Essence Oracle

Choosing which essence to use can be a bit difficult. There are so many of them by now, a lot of them overlap, and almost every essence has an element that might be useful for you. So after reading a couple of dozen descriptions, things’ll probably start to blur.

That’s where a little help might come in handy.

The help this page offers is playful, with a nod to the online oracles that are all over the place. But then again, the universe does have a habit of presenting you with something useful if you leave things up to chance, so why not have a little fun with this and see what you find?

When you click the image below, you will be beamed to a random essence description, which offers you another way of browsing through the essences instead of reading the descriptions in order. When you click the ‘back’- button, you will be beamed back to this page, or you can right-click the image and choose ‘open in a new window/tab’.

Have fun!

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