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Information about what essences are and how they work. This section also includes all essence descriptions.

How to use

How do you use the Flow Remedies essences? What can you do with them? This section houses tips, tricks and ways to choose and use the essences.


The latest news

Online Store

The Flow Remedies essences are available in our online store over at english.justflow.nl. The store also offers Miron violet glass bottles and jars, pendulums and incense.

The short version

Flow Remedies crystal essences are made in Vlissingen, on the South-West coast of the Netherland. They are predominantly crystal essences, though more recent combination essences also contain some flower essences and channeled angel energy. 

The first series consisted of 20 crystal essence, followed by the first combination essences. From there the system has grown to over 200 essences in 2020, if we count the essences that are in development at the moment. They are made with love, attention, energy of the sun and the moon and, if you ask me, lots of help from the univers in the shape of intuition, inspiration, energy and all manner of synchronicities. 

Essences and Sprays

The Flow Remedies product line consists of single essences, combination essences and sprays, all of which are created and bottled in-house. They are stored and sold in Miron violet glass, a special kind of glass that keeps out visible light and only lets in beneficial UV and infra-red light. This offers the best protection and shelf-life for the essences.

Energy in a Bottle

Essences are vibrational remedies, which means they contain an energy pattern added to a carrier, brandy in this case.

This ‘energy in a bottle’ can be used to balance your aura, chakra’s and energy system. The vibration of the energy pattern can work with you to de-tangle energy blocks and restore energy balance. 

The more balanced you are, the better you feel, the more resilient you are and the more you can handle. 

If essences are new to you, you can check out the following pages: about the essences, aura, chakras.

Tool for self-development

Flow Remedies crystal essences are a too that you can use when working on personal growth and personal development. Sometimes, the energy can be that final little push you need to get over a hurdle or break through a limiting belief. 

It goes without saying that you consult a doctor or other qualified professional if you have health concerns. Flow Remedies crystal essences are no replacement for medical care. No health claims are made, and they are not medicins as described in the law. They can be used for energetic and emotional support alongside most treatments, though. 

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