Violet Glass

The Flow Remedies essences are bottled and stored in violet glass. This is a special kind of glass that is very well suited for vibrational essences, but also for light-sensitive products. Violet glass has been around for quite some time. The ancient Egyptians kept their creams and valuable perfumes in violet and gold jars. Unfortunately, the process was kept very secret and violet glass was made sparingly, by hand and only by pharmacists for their own use.

In 1980, cosmo-biologist Yves Kraushaar discovered the works of Austrian mystic Jacob Lorber, who talked about how to bind sunlight to a carrier to make use of its healing properties. Because Lorber wrote that violet glass was needed to ensure that the energised products maintained their lightforce, Kraushaar started experimenting with violet glass. This ultimately led to the founding of Miron Glas GMBH.

Since then, many tests have been carried out to study the effectiveness of the glass, by, among others, the Frauenhofer Institute for food technology in München and the International Institute for Biophysics in Kaiserslautern. These tests show that violet glass only lets in the beneficial UVA rays and infrared light. All the other light is being blocked:

Transmission curve of light that is let into violet glass. Zichtbaar licht = visible light, infrarood = infra-red.

The ultraviolet and infrared light ensure that the energy of the contents of the glass is maintained and the blocking of visible light prolongs stability and shelf life. The theory is that light from the visible spectrum causes a decline in quality and that the use of conservatives can be limited or even avoided by using violet glass.

Amber glass, that is advised most of the time, still lets in 60% of the visible light spectrum.

Below is the result of a test with energised granules (Sonnen-Arkana) in different bottles (violet glass, amber glass and plastic). A Kirlian-photo was made of the contents after four weeks.

Water has the unique property that it can easily absorb energy, but it also lets it go quite easily. This is why alcohol is usually added when creating essences. The alcohol helps retain the energy, locking it into place, as it were.

The picture shows that energised water retains its energy better in violet glass, even without adding alcohol. By the way, Kirlian-photography is a special kind of photography that is able to capture energy.

comparison: energy signature of energised water after four weeks in amber glass, plastic and violet glass

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