Flow Remedies

Single essences

This page lists the descriptions of the Flow Remedies single essences. These are the essences that are created with one type of crystal. You can browse the list below the table or click on a name in the table to jump to the description of that essence.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 1. Sunny

1. Sunny

Crystal essence of orange calcite

This light and cheerful energy chases away melancholy and helps cheer you up. Sunny helps heal a wounded heart and helps attract positivity into your life. It also helps you accept yourself and to be more open to intimacy and to others.


Flow Remedies crystal essence 2. Helia

2. Helia

Crystal essence of blue calcite

Helia works on the back side of the fifth chakra. This is connected to appreciation for yourself and your accomplishments. It also diminishes performance anxiety and helps you to find the words when expressing yourself.

This essence calms you in a soft and loving way and supports you when expressing your thoughts and emotions.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 3. Auralie

3. Auralie

Crystal essence of turquoise

Auralie protects and grounds the aura, making you less susceptible to outside influences. It helps you to keep those influences out, enabling you to be yourself and claim your own space.

This essence also attracts all things positive into your life. In addition to being a powerful protector, turquoise is a communication crystal as well. This results in an essence that helps you express yourself in positive ways.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 4. Rosetta

4. Rosetta

Crystal essence of rose quartz

Rosetta is a soft and sweet essence. The energy opens your heart to yourself and to others, helps heal a wounded heart and releases blocks. Worries and sorrow are softly expelled from your heart.

This essence also gently stimulates creativity and mental growth. Rose quartz is one of the crystals that everyone would benefit from using every now and then, and children most of all.

Sometimes a growth process throws you outside of your comfort zone, and this essence can help you regain a sense of safety and security.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 5. Guardian Angel

5. Guardian Angel

Crystal essence of mookaite

This little angel gently helps you ground yourself. The energy is soft and firm at the same time, and it keeps both feet on the ground. Guardian Angel provides a strong protection against negativity and strengthens your energetic boundaries.

The energy also aligns the chakras and stimulates decisiveness, which it does in a very gentle manner.

Another thing this essence does is help you gain the courage to start new adventures and to find more enjoyment in life. You will notice being planted on the earth more firmly and being more willing to embrace the challenges life offers up.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 6. Calm and Clear

6. Calm and Clear

Crystal essence of green calcite

Like all calcites, this essence is very gentle. It helps you break and release patterns you may be stuck in, which in turn creates space in your life for new patterns and experiences.

Calm and Clear helps calm your mind, gives hope and faith for the future and helps you reconnect to your emotions.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 7. Open Mind

7. Open Mind

Crystal essence of sodalite

This essence strengthens the intuition and opens the third eye. It improves your ability to turn your thoughts into reality and promotes decisiveness. The energy helps you cross the bump in the road to actually start acting on your plans.

Open Mind also helps you when you are over-sensitive to outside influences, but please avoid it if you are already too ‘open’. If that is the case, something that protects as well as soothes will be more beneficial to you. This essence may also be too strong for you if you are easily overwhelmed.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 8. Oceana

8. Oceana

Crystal essence of blue fluorite

Fluorite comes in a variety of colours, and this essence was made with a disc that is completely blue.

Oceana mainly works on the throat/fifth chakra, and gently solves energy blocks in that area. Maybe it’s better to say that it’s washing them away, along with any negativity it encounters on the way.
This essence also helps express your thoughts and ideas, promotes creativity and calms the mind.

Another important part of this essence is that it helps you determine your own values (who am I, what do I want, what do I stand for?).

Flow Remedies crystal essence 9. Dark and Light

9. Dark and Light

Crystal essence of obsidian

This is a lovely essence, but also quite a powerful one. Besides stimulating dreams and focus. It bares the soul and helps you to genuinely look inside yourself and see yourself as you are, warts and all.

Obsidian is a sacred crystal for the Native Americans. It’s a very powerful magical protector and grounds the powers of the mind, helping you to bring them forth. This won’t always be a gentle process and it can be decidedly confronting. Sometimes, however, a major clean-up is needed to facilitate further growth.
This won’t always happen, because sometimes the protective element of this energy is at the forefront, but it’s definitely something you need to reckon with if work with this one.

To fully bring back the light after working with Dark and Light, you can follow it up with Bright Light or another light essence. Another good companion for this essence is c43. Swept . This is a combination essence that helps clear away energy that is released.

This essence needs to be treated with a healthy dose of respect and carefulness. It always needs to be a conscious and informed choice to work with it, and it can never be forced on someone with, maybe, the added intention of wanting to force them to take a good long look at themselves, however tempting it may be to present someone with a mirror.

Besides, when presenting someone a mirror, there’s still the question whether they will see in it what you are seeing. Maybe they’re acting as your mirror, showing you a bit of a blind spot you hadn’t noticed yet…

Flow Remedies crystal essence 10. Bright Light

10. Bright Light

Crystal essence of clear quartz

This essence lights up the darkness and chases away negative thoughts. It helps you clear your mind and align your thoughts. It also strengthens the aura and balances mind and body.

Bright Light is a cleansing essence (focus on your feet when you are working with it, maybe you can feel something happening there) that has a positive and activating energy. It’s recommended after working with Dark and Light, to counter the heavier energy of obsidian and to help clear away any released energy after going through a major energetic clean-up.

Another use for this essence is that it enhances other essences and that it lightens the energy of strongly grounding essences if the grounding aspect gets a bit too much to handle.

When working with this essence, it’s recommended to drink extra water to help facilitate the cleansing effect. It will help you release excess energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 11. Balance

11. Balance

Crystal essence of green aventurine

Balance and helps you regain your inner balance. This essence works very gently to enhance mental growth and is a very good companion for children. It helps them navigate all the growth processes they encounter.

Green aventurine can also be used to energetically support skin care, because it has a soothing energy. Balance can be used in an oil or cream, either on its own or combined with other essences, like Fearless or Atlantis to support healing and to enhance the energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 12. Shield

12. Shield

Crystal essence of labradorite

Shield repairs and seals the aura. This essence grounds, balances and protects. It also enhances the contact with your higher self.

Like the crystal itself, that seems a bit dull at first sight but lights up with colour when the light hits it just right, this essence helps bring hidden talents to the surface.

The protection of this essence also extends to spaces. Try a couple of drops on the threshold of a room, or the outside entrances to your house, to protect it from outside energies. It’s difficult to describe, and may be different for everyone, but to me, it feels like a room feels after a thorough clean-up.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 13. Warming Up

13.Warming Up

Crystal essence of carnelian

Warming up lives up to its name. The energy warms and brings back the ability to enjoy life and to go out and do things.

