New Essences, June 2021

You may have already noticed them in the store, but I’d like to officially introduce them as well: single essences 81-84, combination essences c111-c112 and combination essences for animals a1-a5.

Single Essences

Flow Remedies crystal essence 81. Re-align

81. Re-align – atlantisite
Re-aligning in all sorts of ways: restructuring old patterns, especially ones of self-abandonment, aligning chakras, connecting to the earth and to the physical body. Good for working with past lives, especially Atlantis and Lemuria.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 82. Re-form

82. Re-form – shungite
Provides a strong earth connection, harmonises energies and unifies and balances opposites. Helps identify and clear that which no longer serves your highest good.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 83. Determination

83. Determination tiger iron

Persevering instead of giving up. A clear mind makes solutions easier to find. Grounding, plotting your path and actually setting foot on it as well.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 84. Re-create

84. Re-create – garnet
Energy, strength, love, dedication and creativity. Be more open to the world. Assists in working with past life recall and boosts other essences.

Combination Essences

Flow Remedies crystal essence combination c111. Resilience

c111. Resilience
Summoning the mental fortitude to deal with unexpected obstacles and changes. Having a more realistic view and being more flexible in adapting to those obstacles and changes.

rutilated quartz, danburite, green apatite, purpurite, opalite, galenite, blue tourmaline, champagne calcite, prehnite, Azrael angel energy.

c112. Believe
Leaving the past behind, going forward with what serves you and leaving the rest. Having faith in your ability to change what is in the way so you can continue on your path.

turquoise, mookaite, labradorite, tiger’s eye, chrysocolla, larimar, chalcedony, eldarite, opalite, hemimorfite, sugilite

Combination Essences for Animals

Flow Remedies crystal essence for animals, a1. Chill Out

a1. Chill Out
For helping frightened and anxious ground and find some calm, security and confidence.

green aventurine, green fluorite, larimar, tiger’s eye, champagne calcite, amazonite, opalite, hemimorfite, aquamarine, amber, magnesite, infinite stone, green tourmaline, blue toermaline, lavender flower essence

Flow Remedies crystal essence for animals, a2. Recovery

a2. Recovery
Recovery can be used to energetically support a healing process that an animal is going through.

larimar, champagne calcite, kyanite, amber, purpurite, danburite, green tourmaline, blue toermaline

Flow Remedies crystal essence for animals, a3. Haven

a3. Haven
Haven is energetic support for animals that are easily unsettled by outside influences and energies.

green fluorite, tiger’s eye, green apatite, champagne calcite, amazonite and veronica flower essence.

Flow Remedies crystal essence for animals, a4. New Digs

a4. New Digs
New Digs is an energy that helps animals get used to changes in location or circumstances.

champagne calcite, green apatite, aquamarine, bornite, carnelean, danburite, veronica flower essence

Flow Remedies crystal essence for animals, a5. Mine

a5. Mine
The theme for this combination is jealousy and over-competitiveness.

carnelean, larimar, aquamarine, amber, green tourmaline, blue tourmaline

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