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About me

From a young age, I was taught that there was more between heaven and earth than we can see, and that there was nothing wrong with alternative healing methods. In the early eighties, we went to this nature healer who used a pendulum to test which homoeopathic remedies someone needed, and who worked with intuitive information. That was pretty unusual at that time, but I was never taught that paranormal was abnormal. Both these things laid the groundwork for what I do now, and prepared me for what I had to learn by myself after that, as what I was taught was mostly centred on reincarnation and life after death and there is much much more to it than that.

When I was about 30 years old, I discovered that I’m highly sensitive, and from then on things became a bit of a roller coaster ride. I learned a lot by experiencing, reading and watching, by sifting through information or by just stumbling on it at the right moment. In addition, I learned a lot from people I met along the way, and I’ve noticed that you actually learn more from people trying to trip you up than from well-intended help. The most unpleasant situations usually hold the biggest lessons, as cliché as that sounds. Of course, I’ve also learned things the traditional way, by attending courses and workshops and practising on myself and my family, like Bach Flower Remedies, working with a one hand dowsing rod, Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem.

In 2001, at a spiritual fair, I met a woman who worked with a wand, or one hand dowsing rod. I totally fell in love with the method and started looking for a workshop. They even had the wand I saw at the fair, a metal one with a ball with points at the top. That also happened to be the heaviest one, so it took me a good half an hour before it moved even slightly.
With practice, it became easier, until it moved so much that the antenna snapped off a couple of years later. Fortunately, we were able to repair it, and it taught me the trick to slow down the swinging while working with a wand.

A nice side effect was that I was also suddenly able to work with a pendulum, which I had tried, and failed, to learn several times prior to attending that workshop. It was like a switch has been flipped. In 2002 and 2004 I followed the training for Bach Flower Remedies levels 1 and 2, but I didn’t do level 3 because I’d have had to sign to only work with conversation to determine which essences someone needed. My preferred method, if you haven’t already guessed from reading the rest of the site, is intuitive testing. So, instead of level 3, I attended a course in a nearby town where we studied the Bach Remedies in-depth. Shortly after that, in 2005 I was ‘put to work’ to make the Flow Remedies essences, and they became my go-to method for dealing with issues and blocks, of course. I’m usually the first one to try new essences, and after that, we take the next step and have other people try them before they are officially released. Sometimes we encounter people that ‘just happen to need’ one of the essences that are being tested, other times new essences go to one or several energy therapists that already work with the Flow Remedies essences.

In 2004 I was also drawn to Reiki, and in July 2006 I was initiated in the final level of the Usui system. By then, my attention had already been drawn to Tera Mai Reiki as well, but it was a while before I actually did anything with it. It felt like there was a barrier there, until I understood that I was to take the Tera Mai Seichem initiations, where Reiki is the earth element.
I had also been getting signs from different people pointing me in the direction of angel energy, and that’s a part of Tera Mai Seichem as well. So when that clicked, I looked for a practitioner and in the course of 2007, I was initiated in that system.

Then in 2009, I discovered Touch for Health, a form of applied kinesiology. An acquaintance was seeing a therapist that worked with this method, and I thought I’d try a session as well. I ended up sticking with it, as the therapist also works with other methods, depending on whatever suits my needs. Sometimes we just talk, sometimes we do a lot of TFH testing, or I get channelled information. Most of the time I get homework as well, and we’ve made a lot of progress that way. I go about 2 or 3 times a year, and by now it’s mostly just coaching, but it really helps me to get my thoughts in order and to get clear on issues I’m trying to get a grip on.

At this moment, my main role is developing the essences, maintaining the online store and the information websites in English and Dutch. I also support therapists that work with the essences if they need it, and I can count on several of them to help me test new essences, which often is the first step new additions take into the world before they are officially released.

Thank you for reading,