It helps chase away nightmares, giving you better dreams in return. It also helps you be more flexible when you’re stubborn, you could say it thaws out a rigid demeanor.

To be on the safe side, please avoid this essence if you have high blood pressure. It’s a warning that’s often mentioned in descriptions of carnelian, and although essences work mostly on an emotional level, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 14. Blue Suede Shoes

14. Blue Suede Shoes

Crystal essence of picture jasper

This essence helps you be strong and steadfast. It has a grounding, protective and calming energy that helps you navigate emotional issues and encourages you to stand up for yourself.

It literally and figuratively helps you to stand firm. In Dutch, there’s a saying that roughly translates to standing firmly in your shoes and it means that it is very very hard to unsettle you or get one over on you. Hence the name Blue Suede Shoes. Elvis sang ‘You can do anything, but lay off of my blue suede shoes’. Setting boundaries and sticking to them. This far and no further.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 15. Green Forest

15. Green Forest

Crystal essence of green fluorite

Green forest balances head and heart, which translates to a calm and clear mind. It inspires and encourages you to create new possibilities.

This is a good essence if you feel rushed and need to calm down.

Green Forest feels like a sunny afternoon in a beautiful forest. Sitting with your back against a tree while the leaves filter the sunlight and create a serene atmosphere.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 16. Smile

16. Smile

Crystal essence of citrine

This sunny yellow crystal yielded a sunny and clear essence. It cheers you up and enhances your concentration and clarity of mind.

The radiant positive energy of this essence strengthens the solar plexus / third chakra and warms the heart. This essence connects heart and mind and helps you be more decisive.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 17. Relax

17. Relax

Crystal essence of amethyst

As the name will probably give away, Relax helps you regain some inner peace. It may also help you sleep better, as it helps calm your thoughts.

With more clarity of mind, your intuition gets the chance to make itself heard more clearly, and it gets room to develop as well. Relax also mends the connection to your soul/higher self and reinforces your masculine/yang energy.

Besides that, this essence furthers your spiritual growth and encourages you to accept and express your spiritual side.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 18. Power

18. Power

Crystal essence of rutilated quartz

Rutilated quartz is clear quartz with titanium needle inclusions, and it connects the power of clear quartz (the mind) to the earth.

Power helps you be more strong-willed and decisive. By clearing the mind and connecting its power to the earth, it helps you start to bring your ideas into reality. Not just thinking them up, but also taking the next step and acting on them.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 19. Down to Earth

19. Down to Earth

Crystal essence of red jasper

Down to Earth neatly plants both of your feet on the earth. This essence is grounding and protective. It helps enhance your feeling of self-worth, which in turn makes it easier to be open to others and to connect with them.

The energy helps you find the strength and motivation to wholely embrace life on earth. It encourages individuality and helps diminish feelings of embitterment, and it does so at a slow and steady pace.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 20. Atlantis

20. Atlantis

Crystal essence of larimar

This essence furthers mental growth and activates self-healing powers on an energy level. It activates the third eye/sixth chakra and works on the throat chakra as well, to clear blocks in that area and to help you to express yourself freely again.

It helps you gain more faith in yourself and assists in solving trauma, fear, and feelings of subservience.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 21. Trust

21. Trust

Crystal essence of tiger’s eye

Trust keeps out negative influences and, if necessary, sends them back to where they came from. This essence protects you and gives you more room to be yourself, without subconsciously adopting the opinions and feelings of others.

This energy gives hope and renews faith in both yourself and the rest of the world. Trust shows you there is such a thing as goodness and helps you see the full scope instead of only the bad parts.

Trust stimulates self-confidence, furthers a feeling of responsibility and also helps protect from any potential negativity from the inside.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 22. Courage

22. Courage

Crystal essence of lapis lazuli

This essence will help you keep a level head and feel more calm and peaceful. Courage also gives you, well, courage, and enhances your self-confidence.

The energy dispels gloomy thoughts and promotes loyalty, wisdom, and friendship.

Courage also helps you to express your thoughts, it’s a good companion for working on personal growth.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 23. Patience

23. Patience

Crystal essence of hematite

This essence is grounding and activating, but without the warming and heating properties that red crystals have. It gives strength and helps you be firm and patient.

If you have trouble with people at work that venture too far into your personal space you could try putting a few drops of this essence on a saucer at the corner of your workspace. It may help neutralise this kind of behaviour. It can also help if you are a restless sleeper.

Note: drink an extra glass of water after taking a dose of this essence, it will help to release any excess energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 24. Alert

24. Alert

Crystal essence of red tiger’s eye

This essence works relaxing but at the same time, it enhances memory and focus. It helps you look at yourself with a clear view.

Alert helps you be alert and perceptive. It promotes friendship and a feeling of security. It also is a higher kind of protection and guidance. You get the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, without having to go through a similar situation yourself, after which you take the next few steps yourself.

This essence helps you stay true to yourself during growth processes and to look at things from different perspectives.

The image this essence conjures is that of a large feline, seemingly lazing in a tree but in the meantime keeping a sharp eye on everything around it.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 25. Equilibrium

25. Equilibrium

Crystal essence of malachite

Equilibrium is calming and balances just about everything. It balances the duality inside yourself if you have a habit of hesitating or fluctuating between extremes.

This essence also supports you in processing grief, as it works on the heart chakra and brings balance and comfort there as well.


Flow Remedies crystal essence 26. Harmony

26. Harmony

Crystal essence of jade

Harmony balances and harmonises body and spirit. This energy also helps you to stay true to yourself if you have trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings to the people closest to you.

Another part of this essence is that it combines love and wisdom and helps you to be fair. It also helps you to be steadfast and decisive, which makes it a good companion for battling indecisiveness.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 27. Tolerance

27. Tolerance

Crystal essence of chrysocolla

Tolerance clears up blocks in the throat and heart area. It helps you to better express your emotions, to be spontaneous, forgiving and more tolerant. It also protects against negative influences.

This essence has a cooling effect and helps you to keep a level head instead of panicking or exploding in anger in stressful situations.

Flow Remedies crystal essence

28. Bouncy

Crystal essence of Falcon’s Eye (also know as Hawk’s Eye or Blue Tiger’s Eye)

Bouncy protects against negativity and fends it off, bouncing it back to the source. It’s a good protector for travelling, and like the Falcon, it helps you see from great heights so you get a good overview of situations.

This essence also has a cooling effect and it helps stimulate breath control. Added to that, it boosts your willpower, sense of reality and your self-confidence, making it easier to let go of mistrust and to be open to the possibility of a positive ending.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 29. Control

29. Control

Crystal essence of rhodonite

This essence soothes you in times of mental confusion and unrest. It softly helps you break through blocks and is a good one to use when you are troubled by feelings of embitterment.

