Combination Essences 91-105

Flow Remedies combination essences are created by combining the mother essences of multiple single essences. Combination essences may also contain channeled energy, like angel energy, colours, symbols or ascended master energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c91. Take a Step Back

c91. Take a Step Back

Hold your breath and take a bit of time to think before you react is the message of this essence.

A lot of the time, more is being conveyed than just the words that are being said. Take a few seconds to think about what is being said, what, if any, the subtext is, and how all of that makes you feel. Then you have more of a chance to give the answer that’s best for you instead of the emotional or knee-jerk reaction someone might be trying to elicit.

People that are trying to manipulate you often do that by bombarding you with words to keep you from looking too closely at what they are actually saying and meaning. One way in which they do that is repeating the same message over and over in different wording, keeping you off balance and not giving you the time to think clearly. As long as they can keep you reacting, you have no opportunity to realise what they are up to and they can manipulate your reactions.

Take a step back supports you by helping you take that one step back to look objectively at what is going on, so you can give an actual answer instead of a knee-jerk reaction to them pushing your buttons, even if it’s someting as small as saying you are going to take the time to think it over and get back to them with your answer.

This essence was made with: tiger’s eye, red tiger’s eye, pietersite, amazonite, aquamarine, purpurite, emerald and Hydrangea flower essence.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c92. Dismantle

c92. Dismantle

Dismantle helps you find and defuse sabotage mechanisms that prevent you from reaching your goal, like limiting beliefs or a lack of self-love or self-esteem.

The help Dismantle offers consists for the most part of making visible any points where a bug or a gremlin in the system is blocking you, helping you to become aware of them and then helping you to start mitigating their influence.

You can also combine Dismantle with other essences to help you solve self-sabotage on specific themes or in specific areas.

Dismantle is a combination of larimar, champagne calcite, smoky quartz, amazonite, opalite quartz, howlite, danburite and bornite

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c93. Perspecitive

c93. Perspective

This essence helps you organise your thoughts and helps you see things in perspective without making a mountain out of a molehill.

It helps quieten the mind, helps you determine what is important and then helps you express and explain whatever it is you want to say.

Perspective could be a good companion when delivering a speech or presentation.

Perspective is made with rutilated quartz, champagne calcite, amazonite, opalite quartz, ametrine, kyanite, marcasite, magnesite, apofyllite, danburite, emerald, green tourmaline, Hydrangea flower essence, Elder flower essence and Michael angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c94. Presence

c94. Presence

Presence helps you to ground and to be fully present in the moment. Dissociating is a defense mechanism that helps you survive when you can’t escape a situation. The only means of escape you have in a situation like that is to draw your energy up out of your body and live from the head, closing yourself of from your body and your feelings.

When you are out of that situation, however, this mechanism loses its usefulness and starts working against you. If you are not present, everyone can haul off with your energy because you are missing the signals your intuition / gut feeling is sending out. In negative situations you are conditioned to ignore any signals that tell you something is off and learn not to think too deeply about things out of self-protection. Questioning the status quo in a situation like that often doesn’t feel safe, so you bury any feelings you have as deeply as possible to avoid the pain.

Presence helps you be more aware and present, one step at a time, so you’ll start becoming more aware of your body and your gut feeling / intuition. This essence can also help if you are ‘simply’ poorly grounded and/or feel absent for whatever reason.

Presence consists of: rutilated quartz, champagne calcite, black turmaline, smoky quartz, amazonite, opalite, aquamarine, purpurite, apofyllite, galena / galenite, peridot and emerald.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c95. Sift

c95. Sift

This is the step that comes after, or in combination with, Feel. Sift helps you to examine your emotions, look at them and then let them go. It takes you a little deeper into the process than Feel.

Sift through them, look at them from all sides, take them apart and really see them. Emotions that aren’t acknowledged keep asking for attention in the background until they are heard, because they are there to warn you and to keep you safe, however strange that may be sometimes. As long as you don’t acknowledge them, they will keep knocking on the door and will stay present as an undercurrent, disguised as a general feeling of unease / anxiety.

Don’t be surprised if you dream a lot while working with this essence, because everything you look at has to be processed and that happens when you’re sleeping.

