About the Essences

A bit like…

If you’re familiar with Bach flower essences: this is the crystal version of them.

Crystal Essences

Flow Remedies are vibrational essences containing only an energy pattern. They are mostly crystal essences, though combinations may contain channeled energy (angels, colours, symbols, ascended masters) and the odd flower essence (also created in-house)

In a Nutshell

Essences in a nutshell: everything consists of energy and everything has its own energy field with its own vibration (Living creatures, but also objects, consist of energy if you analyse them down to the smallest parts). Then there’s water, which has the ability to absorb energy from its environment, or from the crystal or flower you bring it into contact with, allowing you to capture its spirit or energy. The final component is alcohol, which is used to conserve the water and to help it contain the energy.

The Longer Version

The longer version: crystal essences are made by bringing crystals into contact with water for a certain amount of time. The water takes on the energy of the crystal, after which it is conserved with alcohol, which also helps to fix and stabilise the energy. For the Flow Remedies essences we use brandy. The mixture that this process yields is called the mother essence.
The mother essence is way too strong to use, so a dilution is made. This dilution is called the stock essence, which is in the bottles that you buy. They consist of brandy with a number of drops from the mother essence added to it.

How do Crystal Essences Work?

As said earlier, crystal essences are vibrational substances. They don’t contain a visible active component, only an energy pattern, a.k.a. vibrations, which we believe is the spirit/energy properties of the crystals fixed to the carrier fluid.

The charming thing about vibrations is that they can influence each other, like the way you can neutralise sound waves by sending out opposite sound waves. Vibrations that match will enhance each other, and vibrations that don’t match will interfere with each other or cancel each other out. With crystal essences, or any other type of essences for that matter, you use the energy to balance your energy system/aura, cleansing it, clearing blocks and setting stagnant energy into motion.

The aura is the human energy field, and it consists of multiple layers (also called bodies), of which the ethereal, mental and emotional bodies are closest to your physical body. The energy in your system is distributed and maintained by the chakras. Chakras are energy centres that are placed along a line in the centre of the body.

Disrupted Energy

Suppressed/unprocessed emotions, trauma and energetic pollution can cause the energy in the aura to stagnate, creating blocks and disrupting the energy flow. This can cause discomfort and may lead to mental and/or emotional issues.

Vibrational essences are a good tool to tackle these blocks. They introduce a certain impulse to your energy system that can, in time, help the blocks to dissolve. This may take a while because something that has been building up for years is rather hard to tear down in a few weeks, but every little bit helps.

You could say that every time you use an essence, your energy system gets a little push towards the balance point for the issue the essence is meant for. This is a process, a work in progress that will greatly benefit from you working along with it.

Tools Need Action

Just taking a few drops a couple of times a day and not doing anything with the emotions and insights that surface may be a bit counterproductive, I think. Then you’ll probably keep encountering the same situations, often with increasing intensity, until you’ve learned the lessons hidden in them and start to become aware of their cause.

While it may (and that’s a very very careful may, mind you) be possible to solve things by just taking essences, things will go so much faster if you actively co-operate in the process. This often means some introspection, looking at yourself objectively, possibly educating yourself on the issue you’re tackling, and using other methods you think will help you along in that process, like affirmations or other healing modalities. A question that’s often asked is if there’s an essence that can completely isolate someone from the negativity surrounding them. I regret to say that the answer to that one is no. Yes, there are essences that protect against negativity and the leaking or stealing of your energy, but they don’t fully close you off.

The motive behind that question is often the need for a quick fix where all problems simply melt away in about a month, tops. A miracle cure, as it were. That would be like taking a painkiller to suppress the pain and then not doing anything about its cause. One of the most important things in a growth process is the willingness to look at yourself and to examine your motives, beliefs and convictions, otherwise, everything will stay pretty much as it is.

No Quick Fix

Let’s say you hurt your knee. A quick fix would be getting a painkiller and pair of crutches, and while that would make walking a bit less painful, not acting on the signals your body is giving you or not heeding your doctor’s orders to rest your leg as much as possible will result in you needing those crutches a lot longer than necessary. Of course, essences are quite unlike crutches, but there is a similarity. Take Protective Bubble, for instance, an essence that protects against negativity. Very useful if you get tired when you’re out and about someplace where there are a lot of people. It will protect you, make sure your energy doesn’t leak away, and it will send negativity back to where it came from. But if somewhere in your unconscious mind there’s a belief floating around that sabotages the energy, it will only partially help.