Control helps people that are extremely attached to their possessions, and that desperately hold on to them, to let go of that attachment a little and become less tense in that regard.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 30. Sparkly

30. Sparkly

Crystal essence of champagne calcite

This crystal looks calm and sparkly, and it lives up to that. It helps you ground very very gently and softly without activating too much.

This is for people who can’t handle too many stimuli, and it helps them reconnect with their emotions. Added to that this essence also protects, like a floating device that gives you the confidence to jump in at the deep end and swim with the current instead of fighting it, because you know you will stay afloat.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 31. Blue Eyes

31. Blue Eyes

Crystal essence of blue obsidian

Blue eyes helps you to look at yourself clearly. It points out imbalances, so you can address them, and it uncovers the truth about yourself. It also protects people who are sensitive and intuitive and throws up a kind of shield to keep negativity out. It helps energy to flow through your system.

Just like black obsidian, this is a very powerful crystal that you always need to choose consciously because it can be very confronting. That is something you will need to choose for yourself and that can never be forced on anyone. If you are testing for someone else and this essence comes up, it’s best to let them make an informed decision.

Blue Eyes has proven itself to be a good search-essence as well. A search-essence is an essence that you can take by itself and that helps you point out the areas to work on. If you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is you need to work on most, you can use this essence for a while to gain insight into your behavioural and thought patterns.

It helps you look at yourself objectively, so you can recognise things that you may be aware of subconsciously but that you think aren’t too bad. This essence is a real eye-opener that can be confronting when you don’t expect it, but very helpful when you use it to gain more knowledge about yourself.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 32. Transformation

32. Transformation

Crystal essence of black tourmaline

This essence transforms negative energy into positive energy. It’s also grounding, helps you have a good sense of reality and protects against negative energy.

By enhancing your sense of reality, it helps you see your fears and anxieties in a different perspective. This may help you to keep a level head and to get better at managing them.

Transformation plants you firmly on your feet and encourages you. If you have a tendency to be a bit chaotic, this essence can help you clear your mind. It also helps you to let go easier if you have a habit of desperately clinging to certain things (either possessions, opinions or habits).

Flow Remedies crystal essence 33. Smoke Clears

33. Smoke Clears

Crystal essence of smoky quartz

Smoky quartz connects the clarity of clear quartz to the earth and helps you to be more steadfast and decisive. It strengthens resolve and helps you clear the obstacles that keep you from implementing your plans.

Smoke Clears also alleviates negative emotions, both yours and others’, and transforms them into positive ones. Lastly, it encourages you to be yourself in a relaxed manner.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 34. Blue Wave

34. Blue Wave

Crystal essence of chalcedony

This essence softly and lovingly helps you to reconnect with your emotions. It opens the heart and strengthens your connection with the good and with the positive qualities everyone has in them.

Blue Wave helps heal emotional wounds and comforts, like a warm embrace from a loving parent. The energy is calming and feels like coming home.

It also helps you be more flexible, especially in the case of anxieties that cause the knees to ‘lock’. It’s a bend not break kind of energy.

Chalcedony is a blue crystal and is connected to the throat chakra, which helps make talking and expressing your emotions easier.

It may happen that all the unprocessed sadness comes flowing out to make room for new energy. This can happen in several ways. You’d probably expect lots of crying, and while that is a possibility, these effects prevailed: some sobs here and there, a bit of a mini crying jag, runny eyes, lots of weeing (sadness and grief are themes for the bladder meridian) or situations that make you laugh so hard you cry. All help release that energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 35. Feet on the Ground

35. Feet on the Ground

Crystal essence of unakite

This energy is both powerful and gentle. It grounds, activates, protects and transforms negative energy. In addition to that, it helps you to feel safe and cherished.

Another effect is that it helps you live in harmony with the people around you, which, incidentally, does not mean giving in to anything and everything, but asserting your boundaries in a good way.

Feet on the Ground enhances willpower and helps you to follow through on your plans. All will be well, you are being cared for.

Despite being gentle, this essence is not for you (yet) if your emotional balance is easily upset. The ‘actions speak louder than words’ character might be a bit too much for you at this point if that is the case.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 36. Full Moon

36. Full Moon

Crystal essence of moonstone

Full Moon helps you connect to your feminine/yin-energy. It protects, helps you to be open and confident, and encourages you to accept the contrasts both in yourself and in the world in general. You’ll be more able to accept them and reconcile them.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 37. True Storm

37. True Storm

Crystal essence of pietersite

This essence anchors you in your aura, helping you to feel more at home on earth and be more ‘present’. It opens the third eye and stimulates intuition, re-establishing the connection with your higher self/soul. This enables you to look at yourself objectively and opens your eyes to illusions, limitations, and beliefs that have been dictated by outside influences. It’s a bit like the Tower card in Tarot, helping you to release shackles and freeing yourself from your inner tower.

With this clearer vision, you’ll be more able to distinguish between truth and untruth. If there are persistent blocks in your system, this essence can work as a bit of a catalyst and help facilitate a breakthrough. The resulting cleansing makes room for further growth.

True Storm also cleanses energy lines in your body and balances the distribution of energy, as well the ratio between inwardly and outwardly directed energy. This helps you remain calmer in situations where there are a lot of outside impulses/impressions to be processed.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 38. Acceptance

38. Acceptance

Crystal essence of agate

The agate that yielded this essence has a milky brown-grey colour. Sparkling is the last word you’d use to describe it, and yet there’s something about it. What’s distinctive about this crystal is that one side is solid colour while the other side is covered in a beautiful array of concentric circles.

This essence is balancing, grounding, and helps you align your thoughts. It helps you see the path, and at the same time also helps you find the calm and decisiveness to get up and follow it, and to have the courage to grow. It stimulates self-analysis and self-acceptance. All this calm and balance also helps your concentration and helps you be more aware of your inner world.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 39. Shine

39. Shine

Crystal essence of sunstone

Sunstone is a warm orange crystal with glimmers in it. Just looking at you makes you feel all warm inside. This essence lights you up from the inside out, making the corners of your mouth curl upwards and cheering you up. It’s optimism-in-a-bottle and a very good companion to ease things like winter blues.

Shine warms you up, cheers you up, chases away feelings of depression and gives you hope. It cleanses the chakras, especially the third chakra, and helps you be yourself more and more, making this a good essence if you have trouble saying ‘no’. It helps you be more steadfast, improves your self-confidence and self-worth, and helps you lovingly break restricting connections. Shine can also be helpful in solving co-dependency. All of this is a result of its effect on the third chakra, which is the point where you connect with others.

