, and joy, and it helps you express those feelings as well. Heart dispels anger, helps you learn to love yourself and helps you relax if you have anxiety.

Heart is also a good search-essence. A search-essence can be used if you don’t know where to start and that you use by itself for about two weeks to help you highlight issues for you to work on.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 57. Sky. Crystal essence of celestine

57. Sky

Crystal essence of celestine

This essence dispels worries, helps you think critically and connects thinking and intuition. It’s a peaceful and loving energy that harmonises and helps you connect with angelic energy. Sky also speeds up spiritual growth and helps you act with pure intentions.

Added to that, the energy helps you feel calmer when experiencing extreme emotions and helps you to open and cleanse the throat chakra. Another aspect is that it will help you be more open to new experiences.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 58. Glow. Crystal essence of amber

58. Glow

Crystal essence of amber

Glow literally lets you shine. It helps you be more positive, enhances your confidence and capacity to enjoy life, and helps break through mental resistance. This helps you have a more flexible attitude, which translates itself to being more able to express yourself creatively.

This essence has both a grounding and a healing energy. The grounding part helps you find the strength to chase your dreams, and the healing part cleanses the chakras and makes it a good companion for energy healing practices. Using two drops of this essence on your hands during hands-on healing gives a warm and safe feeling and enhances the energy that’s being transferred.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 59 Truth. Crystal essence of howlite

59. Truth

Crystal essence of howlite

Truth calms the mind and helps you see things as they are. This helps you determine what your goals are and to move towards them. The energy helps you be patient and can help you deal with fits of anger, both others’ and your own.

Truth reinforces positive traits and helps you be milder in your view of the world if you are inclined to be quick to criticize. Tolerance is the key word here. Truth can also help you solve emotional imbalances that were caused in a previous life.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 60. Innocence. Crystal essence of howlite

60. Innocence

Crystal essence of magnesite

The theme for this essence is inner peace, accepting yourself and loving yourself.

Innocence helps you be more optimistic and patient. The energy soothes anxiety and fear and helps you grow stronger emotionally.

This essence opens the heart chakra. It also helps you gain insight into your subconscious and into the cause of discomforts and energy blocks. Opening the heart chakra helps you accept and love yourself and accept others as they are without taking on their suffering, a.k.a. compassion for yourself and for others with respect for everyone’s boundaries.

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