Combination Essences 106-

Flow Remedies combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of multiple single essences. Combination essences may also contain channeled energy, like angel energy, colours, symbols or ascended master energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c106. Take it Back

c106. Take it Back

This essence encourages you to take back your personal power if it has been taken away from you or if you’ve learned to put that power outside of yourself.

The cause of this may be care-takers that have abused their power or other persons or organisations that had power over you and have used it against you. This can happen on a small scale, or on a global scale, and everything in between. The principle is the same.

When someone oversteps the limit in using their power, they will teach and manipulate you in all manner of ways to give away your power, making you feel you have no agency and are powerless and ineffective.

Take it Back can assist you in learning to recognise in what ways and which context your power has been externalised and encourages you to take it back. The visual with this are all kinds of lines that you pull back inside until they are a part of you again.

Take it back consists of the following crystal essences, flower essences and angel energy: tiger iron, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, unakite, galena, peridot, chrysocolla and serpentine from Mt Shasta, petrified wood, rhododendron, viburnum, hydrangea, Michael angel energy

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c107. Curiosity

c107. Curiosity

Curiosity encourages you to realise that it is okay to study things and to ask questions. This is how you learn.

Being curious isn’t as bad as you think. When someone doesn’t want you to catch on to what they are really doing, they will go to great lengths to ensure that curiosity and asking questions is discouraged or even punished.

The saying ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ seems to say that curiosity can be fatal, but it seems that this is only half the saying? The rest of the saying is ‘but satisfaction brought it back’. The cat comes back to life by having its curiosity satisfied….

Curiosity consists of the following crystal essences, flower essence and angel energy: rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, red tiger’s eye, champagne calcite, opalite, hemimorphite, selenite, kyanite, rhodocrosite, danburite, prehnite, magnolia, Uriel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c108. Initiative

c108. Initiative

Initiative encourages you to learn to determine what you want. What is your vision? What would you like to create or build? What do you envisage the end result to be like and how are you going to build, structure and implement it?

This is an energy of determining what it is that you want and then taking the neccessary steps. Showing yourself without fear.

Initiative helps you deconstruct old patterns and helps you build a strong base to build on.

Which steps are you going to take? Divide them up in to smaller pieces to maintain an overview. Hang in there and take small steps into the direction of what you would like to achieve.

While working with this essence it may be a good idea to utilise the power of writing things down by writing down what you would like to achieve, in whatever format suits you. Lists, mind-mapping or another method that appeals to you. If the writing down evokes resistance, try and make it a fantasy-excercise. It may help to tell yourself it’s just an excercise in visualisation.

If you could wish ANYTHING you like, what would you like to be, do and have?

Initiative is a combination of the following crystal essences and angel energies: rutilated quartz, champagne calcite, amazonite, aquamarine, purpurite, peridot, danburite, emerald, petrified wood, green tourmaline, tiger iron, Michael, Raziel.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c109. Existence

c109. Existence

This essence strenghtens your basis even further. This is about your right to exist and to be who you are, about having the feeling that you are allowed to exist, that you have permission to exist.

Sometimes, through experiences in childhood or in a situation where you were dependent on something or someone else, you may have wrongly drawn the conclusion that you do not have that right. That you need permission or approval from outside of you to exist. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, but the idea was formed from the limited point of view of a child and/or under outside pressure from people that wanted to gain power over you.

Existence encourages you to start letting go of that misconception, and to start to realise that ‘existing’ is a fundamental, non-transferable and unalienable RIGHT that everyone has.

Existence is a combination of the following crystal essence and angel energies: rutilated quartz, unakite, aquamarine, celestine, howlite, astrofyllite, variscite, danburite, green toermaline, shungite, Azrael, Raguel and Metatron.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c110. Escape

c110. Escape

This is a next step in regaining your personal freedom. It’s the realisation that you are truly free, that you are the only one that is allowed to say who you are and what you want.

Many of us are trapped in a web that consists of outside limitations, convictions, beliefs and expectations. When who you should be, how you should feel and what you should do has been mainly determined by others, there’s little space left for your own contributions. In that case, you will most likely have only a vague idea of who you are and what you want. Or sometimes even none at all.

This is the reason Escape takes you on a voyage of discovery to who you are.

Start realising more and more that you are the only one that is able and allowed to determine who you are, that you are completely free in determining who you are and that everything that’s externally imposed may be set aside if you determine it does not fit who you are.

Escape is a combination of the following crystal essences, flower essences and angel energies: shungite, champagne calcite, selenite, atlantisite, purpurite, petrified wood, rhododendron, elder, Raziel, Azrael, Michael and Metatron.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c111. Resilience

c111. Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. To get up after being knocked down. When you are disappointed in something. When something doesn’t go like you hoped or expected it to. When things go wrong, fall through, or Murphy’s Law strikes again.