Shine also enhances self-healing on an energetic level, vitality and your capacity to love yourself.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 40. Tender Heart

40. Tender Heart

Crystal essence of amazonite

Tender Heart balances mind and emotions. It also influences the fifth chakra, which helps you communicate better, making it easier to talk about your feelings without being defensive about them, or going on the offence.

This is a very gentle essence that unlocks your heart and helps dissolve blocks in the heart and throat area. It gently helps you let go and has a calming and relaxing effect. It also makes it easier to ease out of restricting relationships, even when it concerns people that have already passed away.

The calming effect of this essence is also important if you suffer from anxiety. Amazonite has a filtering effect that makes itself known in two ways: it’s a strong protector that filters energy and keeps away negative energy, and it helps you filter information, helping you to distinguish between the flood of information that comes at you during the course of a day, both noticeable and unnoticeable information. This calms the mind, leaving you energy for other things.

Because of this filter function, this essence may also be helpful with hyperactivity that is caused by chaotic thoughts.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 41. This is Me

41. This is Me

Crystal essence of eldarite – kambaba jasper

This essence works on both the heart chakra and the root chakra, creating emotional stability. It helps you to start realising your own worth and to have more confidence in yourself, as well as being more content with who you are as a person. It gives you more energy, a feeling of being safe, and helps release fears, anxieties and old thought patterns.

Spiritually, it helps you remember you are part of something larger, and it can help clarify dreams and make them easier to remember.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 42. Polarity

42. Polarity

Crystal essence of tourmaline quartz

The first clue when ‘reading’ this essence was ‘master of your own destiny’. This essence has a grounding and clarifying effect, and it grounds the powers of the mind. i.e.: it helps you be decisive and helps you take the steps to actually carry out your plans. Not just thinking about them, but acting on them as well.

The clear view this essence helps you get, helps you be more in touch with reality. It’s like a veil is being removed from your eyes and you are more able to see things the way they are.

This essence clears negativity, including your own, and sends it into the earth. This makes it a bit easier to let go and helps you be more balanced. This balance enables you to stay more true to yourself and let yourself be less (or not at all) carried away by other people’s emotions. It’s like you are lifted to the energy level where you belong and become less sensitive to outside influences.

Polarity also balances between opposites, helps you to reconcile the light and the dark. If you feel unbalanced, like when your thoughts keep running in circles and you can’t keep up with them, try and test if this essence can help you with that.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 43. Flow

43. Flow

Crystal essence of opalite

The first time I picked up this crystal, I felt a huge pressure on my throat, so I just had to buy it and take it home.

The card said opaliet (the Dutch name on the card), but when I searched for it, I found that opaliet was an opaque crystal, whereas this one was milky with a rainbow-like sheen. The essence felt absolutely wonderful, but I needed to know what it was. I decided to leave it be for a bit and started on making the description.

A few weeks later, while looking up something else, I stumbled on a small angel pendant that looked exactly like my crystal. It turned out there’s a bit of a translation issue with the name. In English, it’s called opalite, which you might translate to opaliet in Dutch. The Dutch name, however, is opaalkwarts, which translates to opal quartz. And then opal quartz in English is a coated clear quartz, something else altogether. Still with me? Anyway, it was a synthetic opal-like crystal. That was a bit of a shock, because the first thing that comes to mind when you read synthetic is usually ‘fake’, and that clashed with the energy I could feel from the essence.

After doing some more research it turned out that while the crystal is man-made, it is still made with natural material, and that a completely fake crystal is ‘imitation’. Crisis averted, on to the description:

The very first word was ‘water’, flowing. This essence helps anxieties, unprocessed emotions and feelings flow through and flow away until they have found a place. Don’t worry, let the energy carry you, it will take you to great heights, and if you consciously work with it, the sky is the limit.

This essence could have a beneficial influence on your voice, because it’s much easier to speak when that lump in your throat has gone.

When you hold the bottle and close your eyes, it could be that you get to see a bright, warm white light. It reminded me of angels and that was confirmed later on by one of the testers. She saw an embrace with angel wings, and pretty big ones at that.
This essences grounds you firmly, after which it takes you up, activating the higher chakras. Sky High would have been a good name as well, your head in the clouds while your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Another indication for this essence is that it could help facilitate contact with devas and nature creatures. That’s not my area of expertise, but I want to mention it for those that do know what to do with it.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 44. Faith

44. Faith

Crystal essence of hemimorphite

This essence has an outspoken feminine/yin energy. It boosts your energy, gives you hope and faith, and has the power to help you get back on your feet when you’ve been knocked down. It lovingly heals your core, your inner child.

Faith helps transform negative energy, helps you be yourself more, and to express yourself with more confidence. It’ll help you to say what you think and feel without fear.

Old fears and emotions are slowly being eroded so you can let them go. Just holding the bottle made my head go wonderfully calm and quiet. You might feel a pressure in your throat, and feel the glow of energy going downward from there. It helps you clear up all those compartments with emotions that you have slammed shut and hidden the key from over the years.

Faith reconnects you to your higher self/soul, enabling you to hear the clues your intuition gives you more clearly. You could say it resets your connection with the universe and makes it a bit more interference-proof.

Hemimorphite has a powerful healing energy and can also be used to support energy healing treatments, like Reiki. The energy this essence brings to the table can be compared to that of using quartz points to enhance energy flow.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 45. Moonlight

45. Moonlight

Crystal essence of selenite

This essence cloaks you in a soft blanket of white light. It draws your aura closer to the body and protects you like you are in a warm, safe cocoon. This energy helps you connect to the angel realm, opens the sixth chakra and boosts the crown chakra. It streams further downward to the other chakras, lighting them up and alleviating blocks until your aura is firmly connected to the earth.

The warm and loving calm of this energy helps you worry less and let go more. It’s both very gentle and very powerful at the same time.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 46. Wall of Love

46. Wall of Love

Crystal essence of sugilite

This essence opens up the crown chakra and pulls a flow of energy through your system. It activates and aligns the chakras, soothes, eases sadness and fear, leaving more room for positive thoughts and making it easier for you to forgive yourself.

It’s like being submerged in a wave of love and it can really make your heart chakra glow. Wall of Love is a grounding essence that helps you gain more insight into your life purpose. It helps you to be true to your inner truth and remain upright under outside influences. It also shields from disappointments.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 47. Happy

47. Happy

Crystal essence of ametrine

The sunny combination of amethyst and citrine yielded a real FeelGood essence that feels like leaning back with a smile on your face. This essence relaxes, calms your mind and cheers you up.