Sift consists of: carnelean, larimar, amazonite, opalite, aquamarine, rhodocrosite, amber, purpurite and danburite.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c96. Unlock

c96. Unlock

When you’re in an environment where it’s not safe to express your emotions, you will most likely develop the coping mechanism / survival strategy of suppressing them. This in turn can create a tension in the body as it requires an effort to keep your emotions down. If this becomes a habit, there may be a point where you become afraid of relaxing because everything you’ve pushed down seems to rise to the surface when you do.

You could compare it with keeping the door closed on a locker in which you’ve put everything that wasn’t safe or allowed to be expressed. And the more you stuff in that locker, the harder you have to push to keep the door closed.

After years and years of doing this, everything can feel so wound up tight and locked down that it results in a total disconnect to your emotions. To clear them out, you first have to be able to get at them, so you can examine and release them.

Unlock helps you to carefully ease up on that locker door so you can start to clear out what has been accumulated for years.

This one is another step in the process of connecting to your emotions, letting them in, processing them and letting them go and it’s best used when you’ve re-established the connection and have learned to acknowledge and examine your emotions to some degree.

This essence was made with: larimar, champagne calcite, opalite, aquamarine, amber, magnesite, danburite, chrysocolla and serpentine from Mt Shasta, petrified wood, prehnite and Rhododendron and Elder flower essences.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c97. Closure

c97. Closure

Closure helps you tie loose ends after a (cleansing) process. The energy helps you gain clarity and enables you to put things in perspective.

Used after a process that you’ve gone through, it’ll help you remain upright and encourages you to find your way forward. It can work on multiple levels, and in both small and larger ways, depending on what you’ve just been through and on how much needs to be cleared away and re-aligned.

After a transformational process it’ll help you retain the energy and encourages you to persevere. Itls a bit of help to get used to your new energy.

Gabriel’s energy helps you gain a sense of direction, and the feeling that it is safe to own your power and to explore new possibilities.

Closure consists of: blue fluorite, selenite, kunzite, kyanite, amber, purpurite, galena / galenite, serpentine, danburite and Gabriel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c98. Sovereignty

c98. Sovereignty

Sovereignty means having the authority to govern yourself. It’s an energy of ultimate independency and self-reliance. It’s being able to trust and rely on yourself without being unhealthily dependent on someone else or giving away your personal power because you keep looking for outside approval. You will begin to learn to give that approval to yourself. Another aspect of this energy is knowing what your boundaries are, where they are and what the consequences are for whoever tries to violate them.

This essence fits in with the themes of Boundaries, Excalibur and Choices. It will help you gain a deep understanding that you are the only one who has any power over yourself and your life. You are the king or queen in your own kingdom and no longer tolerate any infringements on your rights and your boundaries if someone is out to take more from you than they have a right to.

Sovereingty consists of the following energies: tiger’s eye, galena / galenite, pietersite, serafinite, marcasite, amber, lepidolite, purpurite, peridot, petrified wood and Raziel and Michael angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c99. Willingness

c99. Willingness

For when you are a people pleaser, your own wants and wishes are always in last place, you have the habit of jumping through hoops to keep everyone happy and you try to avoid causing disappointment in anyone and everyone, often to your own detriment.

Willingness helps you set boundaries in what you give, to what extent you give and to who you give. You start to see through people that take advantage of your helpfulness and have an easier time saying no to them. The energy will also help you learn to see if someone really wants your help. Unfortunately, some people prefer to exploit someone else’s energy and look like they are asking for help, but nothing really changes. They just want a dose of energy to keep going on as they were.

Willingness helps you to slowly start letting go of people pleaser behaviour. The essence supports you in setting and maintaining boundaries, and you may find yourself spotting an energy vampire or someone who isn’t quite ready to accept help yet a bit sooner than you used to. Helping someone? Fine, but you determine how far you go and what you are prepared to do or to give, a.k.a. helping people while maintaining your own energetic health.

Willingness consists of the following energies: labradorite, red tiger’s eye, black turmaline, amazonite, opalite, marcasite, amber, purpurite, heulandite, tiger iron, Elder flower essence and Azrael engel energy.

Azraël’s energy is usually one that is called upon for comfort and guidance for letting go, saying goodbye or loss, but another aspect of this energy is protection against negativity, help in connecting to lighter energy and support for helping others. This protects your own energy and lightens the load of what people lay at your door.

