Flow Remedies Chakra Aura Sprays

Chakra Aura Sprays

Flow Remedies Chakra Aura Sprays

The chakra series is also available as aura sprays for those who prefer to work with a spray. The bottles contain 60 ml and are scented with rose 3%, lavender, orange and sage essential oils. 

These sprays are made with the same mother essences as the combination essences, so if you like, you can also use them to make the sprays yourself. In that case, you can use 25 drops of the stock bottle in 60 ml of mineral water. A bit of wodka as a preservative helps, but is not strictly neccessary. 

If you don’t have mineral water on hand, you can also fill a violet glass bottle with tap water and put it in the sun for about half an hour (an hour in winter) to improve the energetic quality of the water. 

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