It’s a cleansing essence that helps you remove worries and negative thought patterns, cleansing, detoxing and balancing the chakras. It opens the door to a more positive outlook and helps you gain insight in the how, what and where of discomforts, also helping you look at them from a neutral perspective.

This warm and sunny essence boosts your energy and strengthens your solar plexus, making you less susceptible to the energy you pick up from others.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 48. Float

48. Float

Crystal essence of aquamarine Float unblocks your emotions if you have them locked down. This creates space and gives hope because old trauma and unexpressed sadness can be solved, leaving room to feel positivity again. The cleansing effect also quiets and clears the mind, helping you to get a better overview and better focus so you can finish what has been left incomplete. Float aligns the chakras as well, and balances the aura, cleansing it, shaking it up and straightening it. When your thoughts are clear, it’s also easier to express yourself, both with words and creatively, and the new energy this gives you will help you feel good about doing so. “Back

Flow Remedies crystal essence 49. Peace

49. Peace

Crystal essence of green apatite

This essence helps you find peace and quiet within yourself and helps you connect with the world and beyond.

You are part of a whole, everything has a purpose and it is what it is. Peace helps you accept yourself and everything around you without prejudice. It has a detoxifying effect and will help you have faith and let go of doubts.

Peace also helps clear blocks in the heart chakra, which yields a sense of freedom and helps you love yourself, but accepting yourself is the top priority.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 50. Love

50. Love

Crystal essence of kunzite

It may not surprise you that this essence helps you open your heart. Besides that, it also cleanses the heart and cements the feeling that love always wins. The energy boosts your confidence, promotes a feeling of peace and unity, helps you forgive, and encourages you to be milder and more tolerant towards yourself and others.

Love helps you to have a more positive outlook on life and can help you if you’re feeling depressed. It’s an essence of unconditional universal love for both yourself and others. This essence also helps you to ‘surrender’ to your life goal, making it easier to go with the flow and to help others, while maintaining a healthy balance between your own needs and those of the people you’re helping.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 51. Open

51. Open

Crystal essence of serpentine

This essence cleanses, detoxifies and balances mind and spirit, helping you become calmer and more relaxed. Open sets stagnated energy in motion, especially in the heart chakra, and supports/activates kundalini energy. It has a strong connection to the earth.

You can also use this essence to amplify other essences when tackling persistent blocks. If the block is in a certain chakra, you could try rubbing a couple of drops on your hands and holding them above or on that chakra.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 52. Twilight

52. Twilight

Crystal essence of kyanite

This essence cuts straight through everything and helps you to think clearly and see correlations. It calms, enables understanding and helps you see which consequences you have caused with your own thinking, actions and inactions because not everything can be explained away by attributing it to karma and destiny.

Twilight helps you break through victim mentality and fatalistic behaviour. It chases away negativity and cleanses energy lines in the body, aligning the chakras if needed. This is a good essence to enhance your intuition and to anchor/ground spiritual energy.

Twilight’s energy stabilises after a transformation or strong cleansing. It also opens the throat chakra and helps you express yourself better and communicate more clearly.

Another aspect of Twilight is that it encourages loyalty and helps you to treat people fairly.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 53. High Energy

53. High Energy

Crystal essence of pyrite

Like the name suggests, this essence enhances your mental energy. It activates the second and third chakras and supports your willpower. If you are already assertive by nature, keep an eye out for signs that you are getting too assertive, as there is a bit of a risk of that happening.

High Energy protects against negativity, lifts your mood when you’ve lost heart, helps you think clearly and helps you stand up for yourself. It helps you deal with frustration and fear and enhances your feeling of self-worth. You might feel more grounded and more immune to manipulation and outside influences. This is a good essence if you are inclined to try and please others at any cost. It also helps you learn to look beyond a facade or mask that people put on.

Apart from that, this essence will help you gain more insight into yourself and in the cause of any discomforts you may have.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 54. Angel

54. Angel

Crystal essence of serafinite

Angel helps you to connect with angelic energy while at the same time connecting you to the earth. It helps communicate with angels, especially if the goal of that communication is to balance the earth and everyone on it.

The energy also detoxifies and helps release emotional patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. It will help you to live more from the heart and gently cleanses the heart chakra to make room for love and kindness.

Angel can also activate kundalini energy and help release blocked energy. It’s connected to the heart chakra and encourages wholeness, unity, cherishing, and love.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 55. Force

55. Force

Crystal essence of marcasite

The key phrase of this essence is: strength without exercising power

Force helps you conquer a victim mindset by helping you realise you aren’t completely powerless and do have some options. It also helps you integrate spirituality in your life and stimulates your intuition by expanding your awareness, allowing you to be more aware of information you unconsciously pick up on.
The energy helps you align your thoughts if they are all over the place, and enhances your memory and concentration. The goal is to help you be more objective, determine for yourself where you stand, and to do and adjust whatever you need to continue growing.

Lastly, you can use Force for support after space cleansing by adding two drops on windowsills and thresholds for an extra layer of protection.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 56. Heart

56. Heart

Crystal essence of rhodocrosite

This essence opens the heart and gently, lovingly and carefully shows you what’s going on, giving you more insight into yourself. It helps you deal with painful feelings without immediately locking down your heart.

This is an essence of love, light, and joy, and it helps you express those feelings as well. Heart dispels anger, helps you learn to love yourself and helps you relax if you have anxiety.

Heart is also a good search-essence. A search-essence can be used if you don’t know where to start and that you use by itself for about two weeks to help you highlight issues for you to work on.


Flow Remedies crystal essence 57. Sky

57. Sky

Crystal essence of celestine

This essence dispels worries, helps you think critically and connects thinking and intuition. It’s a peaceful and loving energy that harmonises and helps you connect with angelic energy. Sky also speeds up spiritual growth and helps you act with pure intentions.

Added to that, the energy helps you feel calmer when experiencing extreme emotions and helps you to open and cleanse the throat chakra. Another aspect is that it will help you be more open to new experiences.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 58. Glow

58. Glow

Crystal essence of amber

Glow literally lets you shine. It helps you be more positive, enhances your confidence and capacity to enjoy life, and helps break through mental resistance. This helps you have a more flexible attitude, which translates itself to being more able to express yourself creatively.

This essence has both a grounding and a healing energy. The grounding part helps you find the strength to chase your dreams, and the healing part cleanses the chakras and makes it a good companion for energy healing practices. Using two drops of this essence on your hands during hands-on healing gives a warm and safe feeling and enhances the energy that’s being transferred.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 59. Truth

59. Truth

Crystal essence of howlite

Truth calms the mind and helps you see things as they are. This helps you determine what your goals are and to move towards them. The energy helps you be patient and can help you deal with fits of anger, both others’ and your own.