Willingness was created using the following crystal essences, flower essence and angel energy: labradorite, red tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, amazonite, opalite, marcasite, amber, purpurite, heulandite, tiger iron, Elder flower essence, Azraël angel energy

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c100. Into Three

c100. Into Three

Into Three supports you in improving your social intelligence and helps you feel more at ease in group settings. The energy helps you improve your ability to assess people and situations and helps you to see patterns and make connections. It helps you to feel protective and to be more present in the moment / in the situation. It also improves your grounding. The way in which this happens is by strengthening your intuition and your creativity.

Another aspect is support in improving your ability to build and maintain relationships and connections, and to assert yourself in a good way. You will start to get an eye for people with bad intention and, eventually, will see them coming a mile away and side-step them. The tactics they try to use on you start to lose their effect because you begin to see them for what they are: ways to elicit a (preferably negative) reaction from you to get you off balance and make you more mallable / manipulable.

This essence / process may require some self-education on your part, like doing research on manipulation tactics and the like, to give yourself a frame of reference for recognising them.

Into Three is connected to Into You and Into Two. Together they represent emotional, relational and social intelligence.

Into Three consists of the following energie: rutilated quartz, green apatite, tiger’s eye, amazonite, danburite, pietersite, amber, peridot, emerald, apofyllite, purpurite, howlite and Raziel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c101. Transition

c101. Transition

Transition eases your way through a process or a transformation. It helps you integrate the new knowledge you’ve acquired and to put changes into motion.

For when you get stuck in a healing process because you unconsciously fear the changes the process will entail and you don’t know if you have the courage to let go of the old situation.

Transition makes it a bit easier to work your way out of the cocoon on your way to becoming a butterfly.

This combination was made with: danburite, labradorite, champagne calcite, pietersite, agate, opalite, selenite, kyanite, lepidolite, heulandite, petrified wood, Magnolia flower essence and Raguel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c102. Change

c102. Change

Making changes can be hard work. A large part of that is related to mass and movement: it’s much easier to continue a motion that has already begun than to stop a motion and start a new one.

Change helps you get into action and make a start with that new motion. This will help you apply changes in your life, step by step.

Change contains the following energies: rutilated quartz, champagne calcite, opalite, kyanite, celestine, amber, purpurite, tiger iron, Jofiel and Azrael angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c103. Craving

c103. Craving

It’s possible that you have learned to look outside of yourself for the solutions to problems. This can turn into running away from problems and resorting to all sorts of self-medication, like distractions and other things that either make you feel good or helps you numb out.

Craving encourages you to stop looking for answers outside of yourself and to turn inward. To learn to be there for yourself in the form of looking at your issues with honesty and openness, and to form a partnership with yourself to start to heal them.
Craving also encourages you to reconnect to source energy.

This essence was made with the following crystal essences, flower essences and angel energies: danburite, aquamarine, green apatite, magnesite, angelite, emerald, chrysocolla and serpentine from Mt Shasta, rhododendron, magnolia, elder and Raziel angel energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c104. Guiding Light

c104. Guiding Light

Guiding Light is een edelsteen/engelenenergie combinatie die je helpt de signalen die je emoties, je lichaam en je intïtie je geven beter op te vangen en te interpreteren. Guiding Light encourages you to pay more attention to the signals your emotions, your body and your intuition give you, so you become better at noticing and interpreting them.

These signals act like signposts on our way through life, and more often than not, we have learned to either ignore them or discard them as nonsense, while in fact they are extremely valuable.

Guiding Light ties into c73. Sense, c84. Feel, c95. Sift and c96. Unlock and is a next step in establishing contact with your emotions. When emotions are suppressed, rationalised or denied, they will continue to demand attention in the background. In time, this can result in a generalised sense of unrest, or even anxiety, that cannote be traced back to one source.

This essence was made by combining the following crystal essences and angel energies: selenite, kunzite, rhodocrosite, lepidolite, galena, green tourmaline, Zadkiel, Rafael.

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c105. Paradise

c105. Paradise

Stop feeling guilty for doing something that is purely for you. It is very important to take good care of yourself and misplaced feelings of guilt have no place in that.

On the contrary, you will be better able to take good care of others if you are taking good care of yourself.

So put yourself first every now and then, everyone will benefit from that.

Paradise was made by combining the following crystal essences, flower essences and angel energies: blue fluorite, selenite, heulandite, galena, danburite, chrysocolla and serpentine from Mt Shasta, sulphurised quartz, prehnite, viburnum, magnolia, elder and Metatron

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