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Flow Remedies essences are created on the south-west coast of the Netherlands. It all started with the first 20 essences in 2005, and since then, it has grown into a comprehensive system with single essences, combination essences and sprays.

Our essences and spray are created with loving attention, the energy from the sun, moon and stars and, in our opinion, quite a bit of help from the universe in the form of intuition, energy, inspiration and all kinds of synchronicities.

Flow Remedies Crystal essences and sprays

Lots of Energy

Flow Remedies essences are mainly crystal essences, though the later combination essences also contain channeled energies and the odd flower essence. The Archangel Series is the only exception at the moment, they contain channeled energy only.

All essences and sprays are created and bottled in-house, in violet glass bottles, a biophotonic glass that helps preserve energy and quality.

Working with Flow Remedies Essences

What can you do with Flow Remedies essences?

Flow Remedies essences are energy healing tools. They are vibrational essences, meaning they don’t contain a physical active component. Instead, they contain an energy pattern that we believe can assist you on your healing journey and/or your journey to personal growth.

You can use the essences for emotional and energy balance, for personal growth, for clearing up specific issues, for spiritual hygiene (e.g. energy detox, aura cleansing, space clearing) or all of the above and then some. Check out the multiple ways to use them in the ‘How to Use’- chapter of this website.

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Selecting Essences

Pointers on how to select an essence to work with.

There are multiple ways to select one of the Flow Remedies essences to work with. Go by intuition, use a dowsing method or muscle test, choose a description that resonates with you or look up a keyword in the essence guide and check out the essences mentioned there.

As a bit of fun, you can also leave things up to chance with the essence oracle that presents you with a random essence description that may inspire an idea.

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