Truth reinforces positive traits and helps you be milder in your view of the world if you are inclined to be quick to criticize. Tolerance is the key word here. Truth can also help you solve emotional imbalances that were caused in a previous life.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 60. Innocence

60. Innocence

Crystal essence of magnesite

The theme for this essence is inner peace, accepting yourself and loving yourself.

Innocence helps you be more optimistic and patient. The energy soothes anxiety and fear and helps you grow stronger emotionally.

This essence opens the heart chakra. It also helps you gain insight into your subconscious and into the cause of discomforts and energy blocks. Opening the heart chakra helps you accept and love yourself and accept others as they are without taking on their suffering, a.k.a. compassion for yourself and for others with respect for everyone’s boundaries.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 61. Independence

61. Independence

Crystal essence of lepidolite

Independence helps protect you from outside influences and helps you set boundaries when you are in groups of people. This essence fosters independence and self-reliance. It helps you stand on your own two feet, both emotionally and mentally. It also helps you make decisions and helps you keep an eye on the heart of the matter without being distracted by side issues.

Independence can help soften a negative outlook on life and eases stress, depression and compulsive thoughts. They will slowly be replaced by peace, quiet and a sense of safety.

Another facet of this essence is that it helps you find courage, strength and confidence in yourself and that it helps you release old thought and behaviour patterns so you can replace them with new ones.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 62. Stars

62. Stars

Crystal essence of astrofyllite

Stars enhances your intuition and helps you look at yourself objectively. It fosters self-love and acceptance of yourself and your past actions, enabling you to be more at peace with them and to start to realise that when a door closes, another one opens. It also helps you remove whatever no longer serves you.

This is a transformative energy with a strong light force that supports you in discovering your soul path or your goal in life. Stars has a grounding and protective energy, especially during dreams and outer body experiences. It connects the base (1st) chakra with the soul star chakra and supplies all chakras with energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 63. Pleasure

63. Pleasure

Crystal essence of biotite-granite

Pleasure is a strongly grounding essence. It helps you find strength and perseverance, encouraging you to sink your teeth in and hold on. Don’t imagine yourself a Pittbull straight away, though, as this essence has a lot of light force that will ease you into it.

Pleasure will help you find a balance between emotion and practical thinking. It helps you get an overview and look at the whole picture, so you can get a more objective view of what is happening, which role you are playing in it and what influence you have on your surroundings.

It also helps you notice the good things in your life, enabling you to see past the clouds and discovering the silver lining.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 64. Clarity

64. Clarity

Crystal essence of variscite

Clarity helps you to be true to yourself. It opens the heart chakra, gives hope and courage, and encourages unconditional love. This lifts your mood and helps you be more positive.

This essence provides a lot of energy. It helps you be alert, down to earth, and to think clearly, at the same time enabling you to voice those thoughts.

Clarity also has a soothing energy. You are encouraged to emerge from your shell, be more present mentally and to have more interest in others. By being calmer you won’t constantly be battling that inner voice that constantly lets you doubt yourself or gives you the feeling you’re doing something wrong.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 65. Unchain

65. Unchain

Crystal essence of purpurite

Unchain helps you break free from old thoughts and old patterns. It dispels negative energy and helps you attract positivity.

This essence helps you find the confidence to speak up and to trust that you will be able to voice your thoughts in a good way. It’s an essence of protection, love, intuition and communication. Unchain connects and grounds the chakras and helps you find clarity and focus. Your self-confidence gets a boost, you’ll have more energy and you’ll feel less gloomy. This will help you to be more alert and more open to new ideas.

Unchain could help you with public speaking, as it helps you connect with your audience, stimulating your intuition to choose your words in a way that will help you get your information across clearly.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 66. Connect

66. Connect

Crystal essence of apofyllite

Connect is an essence of unconditional love and light. It encourages inner peace and helps you to openly and honestly show who you are without feeling guilty or reticent. It will help you conquer insecurity and the inclination to worry. This is an essence that you can use to help release rigid thought patterns and blocks. It will also release suppressed emotions.

Connect enhances your intuition and helps you connect the physical and the spiritual. It helps you to tune in to your soul and to feel more at home in your body.

This is also an essence you can use in healing practices. It will help further a pure energy transfer. You can use it on your hands during the treatment, or both the practitioner and the client can slowly drink half a glass of water with two drops of this essence before starting the session. Or whatever else you prefer, of course.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 67. Move On

67. Move On

Crystal essence of heulandite

In short, Move On helps you to let go and, well, move on. Forgive, forget and follow your own path. This energy has a high vibration and encourages purity and loyalty. It connects head and heart.

You will get help releasing what no longer fits, whether that’s a habit, a behaviour or an emotion, either from the present or from the past. This also concerns previous lives, with an emphasis on Atlantis and Lemuria. Move On helps you to look back, release negative emotions from the past and to recover from loss. This results in the ability to be more open to new possibilities and new paths.

This essence will also help drive home the concept that everyone is of equal worth. Should you be troubled by feeling jealous, have the habit to judge/condemn others, or feel superior to others from time to time, this essence will help you release that.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 68. Center

68. Center

Crystal essence of galena / galenite

This is a strongly grounding and balancing energy that harmonises mind, body and spirit, giving you a deep feeling of peace and harmony. Center helps you stand firm and be courageous. Combined with the ability to help you conquer restrictive beliefs it can help you find the courage to face your fears and conquer them. You are capable of more than you believe you are…

Center also encourages you to explore and keep an open mind.

If you feel insecure or face a tough decision, Center can help you connect with your intuition. This connection makes it a good essence for healers as well.

Lastly, this essence detoxifies energetically and helps you reclaim your personal power if you have ever given it away, either to a person or an organisation, but also in general.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 69. Protection

69. Protection

Crystal essence of infinite stone (serpentine with crysolite)

This essence protects and helps you tune in to the earth’s energy and to angel energy. Protection connects the base (1st) and heart (4th ) chakras and mends and protects the aura. It will help you detoxify and clear excess emotional baggage, which will give you fresh energy.

A side effect of clearing that excess baggage is speaking up about, and solving, issues from the past. In this case, Protection encourages compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. It will also comfort you when dealing with grief and the pain of loss.

This is a good essence to use together with 54. Angel in healing practices. Try using two drops of both essences on your hands, on a chakra or in a massage oil. If you like you can put the drops in hot water first to dispel the alcohol.