Get up and dust yourself off. Overlook the situation, revise your plan and adapt to the new circumstances. Nothing goes right? Try left. Or turn around.

This is about having the mental strength to deal with unexpected obstacles and changing circumstances, and having a more neutral and philosophical view on them. That will help you be more realistic and more flexible in adapting to new circumstances.

Resilience is a combination of the following crystal essences and angel energy: rutilated quartz, danburite, green apatite, purpurite, opalite, galenite, blue tourmaline, champagne calcite, prehnite, Azrael angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c112. Believe

c112. Believe

Believe in yourself. Leave the past behind, it has brought you to where you are and is now over.

Take from it what you find useful and leave the rest behind. Have faith in your ability to change what is in your way and to go on with what serves you.

Believe is a combination of the following crystal essences: turquoise, mookaite, labradorite, tiger’s eye, chrysocolla, larimar, chalcedony, eldarite, opalite, hemimorfite, sugilite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c113. Cloaked

c113. Cloaked

The theme for this essence is rasing your vibration to assist in holding fast against negative energies that are trying to lower your vibration and keep you from raising it. If you can manage to raise your energy frequency high enough, these forces will have no or only a temporary influence on you. Energetically, you will seem hidden from them, as it were.

Don’t step in to this process from a feeling of resentment and strife, though, but do it from a place of lovingly setting boundaries and guarding your own sovereignty. Or, like someone put it so beautifully: your rights end where mine begin.

Cloaked was made with the following crystal essences and energies: labradorite, rutilated quartz, danburite, apofyllite, opalite, selenite, amazonite, lepidolite, angelite, tiger iron, Azrael angel energy, Michael angel energy, Violet flame energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c114. Elevate

c114. Elevate

This essence encourages you to raise your vibration to a higher level by letting go of whatever doesn’t serve you anymore. By releasing this ‘ballast’, you will be able to raise your vibration and move closer to the frequencies of love, joy and compassion.

Elevate was created with the following energies: smoky quartz, blue fluorite, rutilated quartz, lapis lazuli, serpentine, heulandite, danburite, emerald, serpentine and chrysocolla from Mt Shasta, prehnite, garnet, Rafael angel energy, Jophiel angel energy and Mary energy

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c115. Flame

c115. Flame

Flame is a high vibration protection that protects on the soul level by helping you to connect with the natural frequency of the earth. By being aware of unity, and being present and connected to the earth as much as possible, you can stand stronger and firmer against attempts to ‘hack’ your energy system. This essence also contains two symbol energies: the Triquetra and the Rose Gold Flame symbol that was channeled by Magenta Pixie, a channel from the UK. Both symbols represent the holy trinity.

Flame was created using the following crystal essences, flower essence and energies: rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, green apatite, emerald, selenite, petrified wood, galena/galenite, apofyllite, variscite, viburnum flower essence, Michaël angel energy, Triquetra and Rose Gold Flame symbol energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c116. Overcome

c116. Overcome

For when you feel stuck in a pattern of learned helplessness and think there is nothing you can do. In a mindset like that, it is easy to (subconsciously) surrender and submit to the situation without thinking about how to deal with it.

Start realising that there is always something you have influence on, however small. Realise that you can make decisions and are allowed to say no to whatever does not serve you or fit you, to whatever goes against who you are or infringes on your rights. Even if you think it is ‘just the way things are’.

Every decision you make, creates a ripple effect in the collective conciousness, even if it’s just a ‘no, this far and no further’ that you don’t act upon yet in that moment.

Realise that what is important to you, what you stand for and where the boundaries lie, step by step. There’s this expression, ‘If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything’, which basically meanse that if you don’t know what your values are, you are much much easier to influence and to manipulate into doing something that goes against them.

If you aren’t aware of your values, someone with reasonably sounding arguments can more easily convince you that something is normal without you stopping to think about whether that is really the case for you. Think of your values as coordinates on a map. If you aren’t aware of the coordinates of your map, you are unable to assess whether something falls within them or not. Then you are more prone to taking things on board without deliberating whether or not something is morally right or wrong for you, and where the boundaries would lie, because you haven’t determined for yourself what those coordinates and boundaries are for you.

Overcome is created with the following crystal and angel essences: tiger’s eye, champagne calcite, smoky quartz, moonstone, agate, amazonite, ametrine, green apatite, kyanite, serafinite, amber, magnesite, astrofyllite, tiger iron, Michael, Rafael, Jofiel.

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