It’s possible that somewhere deep down you feel that someone else has more of a right to your energy than you yourself, or that you feel compelled to take on someone else’s negative energy because you can’t stand to see them suffer. Protective Bubble acts as a shield that helps you stay in your own energy while you work on the cause, and if you are merely temporarily poorly grounded it will work just fine, but most of the time there’s more at play than just that and it won’t solve the issue completely.

Essences are more of a support act than a miracle cure. They will help you gain insights and solve blocks. See them as a tool, and just like any tool, you need to actually do something with it to make things happen. And if sometimes things do disappear without much action on your part, all that means is that you’ve already learned the lesson that went with it. Most of the time, though, you need to do something with those insights and unprocessed emotions before you can move on to the next layer, even if it’s just something as simple as acknowledging them, seeing where they come from and possibly working with affirmations or other methods to clear the limiting belief causing the problem.

Personal growth is like peeling layers from an onion. You solve something and then you run into the next issue. Usually, a block has several aspects, in which case you need to tackle several of those aspects to get it to disappear completely. There is no miracle cure, because the journey is as important as the destination, if not more important.

Subtle Energies

Another thing is that you’re working with subtle energies that interact with your energy. What works perfectly for one person may have no effect whatsoever on another, even though on the surface they are dealing with the same issue.

What matters is the underlying cause, and that can be very different, and added to that, there is the matter of whether the energy is compatible with your own or not.

It can also be that on the surface, you desperately want to change, but that beneath it, there’s a sabotage mechanism that slams on the brakes to stop that change from happening.

Every Disadvantage Has An Advantage

Change can be scary, which in itself is a bit of a barrier, but oftentimes the issue you are trying to resolve, may in some warped way have ‘benefits’ as well or there is a limiting belief that keeps the problem in place. Or both.

Those warped ‘benefits’ can be attention, power (controlling people by playing the victim can, unfortunately, be very effective. Not all victims are as powerless as they say they are), fewer expectations from those around you, and/or fewer demands made upon you. Limiting beliefs that can sabotage change are thought patterns with themes like feeling worthless and unlovable, or like you have no right to want something for yourself. Or no right to want anything, period. These are things that need to be considered as well, because otherwise, you can try any and all therapies you can think of and none of them will help, simply because one or more sabotage mechanisms remain in place.

Own It

It can also be tempting to put the blame or cause of something outside of yourself because then, in black-and-white terms, it’s not your fault and you don’t have to do anything about it. But while it seems a good thing for a problem to be out of your hands, it does mean that the solution to that problem will also be out of your hands. That means you become dependent on something or someone else to solve your problem, and then you might be stuck with it a lot longer than if you take action yourself.

Something I read somewhere that really resonated with me is ‘even if it is NOT your FAULT, it IS your responsability‘. The problem, whether created by you or not, is there and requires a response from you in order to be solved. Especially if whoever or whatever caused the problem is no longer there or totally unwilling to co-operate with you on resolving it.

What doesn’t help either, is that fault and responsibility have become almost synonimous, often leaving people to feel that if something is their responsibility, it’s also their fault, while they are two seperate things.

Another thing, and I do know where I got that one from (Jocko Willink, Radical Ownership), is response-ability. It is you that has the ability to respond to circumstances and to determine your response, so that you can then navigate those circumstances. If life throws it in your path, then it’s there, so your best bet is to take ownership of it and look for a solution yourself.

What It Is And What I Isn’t

Lastly, to be very clear: Flow Remedies crystal essences are not medicines, nor are they in any way a replacement for professional medical treatment. What they are is a good supplement to those, for dealing with the emotional issues that accompany any healing process, which in turn makes them a very useful tool for working on personal growth.

They will provide energetic support during the learning processes that you encounter along the way, helping you to maintain or regain your emotional and energetic balance on your path through life.

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