Using two drops of each in an (oil) diffuser in a treatment room provides you with extra protection and an energy boost.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 70. Strong

70. Strong

Crystal essence of olivine / peridot

Strong enhances your self-confidence and helps you be assertive without being aggressive. It drives away feelings of lethargy and helps you become aware of everything that has been (un)consciously ignored.

This energy provides a powerful cleansing, both emotional and mental, as well as in the aura, where the emphasis is on the third and fourth chakra (solar plexus and heart chakra). These will be cleansed and opened.

Strong helps you let go of persons and of the past, and helps you forgive yourself, both for things that were under your control as for things that weren’t. It also helps to remove negative thought patterns and helps you gain insight in your life purpose, especially on a spiritual level.

This essence relieves stress, envy, resentment and anger and helps you claim the responsibility for your own life if you are inclined to blame others or outside circumstances. It also helps you let go of self-reproach and guilt, and to learn from your mistakes. Accept and move on is the motto here.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 71. Sweet

71. Sweet

Crystal essence of danburite

Sweet is a lovely but very powerful essence with lots of light. It is an essence of angels, universal love, letting go and forgiving. It connects the crown chakra with the heart chakra. Wisdom with love.

This essence opens the heart chakra and helps you learn to love yourself. In addition to that, it’s a karmic cleanser that helps you let go of emotional pain by helping you to understand its cause. Oftentimes the mere understanding of how something has come to be is enough to initiate its healing.

Sweet also helps you when you are facing major changes and helps you to deal with them in a better way, to accept them, to have patience, and to go with the flow.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 72. Wings

72. Wings

Crystal essence of angelite

Another essence with a lot of protective white light and angel energy. This one will help you spread your wings, attune yourself better to your inner voice and sharpen your perception. You can voice how you see things and will learn to be more accepting of the things that you can’t change. It will help you stand stronger in times of emotional turmoil.

Wings helps you attain a feeling of peace and calm and promotes compassion, both for yourself and for others. It will help clear energy blocks and transforms fear and stress.

Another aspect of this essence is that it can enhance spiritual communication and can stimulate clairvoyancy. It works on the fifth, sixth and seventh chakra and can help you to learn how to better listen to your inner guidance, as well as strengthening communication with spirit guides and angels.

Wings is an essence that can be a good companion in healing practices, both because of what is described above and because it balances the aura and helps solve blocks in meridians.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 73. Unity

73. Unity

Crystal essence of emerald

Unity is an essence for the heart chakra. It enhances unity consciousness, unconditional love, and sincerity. This will help you to be more understanding of yourself and of others, and enables you to have more patience and more compassion.

This essence helps you to be awake and alert, and it enhances your intuition. Wake and smell the coffee, to coin a phrase. Enjoy your life and what you have achieved so far. From this mindset, it will be easier to access your inspiration.

Unity can also support detoxing, it balances and heals on all levels and strenghtens your energetic boundaries.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 74. Mountain Heart

74. Mountain Heart

Crystal essence of serpentine and chrysocolla found on Mount Shasta

These two crystals insisted on giving us an essence together. They were both found on Mount Shasta and contain an extra energy. Mount Shasta is a power place in northern California and it is seen as the crown chakra of the earth, though some sources mention it as the base chakra as well. It contains a strong eighth chakra energy that connects the crown chakra to the base chakra, making it a very strongly grounding energy as well.

Mountain heart helps you connect to ‘all that is’. It’s an essence of universal love and it helps you express that love. The combination of serpentine and chrysocolla combined with Mount Shasta energy puts the emphasis of this essence on the heart chakra and throat chakra. It will help you express heart energy in the outside world.

This essence detoxifies, relaxes and helps you regain mental and emotional balance. You can keep a cool head and look at the world in a neutral way. It cleanses, connects and aligns the chakras and is basically a gentle and grounding spring cleaning of your energy system.

Due to the effect on the chakras, there is a possibility of awakening kundalini energy. This will be supported and calmed down should this process be too fast, but be aware that this can happen. Also, make sure to drink extra water because of the detoxifying effect of this essence. It will help release excess energy.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 75. Earth

75. Earth

Crystal essence of petrified wood

It won’t surprise you that Earth gives you a strong earth connection. It firmly plants both feet on the ground and helps you to be present, focused, concentrated and determined.

This is also a gentle energy that helps you to allow yourself to stop and process things. It works on the sixth chakra and enhances wisdom and insights, and the feeling of safety this essence gives you helps you trust that you have a solid base to work from.

Earth has a strong healing energy. Combined with the gentleness of it, it feels a bit like that moment when you sit down into a warm bath and just breathe out a huge sigh at the feel of being surrounded by the warm water.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 76. Pure

76. Pure

Crystal essence of bornite

Pure has a joyful and positive energy. It is both detoxifying and cleansing and transforms negative thought patterns and beliefs. It also promotes equality and justice.

This essence also strengthens intuition and inner knowing and helps you visualise. You will be helped to gain insight in traumatic occurrences and to safely look at them, after which you can let them go and move on. This makes it a useful companion for Rebirthing sessions.

Pure mainly works on the fifth and sixth chakras, it will help you express and explain creative ideas. Added to that, it connects and balances the chakras.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 77. Inspire

77. Inspire

Crystal essence of green tourmaline / verdelite

Inspire is yet another essence for the heart chakra. It cleanses and it transforms negative or heavy energy while balancing the chakras at the same time. This essence reduces fear and enhances feelings of compassion.

It’s a protective essence that helps you gain insight into yourself and in others, and that helps reduce a victim mentality or a feeling of being trapped.

Inspire also balances male – giving – and female – receiving – energy. The energy enhances peace of mind and helps you to allow yourself to rest so you won’t burn up all your energy or get overwhelmed and anxious.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 78. Tranquility

78. Tranquility

Crystal essence of blue tourmaline / indicolite

Tranquility has the calm and peaceful energy of the sea surface when there is no wind. It invites you to dive below the surface and to look deep inside yourself to gain understanding. This will help you be more understanding of yourself and of others.

This essence will carefully bring deeply hidden sadness and blocked emotions to the surface to be seen and processed. The peace and calm of this essence will help you to surrender yourself to that process and to let it happen.

The effect Tranquility has on the fifth and sixth chakra helps you maintain open and honest communication and gives you the courage to speak from the heart. Another aspect is that this essence will strengthen your sense of responsibility and will help you to release a victim mentality. This, in turn, helps you to release restrictive emotional connections and live more in harmony with the world around you.

Tranquility balances male and female energy as well. Added to that, it balances both halves of the brain and helps them to work together more efficiently. This is also something that has a role in helping you to voice your thoughts and feelings better.

Spiritually, Tranquility helps you to work with a pure intention. It will stimulate your intuition, can sharpen your perception, and will help you to voice your observations clearly.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 79. Promise

79. Promise

Crystal essence of sulphur quartz

Promise has a strong cleansing and detoxifying effect on all levels, helping you break through old habits. Even though this is a gentle process and you will be supported, no transformation is without discomfort.

Having said that, this is an essence that is good to use if you are stuck in any area of your life. It works on the solar plexus and restores balance there, enhancing self-respect and inner power. This helps you determine what your thoughts are and helps you (re)claim power over yourself. Girl Power (m/f) in a bottle, as it were.

It will help you determine your own identity: determine your own convictions, thoughts and behaviours and establish your own authority, separate of how the people around you feel about it. Promise helps you express your ideas and stick with them if that is what you want.

The effect on the third chakra/solar plexus also means this essence can help reduce feelings of anger, irritation and embitterment, i.e. for when you are prone to feeling irritated by little things. Another effect is the enhancement of your inner strength, which will improve your ability to deal with the inevitable resistance change can invoke in those around you.

Remember that a lot of this resistance will come from the fact that people have a habit to feel discomfort when things change, and they may try to get rid of that feeling by trying to undo the change, to denounce it, or to act like it is just a phase. It usually is not personal, it ‘s just the totally human inclination to resist change and to avoid every bit of discomfort as much as possible.

A little word of warning here: if you have trouble setting boundaries and saying no, you may have attracted people with a toxic personality that will forcefully retaliate to you setting boundaries with them. If that is the case, you need to be very very careful if they are in a position where they hold power over you.

It’s also possible to set a boundary internally, meaning you say to yourself you don ‘t agree or consent to what is happening but you don’t voice it out loud. Setting the boundary internally will be good enough for that moment. Safety first and foremost. You can figure out the rest later. The rest meaning thoroughly educating yourself on what you’re dealing with and how to develop the skills to handle it.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 80. Cleanse

80. Cleanse

Crystal essence of prehnite

Cleanse initiates a thorough cleansing process and detoxifies, mainly in the heart chakra and solar plexus. It connects the heart to the will and helps you live from the heart. This essence reduces fears and helps you have faith if you have a fear of scarcity. Where there is love, there is no fear.

The way cleanse reduces fears is to help you face them, deal with them and solve them, so you are less inclined to run from them and to hide in distraction and procrastination (this may get worse at the start, or it will seem to be worse because you are starting to notice it, so be prepared for that possibility). Also be prepared for the sudden urge to declutter, which is a side effect of the cleansing effect of this essence.

Added to that, Cleanse is soothing and it exposes the cause of discomforts. It can also be used as a search-essence, boosting inner knowing so you will start to see where the sore spots are, and it will do so in a soft and loving way. Some of these insights can be a bit painful, but in general, this essence will show them to you bit by bit so it slowly sinks in, instead of hitting you over the head with them. It also helps you to be able to handle more in terms of impressions/information. You can process those faster, which may be of some help with hyperactivity or if you are easily overwhelmed/overstimulated.

Cleanse also protects the aura, and you can even use it to protect your house by putting a few drops on thresholds or window sills. Be sure to use the essence diluted for this purpose, by putting a few drops in hot water so the alcohol evaporates and then using the water. This is the be-on-the-safe-side approach for protecting the material of said thresholds and window sills.

Flow Remedies crystal essence 81. Re-align

81. Re-align

Crystal essence of atlantisite

Re-align restructures old patterns so you can find your goal and, if needed, adjust your course if you find you’ve been side-tracked. The energy also aligns all chakra’s and connects your heart chakra, higher heart chakra and throat chakra. The themes of this are thinking before you speak, being true to your word, and speaking from love, compassion and care for yourself and others.

Another aspect of this energy is connecting to the earth, enabling you to take in more earth energy and to clear old energy by releasing it into the earth to be cleansed. This can result in feeling more life-force and more clarity. Re-align also encourages you to connect (re-align 😉 ) with your physical body.

As the name points at, atlantisite has a connection to Atlantis (and Lemuria as well) and can support you when working with past lives.

Re-align can also work as a search-essence to find imbalance, especially in the area of patterns of self-abandonment.


Flow Remedies crystal essence 82. Re-form

82. Re-form

Crystal essence of shungite

This is an energy of strength, adaptability and of removal of all that no longer fits and is no longer for your highest good.

Re-form provides a strong earth-connection, life force and sense of reality. It’s an encouragement to look at things and see them for what they are, with a clear and sharp vision. This can enable you to ‘keep the best and leave the rest’ and use that in your life from now on out. An improved connection to the earth also strengthens your energetic immune system, a.k.a. being more resilient with regards to outside energies.

This is an intensive cleanse on the emotional and mental level that may not always be gentle, depending on how far you have gotten removed from your planned path in life. This energy compares to obsidian (both are formed in fire), with more of an emphasis on action and cleansing.

Re-form also helps harmonise different energies and unifies and balances opposites.


Flow Remedies crystal essence 83. Determination

83. Determination

Crystal essence of tiger iron

Tiger iron unites tiger’s eye, red jasper and hematite, and this yields a sturdy and decisive energy. Keywords here are determination, strength, clarity and creativity. Having a clear mind makes it easier to find solutions. Added to that, this essence also has elements of protection and (self-).

Determination has your back when taking on challenges, because having two feet firmly planted on the earth usually makes it easier to find the strength to persevere and follow through even in those moments where feel like throwing in the towel.

In addition to helping you find that strength inside yourself, Determination encourages you to plan your path and actually start taking steps to walk it. This essence activates and balances the lower three chakras, which, among other things, stand for self-image, self-confidence, will power and sense of purpose.


Flow Remedies crystal essence 84. Re-create

84. Re-create

Crystal essence of garnet

This is a passionate, energetic, strong and creative energy. It has grounding properties and cleanses and energises the chakras. Other keywords are love, dedication and emotional balance. Despite being a very grounding energy, this one also works on the heart level, helping you to be more open to the world around you. This also works the other way, enabling you to be more true to yourself, resulting in an improved ability to set boundaries with yourself and others.

Re-create can assist you in getting clarity about behavioural patterns that have lost their use, after which you can start to deal with them. The creative part of the energy encourages you to find creative solutions and can help you find a way out of situations.

This essence is a good one to use when you feel sluggish and/or are procrastinating. If by any chance you have a bit of a short fuse, it might be better to avoid this one, as garnet is reported to enhance that trait. You could say it adds a bit too much fire in that case, which also has a good side as this makes it a good essence for boosting other essences/energies.

Finally, you can also use Re-create when working with past-life recall.